Cat’s Stories (Part 10)

Your cat's story


Meow! ;)

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Story #28

  • From: Ann
  • Cat Breed: siamese\mix
  • Story: my cats name Misty and she is very protective,she has growled at the meter reader man or anyone who may come close to me while traveling with her

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Story #29

  • From: iffah aina
  • Cat Breed: not sure
  • Story: i don’t know her breed. i found her behind my backyard and she was just a few weeks old when she was thrown away by someone. so i took care of her,she is now very healthy.
    she has a thick coat of fur and her fur is very shinny!! she has been behaving so well but now she is beginning to show her bad bahaviour and now i have to clean after her everyday… why does this happen??

* * * * * * * * *

Story #30

  • From: Rachel
  • Cat Breed: American Short hair cat
  • Story: My mother taught my cat how to use the bathroom using the toilet, so proud of Piolxe! he’s a good cat! he pees in the toilet all the time, never on the floor! (: i pet him so much! <3

* * * * * * * * *

Story #31

  • From: Joey Boyz
  • Cat Breed: Full siamese cat
  • Story: Well my Lil’Boy is called “luckie Boy” and he cries alot when he’s not the BOSS of the house, I have two others breeds as will, But they don’t like him at times cuz he always wants to fifht them or eat-up all the can, or dry cat food…
    So don’t know whats-up with my Boy Cat…



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