Funny Cat Videos

Videos of Funny Cats

catdolphinCat and Dolphin

Cat on boat plays with dolphins





Mom Cat Hugs Her Baby Kitten

Cutest video ever






Cutest Dreaming Kitty

Funny video of dreaming kitty






Fat Cat in Pot :)








Cute Persian with Strong Watermelon Addiction

Don’t show a watermelon to this cat!







Funny Kitty’s Feeding

Attempt to feed the kitty…








The Two Talking Cats

Cute conversation between two kitties







The Laziest Cat Fight Ever!

The laziest cat in the box trying to fight







Stalking Cat ^_^

Funny cat video of cat-hunter







Stalking Cat – 2







Japanese Cat Maru and Many Too Small Boxes

Japanese cat is trying to sit in many small boxes






Funny Cats in Water

Very Funny Videos of cats in water.







Cats Playing Patty-cake

Funny video of playing cats






Epic Cat Fight (Cat’s Horror)

One Cat vs Black Cat and two ravens. Horror video!!!







The OMG Cat or WTF Cat

OMG!!!! WTF!!!! Funny Cat Video ^_^





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Funny Cats

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