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  • Our male siamese is 18 months old … He is always frightened of my husband. There is no reason for this that we can find other than TC has a sharp dry loud cough… Radar is very loving with the rest of us and loves my two sons 21 and 24 … but poor TC is persona non gratis and he is sooo sad …. he loves the cat lots … please advise

    • If your husband is trying to win the cats affection… DON’T!! Direct staring is hostile to cats, as is approaching too fast or with hands stretched out. Very vigorous games can also scare some cats. If he wants to win Kitty over, try ignoring him. No direct eye contact, no petting or acknowledgement in any way. When Hubby is sitting quietly, try placing a dish of Kitty’s favourite food nearby to encourage Kitty over. When he is used to taking the food, move the dish closer and closer to where Hubby is sitting. Eventually you can place it up on the couch next to Hubby and soon maybe Kitty will be eating out of Hubby’s hand and being stroked. Good luck!

  • I know a tortoiseshell queen who is about 6 years old. She once mated with a black tom cat who lives in the neighbourhood and the tom used to come to the queen’s house every morning and night for a share of her meals. But the tom has recently ‘disappeared’ after 5 years of regular attendance. It happened about the same time as the queen started to stay indoors more, eat less, become more lethargic and stop hunting altogether. Is the queen’s behaviour related to the tom’s disappearance or is it just coincidence? All suggestions are appreciated!

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  • its not so much a comment i have a cat thats russian blue and bombay mix and hes 2 years old should be done growing by now but he has been sleeping alot lately anyone know if he could be going through a growth spurt at 2 years old any advise would help so please someone help me

  • i have a male Siamese cat under the age of 4 month , he is so playful,joyful with me … !!! i have a question if i cross male Siamese with female Persian white , the birth of new breed is himalayan Or Semi-Persian ????

    • If you bred your Siamese with a Persian, technically it *would* be a Himalayan Persian, or the first of a breeding program, but you probably wouldn’t be allowed to show it in cat shows as a pure-bred Himalayan because there are no allowable outcrosses for the Persian breed (including Himalayans), or Siamese for that matter. It would make a wonderful pet, though, combining the loveable qualities of the Siamese and the Persian.

  • My mother has a Siamese cat that gets sick to her stomach about once a week . The Dr suggested we put golf balls in her food to slow her down when she eats but that has not helped. We tried Homeopet Digestive upset medication that was supposed to calm her stomach but that has not help either. Anyone else have this problem? She was a stray that my Mom rescued about 5 years ago we think Cleo is about 10. We have tried dry and wet a number of different brands but she still gets sick. Thanks in advance for any help!

  • My 2 month old kitten named “chachi” was sooo weak. I got her a week ago. She was so playful and naughty. But I dont know what happened to her. She became so weak, she doesnt eat that much. She lost 1/4 of her wight. I’m so worry, Pls help! I need some advice.

  • having issues with my Siamese, got him a couple of years ago from the shelter and didn't have any issues from him at all, there was no hiding, and he understands the word "NO" very friendly not shy.
    the last couple of months the moment I turn the lights of for bed he starts crying and it goes on for a good 30 mins. The house isn't completely dark there are salt lamps on low through out the house. The first month I did the constant reassuring talking to him let him know he doesn't have anything to be afraid of after the last month month and a half I've reached my end. Now the moment he starts it is "no" Wicca "no" every time he cries last night he got his first swat (not hard just one to get his attention. Kind of at the end of my rope.

  • Do large male siamese cats attack smaller cats? We have been told this is the case and just want to verify as our neighbor took in a large (approx. 20-25 lb.) huge, male, siamese cat and the small frail cat she had adopted from us came up with a huge circular bite mark on his side and we are positive the siamese attacked the small one she had adopted from us prior to her taking in the huge siamese. The guardian of the two swears it was NOT attacked by the large siamese. Now, the small one is lethargic and we (my sister and I), are afraid the larger one has somehow hurt the smaller one again. We are perplexed as what to do if this is the case as we cannot in any possible way get our neighbor to even give the possibility a thought, nor will she return the small fragile cat to us to make sure she is ok. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kathie

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