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  • I was in the 6th grade in 2010, and my neighbors had these two kittens, a boy and a girl, I took the girl (Boo) At the time we had two dogs and 4 cats. I remember after she grew up and I didn’t like her much. She was wild and kind of mean, she got along with this stray cat we took in but that was about it. Over time she stopped playing with the stray and she would disappear for days. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months until eventually she stopped coming along. I remember being very upset that she would get herself into trouble and play in the road and end up getting killed, I remember how skinny she was even though she always had food at hand. In 2013 my parents split up, not too long after one of my other cats got pregnant ( my mother was the one who used to take care of getting the animals fixed ) at one point we had three dogs and six cats at my dads house. And I hadn’t seen the cat (Boo) in over a year and she showed up on our porch in the winter, I kept her in my room for the winter, and once the show was gone she left. The next year she came back around the same time and left again in the spring. Two years passed and she didn’t come around. In September of 2016, I was starting my senior year of highschool. At this point my dad only had one dog, ( the other was put down in my junior year, she was my childhood dog, and the third dog was my dads ex girlfriends Boston terrier) so the only dog left was our husky we got in 2010, she was a puppy when boo was a kitten, they didn’t like each other then. My dad gave away all of our cats, mainly because of his ex girlfriend at the time. So our house was as empty as it had ever been. After my childhood dog died, and my favorite cat (one of the kittens of my pregnant cat) died from playing in the road, I decided to get a lab, who lived at my moms house mostly. In the winter of 2016, my boyfriend drove me home from school and I found boo on my porch again waiting to be let inside. Again I kept her in my room for awhile until she got comfortable to venture out. She was twice her size, clearly she was well during her time in the wild. She surprisingly became quite close with my husky. They were together as babies but they didn’t get along, but now that my husky was grown and calm boo liked her a lot. It took awhile for boo to get used to my lab as well, he is still a puppy, he just turned two yesterday, he’s still a baby. But they get along well now. Boo has been at my dads for over a year and seems to be very happy. It is possible she didn’t like how many animals we had throughout the years and that’s why she took off like she did, and now that there is just two dogs she really enjoys herself. She definitely is an odd cat, not a lap cat at all, but she’s funny and different and I really like that about her. It is 2017 and she is still around, and I really hope she stays.

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