Cat’s Stories (Part 12)

Meow! ;)

Story #33

  • From: Madison Wilson
  • Cat Breed: American Short-Hair
  • Story:  My mom in the middle of the night was going to the bathroom and wasn’t really paying attention to what was around her, right before she sat down, she heard a splash. She got up and looked in the toilet and our cat Twinkles who was only a few months old at the time was staring up at her with scared, sad, bright green eyes. Twinkles had fallen into the toilet and his fluffy white fur was soaking wet, all she could do was laugh!

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Story #34

  • From: Rachael
  • Cat Breed: 2 Seal point Siamese, one angular face, one apple face.
  • Story:  I read one story here about a Siamese cat being like a guard dog so I will tell a story. I have worked with special need people for many years. One of the clients had Dementia and was 78 yrs. old. I had to move in once she had hit the last 2 stages. It was heart breaking. She had 2 cats that had been pass around the Family and then back to her live in situation.This was a shared living place and my mother and I were taking of her. I had to move myself and my cats in. One female V shaped head and one male with an apple head.They are both Seal point( light(Chocolate) , the male is dark. They are 13 yrs.old and are the loves of my life. When things got worse with the client and she would lay down for a nap or for bed ,they would sit like sentinels. They would guard her one at each end or either side. The thing is that up to the very end they were there. Now in the past the would fight because after a couple of litters they go a divorce and fight all the time. LOL. (Laugh out loud). They sleep on either side of me and when I am hurt or sick they come right to me. I have another story but that will be for another day. ps.. My cats talk with different calls for different needs. They are truly the Dog/ of cats if that makes sense. They are just smarter and more verbal than any other breed. This does not mean every cat ever.

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Story #35

  • From: kayleigh2011
  • Cat Breed:
  • Pics:

Story #36

  • From: Ashley Archuleta
  • Cat Breed:
  • Story: My cats name is Stinky.When he was little he stepped on his poop alot. Stinky loves to stare at the fish tank, that’s his tv.

One Response to Cat’s Stories (Part 12)

  • Our cat saffy keeps standing on the u bend but she hasn’t falle it yet. Sadly we dont have any faith in her and we thing she might fall in! (did your at fall in os ur mam sat on her?)

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