Cat’s Stories (Part 2)

Your cat's story

Meow! ;)

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Story #3

  • From: Karlie
  • Cat Breed: Persian
  • Story: My cat acts like a dumb dog!!!! :)

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Story #4

  • From: arlik
  • Cat Breed: maine coon
  • Story: He was nice as a kitten, but now he is an attack cat! My daughter, odo, was playing with our cat when he flattened his ears, jumped, and attacked! I LUV PIE SUCKAS!

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Story #5

  • From: Agnes de Souza
  • Cat Breed:Siamese Cross
  • Story: I picked Sara up about a month ago after I found her hanging around the playground. She is a stray cat like many others where I live. But she caught my attention because she is different. She’s a Siamese though not a pure one I suspect. According to the vet, Sara’s about 7 years old. I don’t if she’s been a stray all her life.
    I believe she’s been through a lot but has remained friendly to humans and accepting a new relationship with me. We have much to learn about each other but one thing for sure, I promised her a new lease of life that’s filled with love and care. I think she knows it. I just have to give her time to erase from her memory those years of lonely wandering, void of affection and constant hunger.

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