Siamese Cat Facts

The History of Siamese Cats

It is believed though it is not exactly known that this breed of cats is descendant of the sacred temple cats in Siam now called Thailand. They were called “Moon diamond” in Siam. Legend has it that they keep away evil spirits and bring good luck to their owners and was often seen around in temples and Royal households. They made their appearance in the United States in 1878 when a gift of “Siam” from the American Consul in Bangkok was made to the American President. In 1884 a breeding pair of Siamese cats was brought to the UK by the British Consul-General in Bangkok as a gift for his sister. The breed of cat then soon spread to other parts of Europe and Asia.

Types of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are of two types. The traditional Siamese cat is apple headed and has a robust, compact body, while the modern Siamese cat has a more triangular shaped head and has a lithe and slender body.

Physical attributes of the Siamese Cats 

Siamese Cat

This breed of cat is the most popular of all the short haired cats, and is made distinctive by its long, slender body and triangular face. They also tend to have blue eyes and an unusual coat pattern. Their coat tends to become lighter around their neck and body but then darkens on the points of the cat, which are the ears, face, paws and tail.

When Siamese cats are born, they are only black and white. As they grow older, their coat color changes into the dark and light regions. Most Siamese cats are usually black due to a specific gene, and only the points appear in a different color. The points of this breed of cats comes in several colors, such as the blue point, the chocolate point, the seal point, the lilac point, the tabby point and the fawn point.

Siamese Cats – The cats with the most personality

Siamese cats are very temperamental and have outgoing personalities. They are the most social and friendly of all cat breeds. They are very talented at communication with humans. If you are looking for a quiet cat, then Siamese cats are not the way to go. They are extremely vocal and express themselves using their voices. While being affectionate their voices are easy on the ears but when feeling neglected they become quite loud.

Siamese Kittens

Siamese Cat and Kitten

Most Siamese cats are very playful and active. They are strangely curious and can be very intelligent. They get easily bored and therefore you should not leave them alone for significant periods of time because they will likely snooping around the house in search of something to play with. Pamper them with affection and lots of attention and they will be happy for your company. Their constant need for attention and admiration makes them great pets for a household with many people or with children.

Siamese cats are an affectionate but feisty breed. They will cuddle up with their owner while being aggressive toward anyone that they see as a threat. This can include other cats if they see that cat as a threat to their relationship with its owner. Even with their owner, they can be a little aggressive when in a playful mood.

Caring for a Siamese Cat

The only maintenance these breed of cats require physically is that they need to be bathed from time to time and their coats need to be brushed at least twice a month. Gentle brushing is sufficient as their hair is not very long. Siamese cats can live to be fifteen or twenty years old if they are well taken care of.

The History of Siamese Cats | Types of Siamese Cats | Physical attributes of the Siamese Cats | Siamese Cats – The cats with the most personality | Caring for a Siamese Cat

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  • I rescued my male Siamese cat, Suki, as a kitten from the large trash bin outside my apartment building. He has been exceedingly affectionate and loyal to me for the 3 years I’ve had him and by far the sweetest of my cats. He has always been very wary and afraid of strangers that come into my apartment though. He typically will run and either hide or remain at a “safe” distance watching when I have company he is not used to.

    My question, though, stems from a recent and very surprising behavior that manifested only a couple weeks ago that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Are Siamese known for being “guard cats” and have they been known to rush and “protect” their owners like a dog might?

    I have a neighbor young man I don’t care for who makes me uncomfortable and he is often outside his door smoking or with his friends whenever I try to pass in the evenings. A couple weeks ago, arms loaded with dishes from a pot luck, I came from, I opened my door to go in my apartment and out rushes Suki, my very shyest and most fearful cat. I figured he would run back inside immediately when he saw my neighbor out on the breezeway but to my shock, he adopted an aggressive stance I’ve only seen him take twice before with strange male cats that have been out on the breezeway “too close” I suppose to my door outside. Then he started to charge at my neighbor and I shudder to think what he may have done if he had made it to him!

    Fortunately, Suki responds very well to my verbal commands and when I called for him to stop, he did stop and I had to run out and drive him back inside, much against his wishes, though he did comply. This completely blew my mind though! He was acting like a guard dog might and I have never heard of a cat doing this before! Is this really unusual behavior or are Siamese an exception and actually known to try and protect their owners?

    I’d appreciate any insight into this very surprising behavior. I know Siamese are unique in many ways but I wasn’t sure if this is a character trait of Siamese in general or if just my own cat is a strange and unique occurance. Thank you! :)

    • I have two chocholate siames cats; Ruben and Ludvig. I have two European cats too. The siamese bered is fantastic, and I will never ever live without the siamese.
      My eldest siamese – Ruben – growls behind my door if the is anybody outside my door.
      So they really protect the family.
      The love I get from my siamese cats is like the best I ever experienced!
      I laugh a lot of times :-)

      • I have a chocolate siamese named mia. I got her from a shelter and I am the only one in my family she has taken a liking to. She is very affectionate toward me and my mother at times. She talks alot. However, she also has a tendency to be a bit antisocial. Whenever she hears the doorbell ring, she will growl. I think it just has to do with the fact that she was in the shelter, or something from her past that she may remember.

    • Shannon, this is so weird because I also had a Siamese male named Suki who did attach two people he thought were “dangerous.” One of them was a male friend who was crawling around my living room making fake growling noises. Suki actually bit him on the ankle and then stood back looking aggressive. The other time was when a female neighbor came over to borrow something. While I was in the kitchen, she picked up a cardboard block to play with my son who was one year old at the time. Suki let out a loud growl and bit her on the calf, so Siamese cats are very protective of their owners when they sense danger.

    • We just adopted a siamese cat so i couldnt tell you based on the breed, but we do have another cat. Im not sure what breed he is nor does my husband. He is a pure white cat. He is very laid back and wont hurt you no matter what you do to him. He is very protective over me. He once tried to attack my husband over rubbing my back then there was one time that my husband had a friends over. Toby (our cat) stood in front of me the entire time until the man left our house. personlly i think they can tell when your tense so they want to protect you. You take care of them so they want to take care of you. : ) its not strage at all your cat loves you : ) hope i helped you a little if not sorry.

    • I also have a siamese cat for more than a month now. Just like your cat, Vaughna is affectionate, timid, and playful. She’s only 3 months old. She also surprised me when she begun to attack my other cat and some visitors who come inside our house. She turned into something I never expected. But she is not like that with dogs hahaha. I don’t know why. Anyway, what she did was she moved backwards, like she was defending herself, and then she moved forward to scare my other cat.Seems like a Defensive-offensive tactic.

    • I have a seal point siamese named baby mario,he’ll be 2 in november & yes they are protective of their owners.If you knock on our door he runs to it, if he dont like you he puffs up,does his halloween kitty &we have reassure him its ok.He really dont like the schwans guy& he never did anything to him.

    • I have had siamese cats most of my life. I currently have a 13 yr. old male, by the name of Basil. He is very protective of me. If I raise my voice, he comes running to see what is wrong! When my husband was dying from cancer, Basil would jump up on the hospital bed in my home, whenever the nurse tried to approach him. He is a very sweet cat , but is also spoilt! I love him dearly!!

    • My Siamese male was also physically protective and would put himself between myself and other people. If he didn’t like someone, he could be scary about it, hissing and spitting.

    • My Toby is the same way it seems as he has getting older he is very protective of me. Does not leave my side when I am home.

    • Any cat when treated well can take on attributes typically associated with dogs. My Siamese Kelsey who has been an indoor cat only once ran out the back door after a Tom cat hanging out. Once she ran him off she was back inside within about 30 seconds. A male tabby I had always greeted me at the door and followed my dad around everywhere like a faithful companion. He’d say “let’s sit on the swing” and the cat heeled all the way there and sat on his lap.

    • Hi, I had siamese cats for 15 years and yes from my experience they are very protective. My oldest cat who passed away last october would grawl and hiss if someone was at my door or if people,friends would get too close to me. She would stare at them very closely. She was so protective that all my friends were scared of her. I use to laugh so hard. She was very loving and loyal. She never harmed any of my friends,just guarded me. I have 2 siamese cats now. But, yes they will guard and love you forever. They can act like a watch dog at times. Also, i always get a good laugh from them.. This might help as well, i would tell anyone that came to visit me not to move suddenly around my cats. They are an amazing cat breed, i love siamese cats. They will truly love you always.

      • i have a chocolate point for 20 year ‘s he is very very intelligent very loving and very smart he like’s to talk . talk to him and call him with a nice tone let him come to you; pet him on the side of his face very very GENTLE he will like it and do not stop .in time he will come around be vocal with him DO NOT HOLD HIM in time you can hold him, he need lot,s and lot,s of LOVE in time he will come around, good luck, from ZEEK my siamase

    • First of all I think you should move, doeSnt
      sound as if you live in comfortable building,,and as for the cat,,are you sure you didnt catch a contact from the pot your neighbor was smoking?!

      • LOL ppl that named cats suki i find it funny cuz it means B**** in another language LOL to cute)))) i jusy found siamese kitty on my porch he has fleas and very sick gonna take him to vet 2morow) and have no idea how to name him)))

        • I had a Siamese cat quite a long time ago, she was named Yindee or Yindi..I am sure you would be able to find some names if you look up Siamese names on google… She also was very protective cat of me and didnt like my X husband and jumped on his bare back once…lol…she would sit on top of the fridge or on the cupboard above the fridge, a dropped cupboard…she was a very entertaining cat for sure.

        • we adopted our siamese from a pet rescue. She was 6 months old. Named her “Amyia Kai” which means beautiful flower in Japanese. She is a beautiful cat that has a beautiful fitting name!!

        • I think that all the ones who use the name Suki is going more the Japanese version, which means things like: liking; fondness; love; chance ect…

        • siamese cats should be given short unique names i feel. they are definately the cat with the most perosnality, we called our frist banshee and she ironically turned out to be really loud

      • my siamese cats name is mystic, and omg is a cat burgler she steals pens papers credit cards u name it.

        • Your mystic has to be a blue point….I had a blue point named mystic and she stole everything, she would also fetch, she especially loved the celaphane wrapers tossed like balls.

    • Yes they can be protective. I grew up with a female Siamese and if anyone hit one of us kids she would almost attack. When I had my tonsils out at 5 yrs old I stayed in my parents room. If anyone other than my mom came in, Ming would hiss and assume the attack stance.
      Makes you feel special!

    • these cats were originally bred to guard the royal temples of siam, and yes my seal point chai ling was very protective, but in the same turn he was very lovable and i taught him many trick, playing fetch, climb up my pant leg and onto my shoulder,

    • Yes Siamese are guard cats they were temple guardians in ancient times of Siam. They were trained to protect King and his land.. It dose not surprise me that your cat attacked someone you have always disliked. Nor dose it surprise me that he followed you verbal commands, it is suggested that Siamese are the most trainable domesticated cat.

    • I am not too sure if it’s a common behavior for them, but up until last January I had a Flame Point Siamese male named Meow-meow, who would stick his nose under the front door and growl when ever someone knocked. He just passed away at the ripe old age of 18, and he did it up until his last month alive. So who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Absolutely! My cat Jareth (Seal point siamese cat, now age 18) has always treated strangers or aggressors with a growl and “attack” stance to protect the family. What’s more, when my kids were infants in the cradle or bouncer-seat, Jareth would “stand guard” and stare at/watch over them! If there was a noise in the other room, he trot toward it and look and sniff, and then go right back to guarding the baby. I’ve had Siamese all my life, and in my experience, they are all fiercely loyal and great defenders.

    • I have 2 siamese cats girls 1 changes when another female comes into house she hisses and tail go ups like a fox males come in shes fine

    • Yes they can be very protective, and your story doesn’t surprise me. Seems they can detect your emotions. They do love to performe and make you laugh.Great conversationalists. Enjoy your guard cat !!

    • No it’s not…my siamese if very mean at times,he is very protective of me and very weird at times expecially before eating.This cat got given to me over seven yrs ago and he was adult when they had him so im not for sure his age but im thinking he’s getting up their because he’s definatly has mood changes.but after having this type of cat wouldnt want anyother breed..

    • i have a siames kitty and we found him under our deck and his name is dexter he is growing up so fast he is apart of this family.

    • When I was younger I drove across country with my Siamese cat named Boca. Everytime I stopped for gas she would stand on the back of my car seat, hissing and growling at the pump attendant. (Obviously this was when gas stations still had attendants pumping your gas for you!) She also didn’t like any male who wore a uniform, like UPS or Fed Ex employees! She was very tuned into my moods and if I was uncomfortable or didn’t like someone, she didn’t like them either. I still miss her.

    • When I was six my mother bought a female Siamese kitten. She was a one-person cat and bonded deeply with my mother. She seemed to tolerate me (I suspect I was her competition for Mom.)

      A strange dog, tail wagging, came into the front yard. Mother said she heard a sound like a mountain lion. She turned and looked. Little six-pound Tora was warning the dog; she proceeded to attack and drive it from the yard.

      Years later my other Siamese female cat, who had had a bad experience with a 2-year old, was waiting for Mother to leave my sister’s house. My cat was on the hood.

      Mother had been sitting on my sister’s front porch at a children’s play table with tea dishes. She stood up. Her two-year old grandson dared to stand on the other chair and put his arms around Mom’s neck who bent down for his hug. My cat perceived this as threatening behavior. She leaped from the hood of the car running flat out to rescue Mom.

      Mother yelled, “Call her off, call her off!” I told the cat no. She changed directions and ran along the side of the house toward the back yard. A few minutes later she came back. I would call her demeanor as embarrassed.

      Another time a strange tom cat came into our yard and attacked Mom. She yelled, “Save Me! to our cat. This protective, but less effectual Siamese came flying over a 6-foot fence and faced off with the strange cat and got beaten up. This resulted in an abscess and vet bill.

      She was very brave. She was my heroine. Once a German shepherd spotted her while we were out walking. It charged. We told her to run. She burrowed through an oleander hedge and then realized we were left behind. She returned to put her 8 pound body between us and the dog, which was after her, not us. Fortunately, the dog’s owner had trained her to heel and successfully called the dog off

      I would say that since cats are generally good judges of character, to invest in a personal battery-powered alarm horn, or pepper spray and keep a cellphone with 911 on speed dial in your pocket. It sounds as if your neighbor is less than savory. I would even suggest you ask your landlord for security cameras in the breezeway or a guard without naming names and say that if you are attacked due the absence of a safe environment, you will sue. Do this in writing by registered mail.

      Your cat may be willing, but he is a lot smaller than a human opponent.
      Another idea is to document the character smoking outside your apartment with a picture. Then if the laws about smoking are strict in your state, you should be able to have the landlord force this character to smoke elsewhere as a health issue.

      Take pictures of the breezeway. Get a free consult with an attorney, 30-minutes and ask how to force your landlord to cooperate in ensuring your health and security.


      • Oh yes definitely she should take legal action that guy was SMOKING OUTSIDE!!! and SHE DOESN’T LIKE HIM!!! How scary.

      • This is utterly retarded.

        Just because other animals exist in the world doesn’t mean that they’re all trying to kill you.

        Also, the most protective smoking law I know if states that you must be at least 10 feet away from someone’s door or window to smoke outside. If the person was outside of this range then sorry: you have no grounds to pursue legal action. Welcome to America.

    • Siamese cats are known for protecting and Guarding their owners and Siamese pick their owner and they only have one owner so they know when to protect and guard…

    • Yes I have had three siamese cats. One when i was a kid. Years later I got two from the same litter. last year something incredible happened. My neighbor walks her two 125+lbs. doge to an enclosure in back with no leash. Then my father has a 100lb dog he walks around with no leash… When my parents came visiting the dogs all met. And they are all females. Well I didn’t realise I left my front window open so the cats can go out by day. they dogs started getting very aggressive with each other. And out of nowhere MEOW my little 8lb sinester jump right into the middle of the dogs!!!. Well the dogs went in every direction . And my mom still tells about how my cat rescued her Patches

    • my Siamese Donna is 3 years old, i got her from a rescue mission, She is very much a guard cat, when the door bell rings she will rush to the door and look at me and the person standing on the other side of the glass door. when she wants something or just want to play, she will come to me and put her front paws together and and point to the ceiling over and over.she knows what I will allow her to do and what I won’t. She is a indoor cat, if i should go out side she will stand in the door way way dieing for me to give her the o.k. to come out. if she should be allowed out. and I give the the
      command to go back in the house in she goes. She adores me and I adore her

    • Yes, Siamese cats are like guard dogs. My 3 years old Siamese “Fabulous” Fits his name to a tee. As a single mother I’m always up patrolling the house checking doors and windows, and no matter how many times I patrol Fabulous is right there with me. when other cats or dogs come too close and some humans he will come and get between us. He has a very husky growl, and he stands his ground.And he is by no means a small cat either. He is very affectionate and loving. He is the “man” of the house.

    • Sounds like your neighbor either broke into your apartment or he stunk so bad it angered Suki. (p.s. my name is Shannon too)

    • Siamese cats don’t usually act like that but in some occasions they would. All they want is that you’d be safe from any harm or danger. This behavior is mostly to tell/show you that you are protected and that they love you!

    • Many years ago, while living in South Africa, an intruder broke into the ground floor apartment where I was living. I was woken by a hideous noise in the middle of the night and on investigating, saw someone silhouetted against the window by the street lights outside. He looked as though he was wearing a back pack, but it was in fact my Siamese cat, Min, who had jumped onto his back and was yowling – the guy shot out of the sliding door onto the patio he had entered through. A Siamese in full voice will curdle the marrow in your bones, so I can’t imagine what he thought had got him! Min jumped down and sauntered over to me, obviously very pleased with herself. I never had any other problems with intruders in the rest of the time I lived in that apartment. I guess the word got around. So, yes, Siamese will try and protect their owners, it seems to me.

    • My husband and I have a common statement in situations like yours – trust the animal. They do know more than we do, possibly because they don’t burden themselves with “Oh, I’m just being silly” rationalizations. And to Suki, you are part of his ‘pride’, what is known as a family in big cat terms. So pay attention to Suli’s body language – and an eyeon that suspicious neighbor.

    • My cat Reo is very possessive, his brother jaia just passed away and reo always seemed to look out for his brother. both my cats were extremely friendly and would not halm a fly (except for countless pidgeons) but would be very weary of other cats and animals. i find this breed loyal and fearless. Reo is so cute he will often come up to u when u are sleeping and lightly paw at your face to get you to play with him. lets u know he loves u

    • I had 2 siamese cats, Chanel who was 18 when she died, and Shakespeare who I placed in a very good home. Chanel threw herself at my German shepherd and was biting him. I pulled him off and she jumped on him again. She was 3 years old when she did that. Five years ago she came running down the stairs at this boxer mixed dog who used to chase cats, she was furious and growling, I have never seen her like this. She was 13 years old and scared the crap out of this dog who used to run after cats. I don’t think she runs after cats anymore. Anyways, she passed away one year ago, they are a very special cat. There is nothing to match them, I have always had German Shepherds and a Siamese cat is identical to them in loyalty, strength of character, love, and they are the funniest critters. Mine was a Seal tortie point and they are the biggest talkers of all the Siamese…after she died, I never bought another. I love them to death but she was extreme and I can never replace her.

    • I know this was posted several years ago, but yes, they become aggressive, or ‘guard cats’ especially with age. I have had siamese cats all my life. In fact, when I was born, my parents hed to give ther siamese to friends bcause it was on full guard duty with me and did not like me in her territory at all. At 3 I got my first kitten, Sheba. Very playful and the most loving cat to my parents and I, but when someone would walk through the door, she would often run and jump at them. We always had to put Sheba in a room while we had visitors…. they were scared of her.

      Also, something to keep in mind is that siamese DO NOT do well by themselves. We always had 1 at a time but, with age, they would develope a ‘mental disorder’ and literally turn on us. Every one of them…. this is not just based on 1 cat. We researched and found that sclusion was the cause. We didn’t leave them alone for days… I am talking about an empty house while we were at work and school. We usually took 1 week long vacation every summer. Many hours spent alone will stress them and literally drive them ‘crazy’. We never had less than 2 after that and have never ran into this since.

      Hope this helps.

    • This behavior is in their nature. Originally, Siamese cats used to serve Buddhist monks to guard their treasures. I recommend you to read the book “Living with the Lama” by Lobsang Rampa. There he talks about it as well as how he saved a Siamese kitten, just like you did and who later went on to change his life. In fact the book was dedicated to his cat- great book. I red the book because I used to own a Siamese cat myself called Juanchi, which, unfortunately has recently passed. He pretty much accompanied me throughout my entire live (I’m 19 btw.) and he live to become 17. That cat was like a little brother to me and I loved him more than anything else in this world. Take good care of Suki!
      My best

    • Yes Siamese can be very protective. They are the closest in nature to a dog, wanting companionship and attention from the owners.

    • I’ve raised Siames for years! Yes, THEY ARE “VERY PROTECTIVE” & will grawl & hiss if they think You are in danger! They are also a great judge of people! They know who they can trust & who they mistrust! I have an Ex-husband that NONE of my cats trsuted from day one! LOL I should have listened to them! LOL

    • My Siamese started guarding me when I came home after a 3 month stay in ICU and rehab. He walked with me to the mailbox and stood in the street between me and the anything else around me, I would walk around the backyard. After twice around he would heard me back to the deck. Once the Pit Bull from next door got into our backyard and Doofus actually attacked her. He is very protective of me. even a year later He will not let me walk past 2 houses. He is called Doofus because he can look totally stupid, but is in fact a brilliant animal.

    • Cats can be very protective and Siamese make strong connections to usually just one
      Person… Intuitively your cat might know this guy is bad news. Sounds like u have
      A real special friend. Good for you

    • Siamese can be very protective and can growl like a dog… That’s what mine sounded like to me….
      He was a sweet baby but if he thought I was threatened he would growl and sometimes lash out.
      Soon as I would say it’s ok..he would back off but still be on guard until the threat left.

    • Animals can sense when a person is a threat and he may have sensed or smelled aggression and responded. While this is usually something attributed to dogs, it is possible that Suki is very protective of you because you rescued her. My husband found a cat on the trash behind a strip mall in the 110 degree heat one summer, he brought her home and we bottle fed her until she was able to eat otherwise. We had three dogs and another cat and Alley never showed any fear of dogs that even kittens usually exhibit. She would frequently rub her way from the front to the bag of the largest dog and turn around and do it again; George would be growling the whole time but she ignored him and he never once snapped at her. She exhibited one of the signs of cats in the wild; bringing in birds, small game and even snakes, usually still alive and drop them at our feet, like she was saying “here’s dinner”. The snakes were usually longer than she was and it’s not fun to have one dropped at you feet and you have to get it back outdoors while she is looking at you like, “hey you’re suppose to eat it, not free it.” Animals are amazing.

  • cats are far more intelligent than most give them credit for…they are linked genetically to lions, tigers and such…they will defend, as much as a dog will defend….they are territoral, few feel that they are such…that is why the males are so, and can often “spray”…as dogs, to mark their territory….I live on 5 acres, and this is the third generation of cats that I have been involved with since my return to the ranch…my first generation, when I walked the dogs at night to the stockpond, one night I heard a rusting sound, and turned the light around…there was my cat stalking me…it followed me…and now, the third generation have exhibited the same traits…often without notice, I hear them, and recognize that they have “tracked” me again…one would think that a bob cat, tiger or such, but domesticated cats can do anything that a wild cat can do…the difference is that the domesticated cat, will sit and purr in your lap…

      • It’s true. Twelve years ago I adopted a stray domestic siamese cat who did not groom, could not do simple problem solving, got lost the second she went outside. She lived till just last spring. My vet told me she suffered from a feline form of autism. Still, she was able to live comfortably, basking in the summer sun, for an estimated fifteen years.

  • Think u for this web site. I lernd a lot of thinkgs about cats. I did not like cats at 1st. But i said o well lets do some rch over cats and they are verey inrting well think you for puting it on


  • I have 2 siamese cats a male and a female. They are the greatest cats in the world. My male siamese follows me and listems to my command like he actually knows what i am saying and my female cat is so smart that is hard to play with her because he always knows the source. If anyone is debating on getting a cat or even what type to get my vote is a siamese just alittle love and care and they will be by your side always. Good Luck to you all and to your pets
    God Bless

  • I’ve had a half-Siamese cat who would have jumped to my defense if anyone had ever tried to hit me in front of her. And the cat who’s here now — well, let’s just say she was hanging around the day my brother was beating up on me outside and she would have jumped him if I’d known she was there and had called her to do it. Ever since then she’s stuck like glue by my side like some kind of little furry bodyguard. I really hope I don’t have to find out if she could have “taken” him or not, but she seems to think so.

  • My Siamese cat named Diva…she is such an awesome cat..she listens to me just like she knows what im saying it blows my mind!! She also doesn’t like strangers (men) she is very protectant of our family! I would also recommend a siamese cat as well :)

  • G’day, It’s great to find a good site like this one. Would you mind if I use some of your information, and I’ll put a link back to your site?

  • Hey, this is my favorite cat ever… I had one but it got ran over and i wish i had another one… I never knew all this about this type of cat…

    • go to siamese they usually have siamese cats in need of new homes due to human companion dying, or rescued from shelters etc. they are fostered so they have info on the personality of the cat.

      hope this helps

  • I just got a 6 month old siamese kitten. He was from a friend who got three from a person who was breeding them, but then not taking proper care of them. He was flea infested and sick when we got him, but we gave his a flea bath and somthing for his illness and now he is happy and healthy! He loves to play, is great around kids, loves to cuddle with people, and has the cutest purr ever!

    Acabo de recibir un siamés 6 meses de edad del gatito. Era de un amigo que consiguió tres de una persona que fue su cría, pero luego no tomar cuidado apropiado de ellos. Estaba infestado de pulgas y los enfermos, cuando lo conseguimos, pero nos dio su baño de la pulga y somthing de su enfermedad y ahora es feliz y saludable! Le encanta jugar, es grande alrededor de los niños, le encanta abrazar a la gente, y tiene el más lindo ronroneo cada vez

  • We have a siamese cat, we got her when she was a kitten. The breeders son named her chippy, so we let her keep it when we brought her home. She is the most loveable cat ever, she will kiss you on the nose. She loves us, and misses us when we leave. She sleeps in my bed with me, its so funny she looks just like a human, her head has to be on a pillow. She talks to us, when she is ready to go to bed, she will sit at the top of the stairs and meow to tell me to come to bed. I love her just as much as she loves me. I couldnt ask for a better cat in the world.

  • I adopted a male chocolate point Siamese, His name is Sinatra he is so loving and sooo very smart! I was a sucker for his big blue eyes and I am so glad that I took him home. Just wanted to say thanks for all I learned from this website and the many posts! :)

  • I have a applehead siamese her name is Cinnamon. She acts like a dog. My friends call her Miss Personality. She’s so smart, so loyal and she has to put everything in her mouth and sniffs what she can’t. She spends her days “practacing trouncing” She seems to like boys more then girls.
    I got her for my girlfriend but it was obvious she’s my cat. Her new game is catching and eating flies. I love her to death, she seems to act like the bigger cats. She has no fear. Sometimes I think, she thinks she’s human.
    She loves meat as much as I do. She’s always stealing my bacon of my plate.
    Loves to be talked to and talk back. She is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I tell everyone I’m gonna buy a farm and have a barn full of them. Siamese are the best!

    • Happy to read your experience, Austin! You might find, with a barn-full of them, that Siamese cats act more like cats and less like humans, though! A single Siamese, well-cared for, does start to think she’s a human. If she’s around another cat, she remembers she’s a cat! It is nice for them to have company if you don’t have a lot of time to spend with them, but that “human-ness” is usually lost.

  • I have a siamese chocolate point kitten named Lizzie. We found her outside about 3 months while walking my dogs. She walked right up to me and my family has been in love with her ever since. She is so friendly and loving. Every morning she wakes us up with lots of kisses. She has a fascination with water. When I brush my teeth, she jumps on the counter and plays in the running water. She loves hiding and jumping out at us to play. She gets along with my dogs and is always so curious with what were eating. Surprisingly, I’m not allergic to her and I have been allergic to every other cat that I’ve came in contact with. She was definitely a blessing and she has all of the characteristics of the siamese. I would recommend siamese cats to everyone and can’t wait til I get my next one :]

  • i have a Siamese except his coloring is different from what is explained I’ve had him for about 12 years now and his colors are cool he has a brownish color on his bottom half from his chin to his belly he has green eyes and red nose he is all darkish grey with black stripes. He doesn’t look a day over three years either.

    • Joe, that’s not a Siamese! Their color is very characteristic, also their blue eyes. Maybe he is part Siamese.

      • Siamese get their coloring from heat-sensitive melanin in their fur. The colder the part of the body, the darker the fur. Contrary to what the article says, Siamese cats are born all white, because they’ve been uniformly warm inside their mother. The first traces of color appear in a few days on their ears, nose & tail, and gradually fill in over time. That’s why they continue to get darker as adults.

        • So what your saying is that if you keep a Siamese cat in a climate controlled environment they would stay white!!!! Come on now!!!

          • A climate contolled environment would not prevent color variation… Parts of the cats’ bodies (extremities) are naturally cooler than the core. Think about it: our extremities are often cooler, too.

            • jen you are correct i have a tabby point siamese winter he is so dark come summer he regains most of his cream colour and kittens are born white,if yur female breeds out kittens are usually in france it is possible to find perfectly marked siamese wandering about as normal moggies my vet thinks they made their way overland and settled here,i think it is the typical french attitude to any animal hard to deal with “kick it out” we have three rescue as well i won’t go into details it would break your heart.we five go for long walks in the woods as we live on a farm they love their outdoor life and not a mouse to be seen!!!!!!!

  • i have a 9 year old seal point apple head siamese chloe. i have had her since she was 6 weeks old. chloe rules my house. though she is loving when she wants to be, she is my girl. i love my siamese

  • I really love this breed of cat, they’re very adorable, sweet and cuddly, but tends to be playful and naughty sometimes when they want to play with you.. I am very proud to say that I have an 8 month old siamese cat named Tabbee, he’s an apple head siamese.. He’s very sweet to me even to unfamiliar peope around him, a tamed cat.. I love him so much! :)

  • I love my new Siamese kitten. Funny i bought her from Craigslist for a reasonable price. She is very beautiful. She has a half a tail, but i adopted her anyways.

  • I have a siamese cat with the kink in the tail and everything. The cat actually sleeps almost 18 hours and doesn’t like to be picked or carried around. The cat is female and I think she is pregrant from my male siamese that I have (actually he is the father of this female). I have only one question, how long does the pregrancy of the siamese cat take?

  • My Siamese cat just passed away suddenly yesterday before i got home i dont know why or how it happened but she wasnt sick or anything and she was happy and running around like she normally did each day. She was also a very talkative feline and would let me know when she was getting close to being out of food or water and she would talk to me and tell me its time for bed and would always love on me where ever i was. she would sleep with me at night and love up on me and just cuddle. i believe she was siamese and part bombay cat but had the siamese marking she was a chocolate tip. thats what the vet said when i got her fixed. My question is after i got her fixed she gained weight rather quickly and she also like to gorge her food and ended up puking it back up not all but some at different points in time. could she have had a digestive problem to cause to pass away unexpectedly with out showing any signs or symptoms?

    • My Siamese, Skyler, would gorge on his food and vomit sometimes as well. As it turns out, he had a habit of chewing on foreign objects… his favorite was Nerf foam toys (until we removed them from the house). He would overeat to make himself vomit the pieces of foam. Since kitty proofing my house, he’s been keeping his food down! Now if only I can keep him from “investigating” under the recliner when it is open.

    • That’s so sad, LadyJade- I’m sorry for your loss. Siamese cats can get stomach cancers. You would have noticed other changes in her behavior, though. The cancer becomes quite painful before all’s said and done. I doubt this is what happened to your sweet one, but swallowing foreign objects is a real danger for any cat. All cat’s love to play with string, but swallowing a long piece of string or ribbon can cause bowel strangulation and kill them. Maybe she had the cat equivalent of a heart attack…

  • cats are cats but my fav is got to be the american bobtail because they look so cute with just part of a tail and i had one but it got killed by one of my dads friends because my dad hated it but lets just say this my dad don’t miss with my cats now

    • Great site first time here. I have a traditional seal point he is 11 yrs old love him so much he can be a little temperamental at times and does not like many people but he is my baby! They say cats are the most undomesticated domestic animal there is.

  • My cat is a mix between Siamese and a tabby and has the most interesting markings I have ever seen in a kitten! He is white with tan hughes on his points, but the tabby comes out in his tail; it is very defined with tan and white stripes!! He is only three months old right now, so I am not sure how tan he will get, but I hope he gets stripes in other places too!

  • I just purchased a Siamese cat from a rescue shelter , The only info i have is He is probably 5-7 months old we brought him home today (He is the first cat eater one of us have ever had)I do have a 2 yr old and was recommended to go with a Siamese because they are supposed to be social and affectionate , So we got him home and he is petrified ,he has been hiding in the coat rack for hours,and lets out a sad cry every once in a while, if he was neglected or abused will he come around in a loving home, what can i do to make him more comfortable i really want this to work out! i was hoping for a cat that likes to cuddle and be petted does anyone have any advice ?

    • Your poor kitty is scared and needs some time to adjust. My sweet little siamese did the same thing. I put him in a small room to start and slowly introduced him to other rooms in the house. He had a little bed, blanket,toys, water, food, liter box, and his carrier (he would hide and sleep in it). It took him a few weeks to relax. Just have patience, your kitty will fill your home with love and cuddles soon enough.

      • please help me i got a 5 months old siamese just new to me she doesn’t want to eat and she doesn’t want me with her

  • i just bought a Siamese cat he is just 2 months old but he doesn’t eat much i dont know if thats normal or not could you please HELP ME !!!!

    • Hope he’s great pet by now, Lulu! Two-month olds are barely big enough to be away from their mom! If anyone else is in this situation: buy dry kitten food (they’ll need it until they’re a year old)! For just now, soften it with a little water. Cow’s milk will give kittens diarrhea, but you can mix it (or cream) half and half with water. Dilute goat’s milk is great for them, too. Anytime a cat isn’t eating, check for problems with their teeth, but this shouldn’t be an issue for a kitten; he should be eating LOTS. Hopefully, there weren’t any other problems with the little guy.

  • We now have 2 cats. we just adopted a Siamese kitten and we have an older Tortise Hair Calico now about 5 years old at first I thought being both girls they would kill each other but now they seek to have developed a healthy truce, The funny thing about both they seem to be excellent judges of character.Being confined to a power wheelchair they stand be the door every time the bell ring if they don’t like the people coming in they will snarl and hiss at them until the company leaves. They also seem to know when I am too sick for company and make sure I get up in time for appointments.

  • I have two Siamese cats that i have grown up with. They’re actually older than me (I’m 14), but the cat that sleeps with me, Boxie, has been very ill and cannot use his legs anymore. It is some mysterious back injury that none if us have noticed. He is going to die and I hate it. Everyone in the house is cranky and depressed. But is this a common thing in 16 year old Siamese cats?

    • Josalyn,
      I’m so sorry Boxie is ill. Siamese cats on average have a life span of 15-18years. Boxie has had a full life. I had a siamese who had an illness. I did a ton of research and found a list of their most common health issues. Siamese cats have the highest number of genetically linked diseases.

      * Asthma
      * Mast cell tumors
      * Cutaneous asthenia
      * Esophageal hypomotility
      * Cutaneous mastocytomas
      * Hypotrichosis
      * Glaucoma,
      * Cervical neck lesions
      * Hip dysplasia
      * Feline hyperesthesia syndrome 1 | 2
      * Feline endocrine alopecia
      * Adenocarcinomas of the small intestine
      * Mucopolysaccharidosis
      * Gangliosidosis
      * Malignant mammary tumors 1 | 2
      * Numerous congenital heart defects (PDA, aortic stenosis, AV valve Malformation, pyloric stenosis, etc)
      * Primary endocardial fibroelastosis
      * Strabismus
      * Nystagmus
      * Sphingomyelinosis
      * Hydrocephalus
      * Chronic Degenerative Keratitis
      * Squint
      * Hepatic Amyloidosis
      * Congenital heart defects1
      Other health problems include:
      * Susceptible to respiratory infections and pneumonia
      * Feline Megacolon
      * Pancreatitis
      * Kidney disease
      * Premature tooth loss
      * Some breathing problems

      I’m confused, Siamese cats are supposed to have the longest life span but the most health problems. I’ve heard of Siamese living to be 20.

      I was devastated when I lost my special little guy. He was the love of my life. I’m sure you love Boxie just the same. If your cat is in pain and can not be helped it is best that Boxie be put down. It’s so sad and painful but you don’t want Boxie to suffer. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I cried for weeks after I lost Hiro. I try to think of positive things and happy moments we shared. I’m going to wait a year and then get another Siamese. Siamese cats are the most beautiful, sweet, and loving breeds that I have ever encountered.

      Ruby M.

      • What good info, Ruby! My sense is that the old-style “applehead” Siamese was/is a much more robust, durable creature than the new standard Siamese cat, which has been inbred to produce the extreme wedge-head and thin body. It’s interesting to see photos of the first Siamese in the West. They’re huge, stocky cats, nothing like the CFA standard cat of today. I love them all, but I think the emphasis on “the look” has been at the expense of their health. I hope I’m wrong, but…

        • I suspect you’re right, Laura… I’ve had Siamese my whole life. My current baby is 1 1/2 years old; he was a rescue cat that my vet suspects is a purebred Siamese. He’s very healthy, but he does have asthma. Sweetest cat ever!

          One of my parents’ Siamese cats, Toby, came from a breeder. He had TONS of medical issues, particularly with his digestion… Poor thing… :(

        • tru laura the breed has been destroyed siamese allways had a squint and a kink in their tails reputedly for the royal woman to put their bangles on when they were bathing ,i bred siamese and burmese 40 years ago

          • Hello,
            I read your post on Siamese cats and you noted that you raised them.
            That being the case, I was hoping you could answer a question for me.
            We have a male, not fixed, BIG Siamese that adopted us about 2 months ago. His name is Mocha.
            I have noticed from other posts that there are multiple variaties. Maybe you can give me some insight on the type we have.
            He has blue eyes (cross eyed).
            His head is round, very dark brown. Neck and nape is cream, his legs start as cream then go very dark at his paws. Threw his front shoulders he is medium to dark, back hunches are dark. Is this what they refer to when they say ‘points’? His tail is very dark. And he is very snuggly.
            Anyways, if there is any info you could give me I would really appreciate it.

            Thanks for your time,

            Suzie Hunter

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  • I have a Siamese guard cat called Bubbles. He loves me and wants me all to himself and attacks other males (of any species) that enter my property.
    He sleeps with me, eats with me, tries to type on my keyboard… we share everything together. He is certainly my best friend. He is so sweet the way he asks for things. He taps me with his paw to snuggle with me and is very polite asking for food and games :)

    • I had a little female Siamese who would follow me everywhere. I actually worried that she was too attached because she wanted nothing but me. She was a little cat (four pounds) but man was she protective. The funniest thing I saw her do was to charge a neighbor’s Doberman sending him home scared to death. She was my love for 17 years. I’ve got two Siamese kittens and I hope they are like her.

  • Your Siamese was just doing what (he or she) were bread to do – Guard the Temple! Also they are very good at picking up body language. My male apple face backed down a sheaperd that was barking at me out-side the vets!!! They can feel(see your body- language) when your neighbour is about!

  • My female did the same when I brought her home from the shelter! BUT-I put her first thing in a room with litter box & food for a couple days leaving her alone letting her adjust- then I went in and spent time just reading on floor, eventually she came out & smelled me -in afew days of this she meowed at the door to be let out ALL DONE AT HER SPEED!

  • i have a Siamese cat named TAYLOR every time i go to my room i always see her sleeping on my bed. And every time i go to bed she always sleep next to me even without telling her to do so. I really love her very much.

  • Last year I adopted a female Siamese kitten. I just could not resist her big blue eyes. I was visiting my daughter in another town when I adopted her. I took her to my daughters house and somehow she got out of her box and hid for three days. We put out food to try and get her to come out – we searched high and low for her – under sofa’s and up inside beds – I just knew that somehow she had gotten out of the house and I felt terrible. I finally went and got a cat trap from a local vet and after three days we found her. She was very hungry and dehydrated but happy to have been caught. When I finally did get her home – I put her in a room by herself with her food and liter box so that she could adjust. But every time I would go in to check on her, she would hide from me. But after several weeks, she finally began to feel comfortable.
    I have another cat, Delanie, that is two years old and thought she is queen of the house – but Calie, the kitten, has shown her that she is not. Delanie would puff all up and try to intimidate Calie – but Calie wasn’t having any of it. Calie stands for “brave warrior”, which I named her after I saw how she was with Delanie, which means “defiant one”. They now play together all the time now. Calie is VERY loving and loves to wake me up in the morning but wrapping herself around my neck. However, as soon as someone comes to the house, she goes and hides. Apparently she is a “one person” cat.

  • hi kids of the world i love siamese cats and i have a flame point siamese cat. It bittes me but i do not care at all. His name is max his is sooooooo cute but i do have a dog named noel, and they always get along. but somethimes they dodnt.LOL. my dog chases max all around the house. we got noel for christmas of 2008 she is a shitz zu poodle mix . We got max for chritmas of 2011.

  • Wow, Add me to the list. I guess Suki is a popular name, I just got a 3 month old Tabby Point Siamese kitten. She is EXTREMELY affectionate and almost like a child, begging to be picked up at my feet. If I don’t pick her up, she scales up the side of leg! She is very talkative! I never had a Siamese cat so I wanted to get more info on their demeanor and if they have any special needs…

  • Hey! :D I brought home my little man 3 days ago and he’s amazing. He wakes me up chirping to me and giving me kisses. He sleeps cuddled up to my stomach at night and we have naps on the sofa where he sleeps just under my chin. When we wake up he washes me. He’s almost 4 months and very big for his age – looking forward to seeing how big he’s gonna end up! :)

  • My boyfriend has a Siamese cat, and I can’t stand him! This has to be the worst breed of cat. He is very vocal and is never quiet! He cries all the time for food, then eats too fast & throws up. I will never get these breed again!

    • If you hate the Siamese breed and you wont give your boyfriends cat a chance then you might have too find a different boyfriend!!! As a animal lover people with pets aren’t going 2 give up their pets becuz their girlfriend hates their cats especially a Siamese, they are vocal (talk 2 them and play w/them) they like getting up early like mine 4am every morning. Deal with it.. Mine throws up becuz he eats too fast, & throws up. A higher fiber diet keeps ur ur cat fuller or as a cat actually eats meat try Envo Cat food my cats love it. no by products and grain free and happy cats & no throwing up.. Siamese arent like a normal cat they r special & unquic . I also own a Egyptian Mau

      • Leave food out for him! Apologies, because I posted this elsewhere, but if you just leave food out for them, Siamese neither overeat nor gorge & throw up. Most cats are fine with self-feeding; you don’t feed them like dogs! That just makes them cry & pester you constantly. Any breed will act crazy if you do that! It’s not that they need to eat constantly, it’s that they want to know the food is going to be there when they DO need it. Grant them a little peace of mind by leaving some food out for them, and you’ll find a much calmer, happier cat. But about Siamese cats: contrary to some folks on the board, I don’t recommend Siamese to people who have never had a cat before. They’re better for more advanced cat owners. Because they’re so smart, they can be your best friend or a total terror. Their strong personalities magnify any mistake or misunderstanding you have with them. Domestic shorthairs are great first cats, or if you adore the coloring, look for a Siamese/Himalayan cross- they’re sturdy, personable cats, smart & loyal, just not quite as over-the-top as Siamese cats can be.

        • I adopted a rescue cat which is part Siamese and part Domestic Short Hair. He was a year and half old when I got him. I’ve had him for 6 months so he is 2 yrs old now. He was not very healthy when I got him so after a few visits to the vet and medication and proper food, he is now very healthy. He is a great cat, fantastic companion, he follows me everywhere in the house, sleeps at the foot of my bed. He never leaves my side. I just love him and we have bonded. There is one problem. He jumps out at me and bites/claws my calves, ankles, feet. Sometimes it really hurts. I had to get antibiotics once because my ankle swelled up quite bad from a scratch. Why does he do this and how do I get him to quit?

        • LOL, Laura!! I never thought about that! :) I got married in July, and my husband has never had cats. I moved in with my two cats, and he’s slowly becoming a real cat person. While he took to my tabby right away, I’ve had to do a lot of intervention and education regarding my Siamese cat. He’s learning, and they’re getting along quite well now. :)

  • I have a four year old chocolate point siamese cat who we adopted from a rescue two years ago. Her name is Selene and she is the sweetest thing in the world. With one exception.

    All of my cat’s are hydrophobic but she takes it to an extreme. Literally cowering under the sofa when the water is running or yowling as though in pain when we have to bathe her. In a bit of tragic irony, she has sever dry skin, and needs to be bathed once a month with special shampoo.

    I was wondering if it is common for this cats to be more hydrophobic then others, or if this was maybe caused by her skin condition and the feel of the water on her skin. She is such a sweet baby and I don’t want her to have to spend the rest of her life suffering with this fear combined with her condition. If it is a Siamese issue, does anyone have tips on how to soothe her when her inevitable monthly torment must commence?

  • Lady Jade, I think your cat probably ate something around your house she shoundn’t have, and was either poisened [sp] or had an intestinal blockage from it. I have a siamese mix feral rescue who I’ve taken to the vet twice for intestinal blockage. The first time she pulled open a drawer and swallowed a shoelace she found inside, and 2 months later she swallowed a silver necklace, funny nobody in my house claimed it. She also ate part of a cork coaster, but luckily she vomited that up.

  • I have 3 siamese cats. They are a family. They sleep together, eat together and play together. They are very intellegent,curious,playful,adventerous,and protective. They sleep with my mom and me all the time. My youngest female follows me around to every room and stays with me. The male loves the outdoors and toliet trained himself. The oldest female is very independent and fussy. Also if you have a female that is pregnant watch out she might want to give birth in your bed with you in it. They are the greatest cats to have.

  • I have a 4 months old female siamese which I got from a cat shelter she is wonderful very playful,she insists to sleep with me,she likes to sleep on my1 pillow. She used the litter tray from day 1. She loves her bath. She is great amongst my grandchildren.

  • Too too strange i just adopted half siamese half balinese cat and guess what i called her yup suki

  • When my husband and I first got together he had a Balinese and swore up and down they and Siamese were the best cats on the planet. At first I wasn’t convinced. Then we got Tazzy, a male Balinese. He talks all the time and will let anyone pick him up, turn him upside down, play with his feet and he’ll play fetch with his fave string. Then we got a pair of Siamese litter-mates, Stitch is a male chocolate point and Bella is a female Lilac point. Tazzy looks after them. He grooms them and harrasses us when the dish is empty only to make sure the kittens eat first! All three are the most lovable and “human-like” cats I’ve ever seen! They cuddle and kiss, and respond to me when I talk to them. They each have there very own voice and I can tell who’s talking from acoss the house. My husband was right… with every moment of love and affection you dote on them they return ten-fold. I don’t think I’d have any other kind of cat now.

  • Well, I fell in love with a guy who has a beautiful Siamese cat. Isis is known to be territorial, and bite people. The third time I came over she actually laid on my lap (incredible!)
    Anyways, I have a huge issue to face… Next year I am moving in, and bringing my Scottish Terrier with me. I brought him over once before, and she attacked him.
    Is there some way to have these two living under the same roof without killing each other?

  • Yes, Siamese do protect – they were “guard” cats at temples in years gone by.
    I now have my 5th wonderful Siamese. What a character he is!!! Enjoy your loving cat.

  • i believe its not a guard cat but it can scare only some people away because i have a full grown siamese cat now and it runs everytime somebody shoots it away but i f a new person comes in, the person mayb scared of their eyes,there appearance and their loud raspy voice.. ive had that problem with friends and my mom friends. im 15 but they only attack most of the time, if they smell another animal on the person or if they step on it.. however i looove my cat

  • o and to johanna.. my cat does the same.. we cant have no more pets unti shes gone because i think siamese cats have jealousy to them when it comes to other animals being in the house.. my cat would growl at the new kitten we had and would wait for it to move to attack it.. we had to sell our kitten cuz it made the kitten bleed in the head.. it was crzy

    • How can you say cats are boring? Apparently you have NOT had a Siamese….or maybe it’s just that you’re just not as interested in cats as you think because I find cats, Very entertaining, my Siamese, Athena (because she thinks she is a Goddess) is funny, talkative, smart, does tricks for her treats and is an eternal kitten, plays constantly, even at 2am, I have so many videos of her doing funny things that I’m running out of room to store them. Anyway, I’m sorry I’m not basshing I just don’t understand how anyone can say they love cats but yet find them boring? It baffles me, again I’m sorring if you’re offended. But most cat breeds are self sufficient and need very little from humans so if you don’t have a breed like a Siamese that thrive on human interaction, maybe you should think about getting one? Spice it up a little?

  • I have a siamese kitten around 3 months I rescues her from a shelter. I was wondering if anybody has this problem with their kitten, she will go in the litter but will not sit to urinate. any ideas? I was wondering if this is a common thing in this breed of cat.

    • My kitten had trouble urinating too, and it turned out to be a urinary tract infection. Often times when cats don’t use the litter box quite “normally”, people assume the cat is bad or strange, but usually it means the cat is sick with something. They can also hate the way certain cat litter smells to them or how it feels between their toes.

  • I am living with a six month old Siamese. He is so adorable and can be the sweetest animal in the world. However,he has a habit of scratching and biting me and my sister. I end up having so many scars in my arms and legs. He is also fond of waking me up more than four times in a night. Usually, at about 6 in the morning he would scratch my head or bite my hair and cry until finally I would get up from my bed. Does any body have a similar experience?

    • we have a cat that my 2 little boys named turtle. he is half Siamese and half orange tabby he “attacks” us at night and cries for us to get up with him this happens about 4-5 times a night. if my children are in the bed with the door shut, he will go to the door and cry for them to get up. when we come home, he will run up to us and talk to us while he jumps up on our leg and gives us a “hug” to welcome us home he has a fascination with the shower and the tub he has to get in the water that is left over after the bath is finished he will stand on the tub and watch my children in the water and will play with the water and the bubbles in it he is very vocal and talks all the time i have a 5 year old boy that gets in the floor to play with him and they both “attack” each other and turtle loves to jump up on his head and his back. it is so funny to watch this is my first time having a Siamese breed and it is hilarious i hope we have him for a very long time

    • My siamese cat named “gia” cries every morning around 4,and wakes me up.. I wonder if thats just their nature!! I don’t understand why she cries around that time!!

    • We had that problem with our 2 Siamese kittens but trained them out of it by putting them in a room (not a closet, a room) by themselves every time they woke us up. We put them far enough away so we couldn’t hear them. It only took a couple of times for them to get it. We also make sure they have some dry food in their bowl before we go to bed so they’re not hungry. Now we can sleep until noon if we want! :)

    • My 3 mth old female Siamese kitten is always bitting me. Maybe b/c it’s only a kitten, but it still hurts when her needle sharp teeth sinks into me. Hopefully she’ll outgrow this. I don’t know how long I can take this. She’ll pounce on me when in bed, & begin biting me. She got me on the lip once, and felt like she’s ripped it open, but she had not, luckily. I may not be lucky next time. I usually end up putting her in the bathroom at night w/water & food & bed, so I can sleep without her bitting me all over. HELP, PLS!!!!!

      • DebbyT, All cats as kittens will bite. That is part of their playing and learning to attach their prey. It is very easy to train a Siamese to not bite by flicking their nose with you finger, gently of course, each time they bite. Also say, “No, don’t bite. Be gentle.” Then turn them over and sit them on your lap and pet them. Nearly every cat loves to be petted on their faces, along the upper mouth/jaw area, the nose from tip to forehead, and the very end of their nose. Cats, as well as dogs, go by smell to know their surroundings and people. That’s why enclosing them in a small room for the first week or so you have them. During that time they “smell” out the territory and begin to know that is “home”.

        We had a female Siamese Cat, named Suka, for 17 years. When my children were babies she would sleep in the crib with them. If they kicked their covers off at night she would first try to pull the blanket back over them, but failing that would then lay on their legs to keep them warm. She also would always come crying to me when they would wake up and need to be changed, fed, or just held. She had a different cry for each thing. She was an amazing cat and we have really missed her.

        We now have three male Siamese, three female Tonkinese, and one black cat (he adopted us and the other cats.) All the males are like small dogs, following my husband and I around in the house or yard. One even plays fetch with my husband. One loves to ride on our shoulders and the third one just acts like a guard dog. We’ve joked that we wouldn’t be surprised to hear him bark one day.

        We’ve helped to rescue, foster and care for many Siamese that a local Cat Shelter gets in until they can be adopted out. Often have trouble letting them go to new homes and are very picky about who adopts them. In fact, we put them through a short training program to learn what they need to know about having a Siamese for a pet. Every adoption has been successful and within a short time the new owners are as in love with their “Meesees” as we are.

  • I have a siamese cat that was given to my daughter. She is the most amazing pet. I never used to like cats but Daisy our cat just stoled my heart.. At bed time we say our prayers and she has to be present, and when I kiss my kids their good night kiss she need to have hers or else she won’t stop making this ugly noises. Shes like the baby from the house. And now that she got spayed shes more loving than before. Siamese cats are amazing pets… Gotta love those cats…….

  • I have a siamese cat named Daisy. It was given to my daughter at first I was upset cuz I didn’t like cats but this special kitten stoled my heart. Shes like one of my own kids. Every night before bedtime I pray with my kids and shes always there. And I have to give her a goodnite kiss cuz if I don’t she’ll make this funny noise. We luv her toooo death. But I’m worried cuz now that we took her to get spayed. She don’t like being around us she’ll hide our just lay on the window and she looks sad. I feel its my fault she’s acting like that. Is that normal any advice?

  • Am wanting to bring a Ragdoll Siamese male kitten (9wks) into our home. I’ve been researching all I can about this, but would like some first-hand info… 1) coat: mat? 2) temperament: same and as demanding as the Siamese? 3) easy to train? 4) get along with dogs? 5) active or docile? Any and all info welcomed. Thank you.

  • We have Siamese cat and she is about a year now . We got Bella as a kitten . We have notice that she is not taking liking to certain people . She can be pretty mean as in trying to claw them even if they don’t do nothing . she will sit about a foot away from them and as soon as they move she will stand up and swipe with claws out as she is hissing . I had a friend that had no problem with her but, as soon as she picked her up Bella swiped at her and cut her on the nose . I understand about them being territorial. I don’t understand why Bella is being like that . The other is why does she get in to things a night !

  • can the tail of siamese cats change in the fact that it was dark at once and now its a lighter color and more hair?

  • I have a male Siamese cat named Oreo. I have had him ever since he was five weeks old. I got him from a farm for free. Anyways, i have had him for about five or six years, maybe more. He is the closest thing to a baby for me, seeing as im only eighteen. The fact is, the past month to the present has become very aggressive. I have another cat, Luka and a dog, Apollo. Oreo has lived with all types of dogs, small, medium, and large. Oreo had his sister with us until she died some years back. He accptes Luka as family but goes after Apollo and intends to hurt him. My niece lives with us and even he attacks her. I’m starting to become worried. Oreo has never acted like this, always so gentle and my best friend. I could always do anything to him and he allowed it. We play and he never intends to hurt me but lately has even bit me for no reason. I just need some help, as this is my first Siamese and i love the breed.

  • i have just adopted a siamese named Sooki and he cries all the time at night anyone know what i can do to help stop him

    • My siamese cat i adopted from the spca meows around 4 every morning and i don’t know why!! It drives me crazy!! Shes like clock work every morn. I don’t know if thats normal for siamese.

  • i had a siamese and it was the most affectionate cat ever it would never leave my side it would just be by me all day rubbing its face against my beard and purring he was the best. i got him frommy second cusion when she died im sure how old the cat was but he had this very bad cough all the time like he was caughing up hairballs but he wasnt then it got worse n he started having breathing attacks till one day he just stopped breathing. i read once that someone else had a siamese n had the same problem. does anyone know anything about that ? what it could have been?

    • My Siamese cat, Mailo, has asthma. He gets coughing hits where it almost sounds like he’s barking. Fortunately, they happen rarely enough that it has been something he can live with… My vet has mentioned asthma treatment, which can be expensive, but fortunately he doesn’t need it yet.

    • I have a 4 year old male chocolate point siamese named Wilshire.i take him everywhere with me- he LOVES the car &is getting used to airports since we’ve been flying a lot lately.He s so intelligent he actually jumps on the suitcase when we get to the airport & rides on it as i wheel it through the airport. He is leash trained& we go for our hourly walk outside every night which he absolutely loves because siamese are very energetic & require exercise.We eat together, sleep together & play together. He is very demanding and emotional& likes nobody but me. If our schedule changes he gets very upset-recently i left him alone all day& he disheveled our apartment,knocking things out of cabinets & eating plastic.If he gets upset he eats until he throws up so i no longer leave his food out. He was easy to train- he sits on command, fetches& jumps onto my shoulders. He’s up for anything as long as he’s with me.This siamese cannot be left alone & i suspect it’s a breed thing.Ive had to change my life to accomidate my siamese cat because he makes me happy.

  • I have had siamese since I was a child. My first one was given to me and therefore liked everyone because the person he first bonded to was gone. Often this can cause a siamese to become aggresive as they feel abandoned by their person. What a lot of people do not know is that, when you get a kitten you should always get two. They do not like to be an only cat. The very first thing you should do is bond with them. this entails seperating yourself or whoever you want the cat to bond to. All kittens are scared when you take them away from their family. So for example, When I bought my 2 youngest kittens, Darius & Jamila, I already had 3 other siamese, and of course there was much hissing and spitting, the others thought i had brought home 2 saber tooth tigers! :) My husband did not want to go through the bonding period so they are only attached to me. You have to seperate yourself and the kittens from any one or and other cat in the household, until they come to you on their own. This takes 1 to 2 days usually. So the first night I slept in the living room with them. We can close off our doors to that room. The first night they stayed under the couch. The second night I woke up and they had crawled into my night gown! Done, bonded. They will not allow any one but me to pick them up. Not even my husband. And he loves them.So if you get kittens this is the most important thing to do for them. This breed needs to be attached to a person. Mine go to work with me, they put up with everyone, but it is obvious to all who come in that I am the one that they love. Siamese are very dog like, easy to train and very protective of the person (s) they bonded to. They do growl if they feel something is off. I have never had a mean one. EVER! they don’t do well if inbred or bred with a different breed. Often if you get one from a shelter they can be aggressive because they no longer have their person. I love this breed and recommend it to anyone who wants a cat that shows you how much you are loved. Just this morning I was reading a book and Darius took off my glasses because he wanted attention! :) they are very intelligent and I would never want any other breed, although i love all cats. My oldest died this last fall at the ripe old age of 21. It was time and we were grateful she went on her own. Her brother had already died so now we are down to 4. Ramses, yasmin, Darius and Jamila. If you want to see pics of them you can type in your search Knox village soup maine. You will find posts under Angelique’s!. So anyone thinking of getting a Siamese, DO NOT FORGET THE BONDING PROCESS! good luck and happy days!

  • I have 3 cats.(all females) Our first cat of 8 years is a turkishvan, I brought a 2 month old kitten Tabby home a year ago and both cats are great with each other. I adopted a 2yrs female siamese cat about 3 weeks ago and it seems to take forever for these cats to get along. The Siamese cat always hist at my other 2 cats when they past near her. Do anyone know approximately how long will it take for the siamese to trust other cats? She also hides all day and seem to not trust people. I’m thinking of returning the Siamese if she doesn’t adjust soon. But deep in my heart I do want to keep her. Anyone has any helpful suggestions?

  • I love my little Siamese kitten, Gucci! He always talks to me and sleeps by my side in bed at night. It’s upsetting when I leave my room because whenever I leave he gets lonely and cries. :( I’m planning on teaching him to sing the “We are Siamese” song!

  • Our Chocolate is truly mental. He is only 6mths old and has taken over the house. He has a fetish for socks. When I come home from work, I finds socks all over the house. He opens my daughters drawers and steals them. We really adore him. I have never had such a funny, friendly cat.

  • I have a seal point traditional siamese cat rescued from a disgusting and extremely cruel animal shelter. When I got her, and she was less than two months when I did, she was malnourished, flea ridden, and terrified of me. She litterally pooped herself. Twice. After a year she has become very loving and affectionate, but I am very worried about a few points. A) She has scabs all over the back of her neck and in the front from flea bites, is there any certain thing I should do about these scabs? I’m still trying to treat the flea problem, I’ve done flea shampoos and I’m about to buy a flea collar for her (and my beagle). B) She seems a bit….’special’. I heard from a friend that Siamese cats are prone to feline retardation, is this true? I know I can’t do anything about that, but knowing would be nice. She’s either mentally challenged or just plain self-destructive..

  • I just received an 8 mo. old apple-headed chocolate point siamese cat. Her name is Ali, and she was just fixed. She is a little nervous about her new home, and BunBun my white/gold cat who is 14yrs. They have made great friends. I will be glad when Ali will cuddle up to me. Now I just feed her, spoil her, and love. I used to breed Abys. and I loved them. I am very happy with my feline partners. Enjoy yours, everyone!

  • Siamese cat is my second to favorite cat. My first one is a persain. But my friend has a siamese cat. She is so nice and gentle to people. She talks a lot.

  • I have 2 siamese cats one older an one modern older is prince and he is little baby cause he love to meow my modern girl princess is thin and loves to play and hunt and they are awesome

  • Kyla, Siamese are not prone to retardation, quite the opposite in fact. I did have one that was retarded but it was inbred. As for the scabs it must be allergic to fleas. Often the front line and collars only irritate the cat and do not solve the problem. I suggest you buy a flea comb and comb her every day. this not only gets rid of fleas but also eggs and flea feces. Her coat will be way more healthy. If she acts “special” and you are referring to mental issues, inbreeding or being bred with another species is prob. the cause. If she is just demanding in various different ways she just needs more attention. They are VERY demanding of their humans attention and get their feeling hurt easily. AND they never forget an offense! Like I said in my previous post I have had them most of my life and am well versed in the way they behave :) To Janet, I had one that loved socks, needles to say his cat box had some colorful, um, turds!

  • I have a 10 year old Chocolate Point Siamese named Rolo (yes, after the soft caramel sweet/candy), I can’t say whether he would protect me or not if someone tried to hurt me but he is very alert and growls if he hears anything suspicious. He doesn’t puff up like my tabby when frightened, is this a Siamese trait? He is really clever, he plays fetch! Yes, seriously, rolled up crisp packets, bits of paper, even my bra wires – many a time I’ve come across a destroyed bra with a missing wire or two. You throw it and he’ll go find it and literally scream at you till you throw the object away again. He kills my son’s soft toys which is quite annoying but i guess its part of his natural hunting instincts. Once my cats are gone, should I decide to get another cat, I would never choose any other breed other than the Siamese.

  • I have a flame point Siamese kitten who’s momma just disappeared. I had already taken in his sister, who’s a lovely grey tabby, so I took him in as well and he’s so loving. He’s about 2 1/2 months old and already he’s very vocal. When I get home he’s the first to come running to greet me, when I wake up in the morning he loves to jump onto the bed and shower me with kisses and when he wants to be carried he’s very vocal and hugs my leg. He’s also vocal when he wants to be petted or he’s unhappy with his sister. And he doesn’t seem to like males very much. He hisses at the male nurse at the vet but is adoring with the female doctor. He’s so cute and chubby it just kills me.

  • I recently was given a siamese cat, she seems to more than a year old. I feel that she was terrible abused she is very scared of everything and not very outgoing. She hides all the time. Will she recover from this behavior?
    Thank you for any replies

    • Denise, I assume that your cat’s behavior has changed by now since so much time has passed since your post. So for anyone else reading this site I want to inform assure you regarding the introduction of a new cat to a household of established cats.

      The new cat needs to be confined to a room all by themselves. This allows time for them to get used to new surroundings and smells, for you to bond with them, and for the other household cats to smell them under the door. If you have a room with a glass door that you can put new cat in, this works very well. They can see each other but not be “with” each other yet. You might try feeding them all at the glass door. This gives them a pleasant, satisfying time together and will help the transition go smoother.

      The cat and others will let you know when it’s time to let the new one out into the general household. You may find that one of the original cats is the “alpha” cat. This one will be more aggressive toward the new cat and will probably spend more time growling/hissing. Don’t be alarmed by this. It is all part of normal cat behavior. They have to work out the pecking order for themselves. They are somewhat like a lion pride, where there are several females, a male, and kits. Somewhat a family unit. Everyone has a place and knows it. If a new cat wants to be part of the pride or family, they have to submit to inspection and acceptance. Don’t try to break up a fight. This will likely hurt you and it does not make matters better. The fight will break out again when you’re not around or asleep. This is just part of normal behavior and part of the process for the cats to live with each other.

      I have often used a calming spray for the new cats, on the bedding, fabrics around the room, etc. I have also used it for the older cats in the household during the introduction time of the new cat. Especially at the door.

      Anything you can do to help all the cats have a pleasant experience being introduced makes the process go so much better.

  • I have a five month old male Siamese named peanut. He is the best thing that has come into my life since my children. I cant have anymore babies and I was going through a really hard time with that when I bought peanut. He has become my baby. He knows when its bedtime and he even bats his paw at my ankles and meows when he wants to be held. He likes to be right by my side I cant do anything without my baby. I would recommend this breed to anyone who is ready for another baby lol….i love him so much.

  • My Siamese cat, Angel, has protected my birds from the younger “mongrel” cat, Jet. She leanred a long time ago not to bother the birds herself. I got the other cat some years later. When she saw Jet chasing after the occasional bird who flew away from its cage, she would get between the bird and Jet so that the little feathered friend could not be hurt. Once I left the bird cage on the ground with the top open & got distracted. I came back to see Angel sitting up straight right next to the cage, like a little sentry, not letting Jet get anywhere near. Jet has learned to leave the birds alone now – maybe because of Angel.

  • I have an applehead siamese kitten called Ruby that I adopted a week and a half ago. She refuses to sleep anywhere but my bed, wakes me up at 7:30 each morning and is very, very sweet, loving and intelligent. She knows how to fetch, sits stays and comes on command, and is super chatty. I love siameses, I love Ruby :)

  • My siamese, Shu Shu is so protective of my newborn. She sleeps with him at night and when i take her out she goes right back in. So, the first time i shut the door and when i did this the next day she went into my bedroom, looked right at me and had a bowel movement. Was she mad at me and took revenge? She has does this a few times now and I do not know what to do. Is she trying to protect the baby or is she just mad at me because i shut the door? I just don’t know what to do.

  • We have a cat name Snuggles a 5 year old siamese female. Fantastic cat, she talks to us all the time, and although it’s in her language you know the meaning by her tone of voice. If you come in and forget to give her a treat she will let you know and follow you until she gets her way. My siamese cat is very intelligent and will play fetch with a small play, of course on her terms. She hides the ball and when she wants to play she will bring it to you and set it at your feet, we throw the ball and she retrieves it and drops it at your feet. When she tires of this she just walks off and hides the ball. Once we found her hiding place with a cache of 5 balls. They say cats are not trainable, not so. Our cat will not sit on furniture, only on your lap, she takes numerous commands or I should say request. Ask her if she wants to go outside she will go to the door and wait. I have had other cats but the siamese is amazing.

  • My Siamese cat is 18 years this month. Her name is Sheba and shes gorgeous and just perfect to me. I have had her since i was three! And i couldn’t have asked for a better cat! This completely describes her 100 percent! She’s very smart and almost acts like a human 90 percent of the time! I love her more than anything! They are very beautiful cats!!! I would definitely recommend a siamese cat !!!

  • i loved reading all these beautiful comments on siamese cats….they are so very true . i had a siamese cat for and just had to put him to sleep just a few days ago, he was only 8 years old. his name was sam, and he was truly my best friend i ever had. he slept on my bed every night , slept when i slept and woke up when i woke up. he would follow me everywhere i would go in the house. he was attached to me the most of my family members. i think because i took care of him the most and always showed him so much affection. i can tell you know, that i am going through so much pain now that he is gone, i cant even put into words. he always had urinary tract problems were he would get blocked. unfortunately, he actually ended up getting liver disease, and we had to put him to sleep. he was the most amazing cat , and i loved him more then anything.

  • Our family Siamese cat, Katie, just passed away yesterday. Katie was 20 years old. She was such a joy and amazing cat. Extremely intelligent and very affectionate and regal. We have also have a Russian Blue cat and a Rat Terrier dog. They got along well and always looked after one another. We will always love and remember our beloved Katie (1991-2011). Thank you for being a friend.

    “Four Feet in Heaven”

    Your favorite chair is vacant now…
    No eager purrs to greet me.
    No softly padded paws to run
    Ecstatically to meet me.
    No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry
    Will say it’s time for feeding.
    I’ve put away your bowl, and all
    The things you won’t be needing;
    But I will miss you little friend,
    For I could never measure
    The happiness you brought me,
    The comfort and the pleasure.
    And since God put you here to share
    In earthly joy and sorrow;
    I’m sure there’ll be a place for you
    In Heaven’s bright tomorrow…

    by Alice E. Chase

    • that is so beautiful what you wrote . i really sorry your friend has passed away . i had a smoke black british shorthair cat . i named him rio . it broke my heart when he passed at 15 yrs old . that was 5 yrs ago . that text made me almost cry . x today i have just adopted a young half siamese cat . i have named her renesmee rio .i hope we have a close bond too . she so small compared to rios size . again i truly sorry to read you lost your friend love to you x


  • My siamese cat and I talk quit a bit, fortunately for him his needs come first.
    Also the more I’m around my siamese the more I’m dumbfounded by us humans.

  • I’ve had my new kitty koda for a few days now. He’s a Siamese but I’m not sure what point yet he’s too young to tell. My younger brothers always play kinda rough with him and it’s pretty cute when they’re playing with him and he comes running too my lap purring. I have to other cats kumba who is a chocolate point (who is extremely playful and wild) and cosmo who is a chocolate point as well and is very loving :) vie had siamese cat all my life:)

  • I have a lynx point Siamese cat named Kasa ( The one with fur coat it is Native American ), he has the strangest habits like hanging his arms over the bottom of a stool and scraping around his food dish when he is done eating. He is by far is the best cat I have ever had. He lays by my feet in the morning and the second I open my eyes he meows like crazy and he tries to go under the blankets. He also is very weary of strangers and will get this half cross eyed goofy look :)

    • I have a 3 month old siamese kitten, i’m not sure which kind but i know she has some siamese breed in her. I’ve had her since she was a month maybe a little older, well she was very sweet and loving, but now I cant even rub her without her attacking me or anyone else! She is very very mean and I don’t know why. I love her so much, but i hate that I cant even rub her with out getting bit or scratched to death. Can anyone tell me maybe why she is so mean??

  • 2 months ago I adopted an 8 year old male Siamese from the Humane Society. He had been there for about 4 months. He is SUCH a lover and is friendly with everyone. He loves to cuddle up with me at night, as if he cannot get close enough to me. He does growl when someone knocks on the door. He also loves to play fetch. I call him my “Siamese Retriever”. Anything that I throw, he will run and get and bring it back to me so he can play fetch, over and over again. His only bad habit is, he likes to “attack” your feet when you are sleeping and move under the covers. He thinks its great fun. Me – not so much! Still love him, though.

  • siamese cat his name kevin the great.. he was very playful very sweet and understandable…i love may cat.. its like a baby for me, first time to have in our house… unpredictable experience.. The Best One Kevin The Great..

  • I adore my siamese blue point boy jasper sooooooo much ive had him since i was 6 and he is like my best friend! He is 17 an is just as affectionate and fun since he was as a kitten!! He used to be very aggressive with people to the point we had to keep him in a room when we had guests as he wud attack them!! He is a soft little fella now tho! He is very vocal and enjoys to have a little chat with me haha!! He sleeps in my bed like a little human wiv his head on the pillow and loves kisses and cuddles!! I get upset leavin him as he cries after me but when i come home how pleased he is to see me!! With him bein old we are having a few problems now like he is vomiting nearly everyday and has diorea quite frequently and seems to be doin it on the floor rather than in the pan! Does anyone have this problem or have any tips for me!! Ty :) xxx

  • I have a chocolate tip siamese cat who is 5 years old. He was fine up until a year ago when he started scratching and licking himself compulsively to the point of bleeding. Vet did tests and said maybe he has allergies. Can’t afford a dermatologist so was wondering if bathing him would help him stop scratching and licking all the time. He has been on benadryl but that just makes him sleep.

  • we just adopted Jasper, about a week ago. Sweet, omg..he is the sweetest. But, my house smells from his litter box..HELP…I tried the breeze…didn”t tidy cat…still stinks…he does seem to go alot…any suggestions? He is about one year old and neurtered. Love the breed, friendly and sweet…just the smell bothers me…..thanks

    • For litter i use silica crystals (bought at walmart) and u maywant to hve him looked at for a possiable urinary tract infection.It can make thier pee very strong.or he may or be drinking enough.My boy is 4 mths and is very picky.He’ll drink either ice cold water or running water only.

    • Try ground wheat cat litter. It is great! It absorbs really well and is better for the cat than other kinds of litter. Because it absorbs so well, there is very little odour. It is a bit more expensive but it lasts a long time.

  • Dear meow where do I looked for a free shelter siamese boy cat 2 years old. I have a calico female four years old and want to have a companion for my girl cat Jasmine? I really want to get the siamese boy cat from a shelter that helps the cat be more socially around other cats. Jasmine has a brother upstairs but Tigger plays too rough so I would look and search til I find a siamese boy 2 years old and not from a kitten mill only from shelter. Can anyone out there help me find my siamese boy 2 years old?

  • My mother recently passed away, leaving two cats behind. One is a 13 year old siamese. He’s an extremely lovable cat but unfortunately I have 4 cats already and my siblings all have multiple animals as well, so we are trying to find homes for them. As a last minute effort, we contacted a siamese rescue center. We were told they couldn’t take him because of his age and because siamese cats have a tendency to die soon after their owner does. Is this true? I don’t see how it can be because he’s first owner had died and that is how my mom got him.

  • I love reading these comments! I have a four month old Siamese kitty named Azaria.. As soon as I get home from work she is waiting by the door talking her little heart out.. It’s so funny because it almost sounds like she is telling me how her day went. The cuttest thing is that she gets up with me in the morning and falls asleep next to me while i dry my hair before work.. I am so lucky to have her …

    • You think that little “voice” is cute now, but just wait!! (Please read my entry below!)
      I wish this was audible you would be able to hear her. Well, if you peek your head outside your front door – you probably can! LOL It grows extremely loud and very persistent. It is very hard as you do love them, but the slow insanity is unbelievable!
      Just saying……………………..

    • Jojo, I love to imagine your little kitty telling you about her day! They really can use tones of voice just like a human! I found this out from my first Siamese. I’ve never been cussed out by a human the way she told me off one day! It was a serious infraction on my part: I moved her kittens. She took one look at what I’d done and was horrified! She immediately started to move them back (I helped, realizing my mistake). As soon as the babes were safely back where SHE wanted them, she marched up to me, planted her feet right in front of me, and proceeded to talk: How dare I? What did I think I was doing? They could have been in danger!! Who did I think I was? No Marine drill instructor could have told me off with more authority than my little mama Siamese did that day, and with the same tones of voice! It was all I could do not to laugh, but of course she was right. There I thought she’d like to have them in her favorite spot near the fireplace, but boy had I overstepped my authority on that one! Hope all’s well with your little one…

  • Jasper is an indoor cat with no fleas…do I need to bath him? I have read different things…does anyone else bath their cat? He does clean himself and I do brush him….thanks for the help

    • My Shenandoah is an indoor siamese kitten but she got fleas somehow. I guess the dog brought them in or someone since we live in the forest. From what I’ve just read, Siamese cats are short haired so they will only need to be bathed once a month and brushed once a week…if that? The brushings will be light since they aren’t long haired.

    • Elaine, I never bathe my cats unless they get into something. Brushing is a great help for them, though and unlike baths, they love it! If I have to bathe one, I use baby shampoo, or if they’ve gotten something greasy on themselves, you can use Dawn dish soap. Always rinse as best you can. Flea bathes are a crock, by the way. None of them work, to my experience. Talk to your vet if your cat gets fleas; they have some very effective options. I hate to give a cat flea medicine, but I hate fleas worse! Recently we brought home a Himalayan… hadn’t counted on fleas and ear mites coming with him! I couldn’t chance my other cats getting them; the vet had a one-day treatment to kill the fleas, eureka! Ear mites are tougher, but it’s essential you help your cat get rid of them. Their ears will produce lots of very dark wax, makes them look very dirty and DRIVES THE CAT CRAZY! Like flea baths, no over-the-counter stuff works, call your vet!

  • I have a Siamese cat named Lum who is very protective over the family. He caught a snake not once but twice. in the first incident, if not for Lum’s quick action, I would have been bitten on my ankle. In the second incident, I almost stepped on a snake that had been bitten by Lum. The snake was still alive but it was too weak to attack me.

  • anyone else here noticed how Siamese love to gorge then vomit? nothing like making a right pig of itself – making a hideous yowling then regurgitating in places that are awkward to get at or clean or onto freshly shampooed carpet!

    • I’m sorry I’ve never heard or encountered a cat doing it. My cousin suggested (she’s a vet) to put large rocks into the dish, then that way the cat will have to eat around them. Well, she said that for a dog because my 5 year old son eats really fast and yes I know my son isn’t a dog but she was just trying to help. =D

    • David, my Siamese cats are only happy when they have dry food available to them 24/7. Cats are very aware of their dependence on us for their sustenance. Mine start telling me about it when the bowl gets down to the “crumblies” in the bottom! If their food bowl runs empty, they gorge themselves when I refill it, then vomit, just like your cat. If there’s some issue with leaving food out, ie. the family dog, find a high place the dog can’t reach to leave food out for them there. As long as they aren’t insecure about it, they won’t overeat. Mind you, cats will vomit up furballs, but that’s a different issue. You can hardly blame them for that, given the great job of cleaning themselves that healthy cats do!

  • I have a Siamese cat who is roughly a year and 4 months old. I believe he is the most care free cat i’ve ever encountered. Leo, definitely has a personality of his own. I am constantly laughing at this cat.. He’s always pouncing on things,showing himself, and sliding on my hardwood floor. He is very affectionate when it comes time to sleep. He loves to sleep on me. He’s always by my side. I def. have a love-hate relationship with him though. But, I wouldn’t trade him in for the world! He’s really aggressive! He loves to bite as if he’s almost trying to hurt you but, I just think he’s playing and doesn’t know what’s enough. I’ve tried to teach him wrong from right but, he is just so stubborn. My Siamese Cat actually reminds me of a dog… He gets on my trash, he LOVES WATER, also he chews on the corner of my coffee tables. The older he gets the more he doesn’t want to listen. The past couple weeks he will not stay off of my counters… Does any one have any advice as far as how to train him?

  • I have a 20 year old Siamese Cat named ‘Lucy’.
    She is very affectionate and complains loudly when I do not show her enough attention. I leave the TV on for her when I go off to work. It seems to relax her. She has lost most of her teeth and also has small tumors on various parts of her body. She seems O.K. though. I hope that she has a peaceful passing when the time comes as she is so sweet and affectionate that I would hate to see her suffer.

  • I have a female seal point siamese cat who used to be very sweet. She is now 18 yrs. old and starting to drive me insane! If I am not home, she is fine. When I am home all she does is scream!! Often she will walk circles around me carefully stepping in the exact path! She did not do any of this previously! We live in an apartment and I am scared we will get noise complaints! Anyone have any ideas to get her to stop screaming?? My siamese cat is very, very loud! The only way to keep her quiet is to have her sit with me. She sits so close that it seems she would like to crawl inside me!! Please help, I don’t know how long it can go on like this!!

    • I saw videos of Siamese cats meowing and if yours sounds like them as is loud good luck. They sound like a young child, almost a baby crying. I hope no one thinks you’re abusing a child.

      • Yes, She sounds exactly like a child crying!! When I am on the phone people always ask who is here! LOL! She is getting VERY loud! AND, how about this: We have another cat (just regular old cat) and he is learning it from her!! Ohhh – what to do???

    • Kathy, I think Bong’s comment was directed to you… and he’s exactly right. Your old girl may be in pain, as well. Comfort her as best you can, and talk to your vet.

  • That was a beautiful poem. So sorry for your loss.

    I have a black and white cat and a Husky/Shepard mutt…and even with them I brought in a female (she’s now three months?) blue point. It’s funny because her grandmother is the Siamese. Shenandoah’s (that’s the kitten’s name) mother is a lovely dark grey and her father is a regular orange tabby. The fact that Shenan and her sister ended up as Siamese is a surprising throwback.

    But OMG…she is such an attention sponge! Even as I’m typing this, she’s laying on my lap all purrs and happy. The only time she gets to be annoying is when she’s sitting right in front of my monitor and I can’t see the screen.

    My mother in law is very jealous of my kitty because she used to breed them.

  • @Abby she is afraid as you said she is 18 years old i think she feels her time is coming…
    it annoys you now but you’ll miss her when she is gone.
    im sorry to say this…
    She knows her time is short and i think she is trying to make it up to you or she is afraid she doesnt want to be alone when it happens so be patient because she wont be around for much longer..
    i may sound cruel and insensitive but learn to read the signs so both of you can be prepared.

  • I love this site — you all can relate to how I feel. I absolutely LOVE my Siamese kitty more than anything in the world. I notice over time how much closer we are, and I can tell he loves me SO much. Just a cutie — he’s 12 and I want him to live forever.

  • I just got a Siamese Kitten she is like 6weeks old, when should I get her a flea collar or use a flea treatment? I just think she is the sweetest lil gal I ever had I have always wanted a Siamese cat.. I am soooooo happy I found her on Craigslist. We named her Mary~Jane Hatler :)

  • Yesterday my husband & I took our blue point siamese to our vet as my husband show me that’s something on his neck below his right ear Sunday. The doctor said its a tumor. At first I was afaid it be cancel after the second call to the doctor vet that its not cancel. So Clancy have to taked the medicine for it. My poor sweet Clancy. I hope the tumor will go down until nothing was left of it. I hope he will get better. He is 11 years old. Clancy something go in the parrots room & he never bother them. He was a special cat. He love to put his paws & arm over my shoulder, & do on my right shoulder, later over my left shoulder to love me. I love this special cat. He is the 7th cat we have & the last cat.

  • i just got a siamese kitten. she is only seven weeks old . someone abandoned a litter of four.just took her to the vet she had over a hundred fleas on her little body .an upper respiratory infection and inflamed intestines..just don’t understand what is wrong with people she is very lovable even in her poor condition.. wish me luck I hope she makes it through this mess she is in

  • Hi, Everyone,
    Thank you for this forum, it is so great to hear all your stories.
    Today I am so sad, b/c my 6 mo old half siamese kitty, Lista, ran away – missing since last night (24 hours). She is only part outdoors, (I trained her to go ‘potty’ in the yard from the start and she prefers it).
    I adopted her as a rescue, at 6-weeks old, so this is her first home and she bonded with me so well.

    She is a very loving, playful, healthy cat, her daily routine is ‘kneading’ with the suckling thing she does, usually with my clothes… I heard that is unique to siamese cats. (?)

    Lista is mostly an indoor cat, when I leave the home, she always stays inside. As her daily routine I let her go outside, hunting for bugs after sundown just out in the back yard and returns before bedtime. She is very timid and cautious: at first she would only go out if I went with her.

    This house is in a safe, quiet area with a big fenced back yard facing a small golf course, no traffic, or any other danger… she never goes up by the street.
    I was looking for her all night, but no signs anywhere. My neighbor who has 3 dogs, said, he saw her last night: she got frightened by the dogs, so he put her on the fence but she never came home since.
    She eats a lot, 4-5 times a day, so she should have returned by now.

    What could be the reason she is missing?
    1. She just got spayed 2 weeks ago, maybe she is not happy about it?
    2. Could it be, that she is in heat looking for boys out there?
    3. I do work on the computer a lot, and she could have been getting bored or felt neglected? Talk about revenge!

    I agree with everyone re. how sweet, loving, loyal and guarding siamese cats are. I never had a more intelligent, intuitive cat (and I had a few over the years). She really made me fall in love with her and now she is gone. I am so heart-broken. Is this common with siamese cats? Any advise is gratefully taken. ^.^

  • Hello, I am currently recieving two siamese cats. I have had siamese cats throughout my life, but none of them seem to like me, im thinking that it was because my last one was only when i was eight or so. and i might have pestered it.
    But the problem is, im afraid these cats will not like me, and will instead flock to other members of the family. One will belong to me and i will care for it. it would irritate me if it did not like me even though i cared for it. i love animals.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :-)

  • My husband and I were adopted by our beautiful little Elizabeth Faye (siamese cat) when she was 6 weeks old. When she came to us she had round worms and coccidia. We immediately took her to the vet and got her treated. After 10 days of treatment she was beginning to look a lot healthier and was becoming more active. She naturally loves playing with our hands, feet, noses, pretty much any part of body she can get her little paws on. When she was younger we thought she was biting a lot because she was teething. She is now 6 months old and she still bites constantly. I can’t tell is she is just playing or if she is really trying to do some damage. My husband is gone a lot so he plays really rough with her thinking that if something ever did happen (heaven forbid) that she would be able to protect us long enough for me to be able to take further needed action. Is this normal for her to bite us constantly? She can be very sweet and affectionate as well. My husband and I are planning on having kids sometime late next year to early the next year. I would like to try to get the biting under control before then. I would just hate for her to bite either our kids or a friends and do some damage. Any thoughts or ideas? Preferably soon because she has some super sharp teeth and a strong jaw and i’m not sure how much more my nose can take! :)

    • I am not sure about you. but cats tend to protect young children and babies. Siamese in particular have strange behavior, which is partly what makes them unique. that could explain the biting. i would recommend consulting a professional, but cats have never been known to be vicious to babies. but it cant hurt to always watch a child. you should introduce a strange baby. Of a freind. if it is rough. cut out the rough play. its unneccesary. siamese cats act like gurd dogs by nature anyway. Who knows. the cat might bond to he baby and treat it well. i had a sianese who dipped a toy in water and food as if caring for it.

  • I have a 1 year old bolognese siamese cat. we named her MOCHA she is very adorable, sweet and wants to sleep beside me in my bed. she knows plenty of tricks like when u throw something she will run towards it or jump on it,she also wants to play hide and seek..i am usually the one who will hide and my cat seek for me and touch me then she will run again and look for me and sometimes if she can’t find me as if she is crying with meowss until she sees me..i enjoyed playing with her coz, it seems that she is a human..and if she want to have something and she can’t get or reach it she will look and stare at me and start on saying meoww until u will carry her and bring her near that thing then she will stop… every morning when i wake up she will come to me and kiss me..and everytime our phone rings she will say meow and run towards the phone and touch it..she is fun of playing soccer also.. she is a very cute cat and i love her so much.

  • my siamese cat is name shmath she is very nice and funny she love us she is so brown and pink and that why i love cats

  • I bought my cat at a pet store. He is Siamese with a bit of mix in him. He is a little darker than most Siamese cats. I remember how I got him. I was looking through the pet store, looking at all the animals and I saw all these Siamese kittens. I awwed and instantly had a connection to one of the kittens. I talked to him, telling him that I’m sorry that I can’t buy him because I had no money. I then called my best friend (My room mate at the time) to meet me at the mall by the pet store so we can hang out. When she arrived I showed her the Siamese kittens and strangely enough, she felt a connection with the same kitten that I did! Haha. She then said ‘I’ll buy him for you’. And she did! Haha. I already had a name picked out for him and it was Pooka.

    Pooka is the biggest sweat heart ever. Such a mommas boy. He cuddles me all the time and he actually taught my friend’s black cat how to play fetch! Hahaha, now her cat constantly wants to play fetch. :3 Right now I had Pooka for around 4 years and he has always been quite the suck up and has never shown any aggression to anyone or animal what so ever, well… until now. I live in a apartment and my balcony is attached to my new neighbors one. Pooka does not like that man at all. He will literally sit and stand guard in front of his screen door and growl and hiss and fuss if he gets close. The man is a good guy who owns two cats. He’s an animal lover, but Pooka just doesn’t like him. In fact, he will lightly hiss at me if I go on the balcony to try and get him back inside (I don’t have a screen door), as if he was telling me to get back inside where it is safe. Though, I think he is doing this because the guy smokes pot, and Pooka probably hates the smell. I do too.
    Though, reading everything about Siamese cats and their history, it makes me happy to know that my sweet Pooka loves me so much and is willing to protect me.
    My Knight in furry armor! <3

  • I have 2 female Siamese / tabby mix. We named them Nickel & Copper. They are about 5 months old. Copper has more tabby than Siamese and seems to be putting on weight very well. Nickel however doesn’t seem to be doing this. She is more Siamese than tabby. We feed them grain free food as our last 2 tabbies it was recommended to feed the cats grain free food. I would like to know if this is normal for these type cats. One filling out quite well & the other not. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  • I have had a Siamese cat named Isabelle for three years now and she is by far the best cat I have ever had. She loves being around people and even when someone new comes over she usually ends up in their lap. As for acting like a dog, I don’t know if this is normal but Isabelle will play fetch with us. She has these little toys that she plays with and she’ll bring them to my husband or I to throw for her and she’ll bring them right back and drop them at our feet, she’ll play this game for awhile. She also comes when we call her and sleeps with us at night. Anyway, she is great and we love her to death!!!

  • i luv siamese cats! i have a 1 year old siamese cat named samsoon we raised him since he was 1 week old he looks like an old cat xD he is very loyal to me and my family!
    and we just bought a lil siamese female cat called katie
    she is so wild!!! and she always eats all the food before
    the poor samsoon arrives!

    Siamese cats FOREVER!

  • I am a proud new owner of a female Siamese cat. I am excited to have her since i have always wanted a Siamese cat. I have named her Pixie! I adopted her from a family who had formerly named her Samantha. She currently hides since today is he first day here, but I can’t wait until she warms up to the house so we can have fun. She’s beautiful!!!

  • I have a male Siamese, 1 1/2 years old. He was solid white at birth, then his face, ears, feet and legs turned black, his body darkened, then it lightened again. He is very intelligent, but not very affectionate unless he wants food. He was the loudest kitten I’ve ever heard, but rarely “speaks” now. If he’s being ignored when he wants fed (which is A LOT), he’ll do something he knows will get attention, such as jumping on the kitchen table or tearing into bags, etc. He is quite lazy, and he will slap the other cats if they come near him to let them know that he is the boss! He has been a fun cat to have. I wouldn’t mind having another one.

  • i need help i have 2 siamese cats male and female. one year old both of them. my male went missing two days ago is it normal for cats to dissaper and do they return and how long do they normally take before they return. is it normal do it happes oftrn? i amsick of worry

  • An excellent site but bathing a Siamese? My 19-year old queen Siamese will have none of that, thank you very much, and I have the battle scars to prove it. An additional bonus from the bath wars was her ignoring us (in a way that only a Siamese can do) for the better part of a week.

  • My first Siamese was several years old when I was born, and he was very protective of me. When I was a toddler, he was so patient; he would let me drag him around the house by his tail! The poor guy! When I broke my elbow and had surgery, Py Py took up residence on my lap and refused to move until I was feeling better. He slept with me every night of my childhood! :) Once, when we were out of town, my neighbor’s left the gate open and our puppy got loose. We returned from our trip to find Py Py guarding the dog! LOL! Such a good cat!! :)

    My current baby, Mailo, sleeps under the covers with me and often rests his head on my pillow! We’re very attached. I love ALL cats, and have a tabby to as well, but Siamese stole my heart from the start, and I will always have one around. My husband and I are trying to start a family, and I look forward to Mailo’s reaction. :)

  • I have a siamese cat named Rayna I have always been a cat lover but this cat is the most fun cat I ever had and the only one I ever saw sleep with her toys

  • I was wondering if someone could answer my question. I own a blue point siamese male cat three years old. and when my niece comes over (she is ten years old) every so often he seems to attack her by jumping and biting her. she is the only child in my family and is over all the time. Although at my nieces house they own three cats one being my cats kitten (who he has never met). my cat is fixed now but wondered maybe he did this because of the smell of the other cats. but he doesnt attack my sister or anyone else. my niece is very gentle and doesnt do anything to provoke him. any ideas as to why he does this? other than that he is an overall great cat very loving and gentle with everyone else. i should add my niece has been around him since he was a kitten and this is a recent behaviour from him.

    • When I was a child my cat bonded deeply with my mother and tolerated me. She may have regarded me as competition. But if I played with or petted her son, I had to shower to remove his scent before she wouldn’t bite or attack me. Sour kitty grapes.

      Have you had the three cats for long or is one of them male? Perhaps this cat is taking exception to the scent of the strange cats on your niece.

  • I have a siamese cat and believe it or not she does this thing where its lke shes trying to talk its so adorable and its in different pitched short mewos. why?

    • My first seal point female Samantha was given to me when she was 6 months old. She was very sweet and bonded to me, but being a newlywed and schoolteacher, I was very busy and didn’t pay close enough attention to her. After my two children were born, she was very jealous of the attention they got. She passed away at 11years, and maybe of a broken heart.
      I got another seal point when i was 58, Sabrina, and I now recognize what I missed with Samantha. These Siamese cats want attention! They are smart, loyal, protective, and territorial. They listen and learn and try their best to communicate their needs and desires. Spending all my time with her these last 9 years, I’ve learned to discern her various vocals, and she mine! So if you pay close attention to her, you may be surprised to learn what her meows are trying to convey! They are creatures of habit too…and like consistency. We humans learn to adapt to their wishes! Good luck…and don’t miss the strong and loving bond you could have with your new baby!

  • I volunteer at the local shelter (PALS People Assisting Lodi Shelter) and we have had a lot of Siameses in the last month. Right now we have two siamese kittens, one is a snowshoe (adorable!) I can’t believe she/he-not sure, isn’t adopted yet!! The other one I am not quite sure, I think it is a mix, but it is a toffee color with longer hair. We also just rescued a siamese cat with a ruptured eye, fixed now, is the sweetest lap lover cat ever!!!!!

  • just got one seal point siamese cat traditional. i had an Russian angora white male. veery playful and loving. looking forward for same with this one

  • I had to laugh at the recommendation in the article that a Siamese be bathed weekly. I have had Siamese all my life and bred them for many years-never have I had to bathe a Siamese. They are meticulous with their coat! Also, that is how you can tell when they do not feel good. It will be the only time their coat does not look perfect. I have two two year olds, Sushi and Sabi, and they spend inordinate amounts of time cleaning each other when not cleaning themselves.

  • Isis is an 11 year old seal point siamese cat who has never had a human bath but bathes everyday and has the most beautiful coat I have seen in a Siamese.
    She too, has a guard cat mentality that unfortunately does not endear her to welcome guests. As soon as the guests leave, she runs around playfully, obviously giddy that “home invaders” are gone.
    She loves to be chased. To start the process, my siamese cat either waits for me to walk past and playfully jump up and grabs my fingers, or waits for me to look at her, arches her back, and then takes off running. She will repeat this process until she gets tired and then drops at my feet and waits to be petted.
    I am amazed at her personality and believe that my siamese cat possesses all the good attributes of a dog while keeping the grooming/bathroom attributes of a cat.

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