Ancient and Magnificent – The Somali Cat Breed

Ancient Origins of the Somali Breed

The Somali cat breed is the long-haired version of the Abyssinian cat, one of the world’s oldest cat breeds. The history of the Somali breed stems from several Abyssinian cats being shipped across the globe from Egypt and into the West. Somali’s were initially shipped to New Zealand, Australia, and more in the 1940s. By 1963, a Canadian woman by the name of Mary Mailing bred several Abyssinian cats, which produced a long-haired version. Judges at a local cat show liked this new cat breed and quickly bred their own cats with it. Thus, creating the new Somali cat breed.

Somali Cat Breed Variations

The Somali cat breed has up-to 28 different colors, which some would say count as variations. However, the cat community does generally agree there are at least seven variations. From the Ruddy Somali female who offers a long majestic coat to the Lilac Somali that resembles a fox, the Somali cat breed is quite expansive in its variations.

Physical Appearance

Most commonly described as a long-haired cat breed with African origins. The Somali breed comprises a recessive gene from the Abyssinian cat breed, which was prevalent throughout Egypt. The Somali breed, therefore, stems mainly from Somali.

Somali cats are also generally a medium build, quite firm in appearance and toned in muscle mass. Although some variations have longer hair than others, the Somali cat is a generally well-built cat capable of athleticism. This likely stems from the origins in which these cats needed to be well adapted for hunting game and surviving with little human intervention. Somali cats also generally have almond-shaped eyes with ears that are set wide apart. With long legs and toned muscles, the fur of this cat breed is very dense and soft. Interestingly, the Somali breed also generally has up to 6 shades of colors per strand of hair and appears as a brown or “sand-like” color.

Personality and Habits of Somali Cats

Somali cats are very active and fit cats who love to play all day long. Along with the high energy and desire to play, Somali cats are also very pro-social. This means the Somali breed loves to interact with other cats, humans, and potentially other species of house pets. Along with the agility and desire to be around others, Somali cats are also highly intelligent. This is likely why Somali cats seek out social interactions so often. That being said, if you get a Somali cat, you’ll likely need to get them a companion and numerous toys to play with throughout the day. Otherwise, your Somali cat could get bored and depressed.

Lifespan and Health

With a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years, the Somali cat is generally healthy breed all-around. In fact, the Somali breed has no known major health issues besides complications related to nearly every cat breed on earth. That mostly includes tooth issues.

Ancient and Magnificent

This breed originates from ancient loins and, therefore, has been found to be mummified along with ancient Egyptian remains. Interestingly Somali breed also has the ability to hold objects in their paws. Although most cats knock over things and open things, this breed can take this a step further. By literally holding objects, a Somali is capable of picking things up. So watch out, Somali cats can be quite sneaky!




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