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The History Of The Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat is a Russian cat that originated in Russia. The cat adapted to living in cities and urban areas when people migrated to the cities. The Siberian is Russia’s national cat. The Siberians first arrived in 1990 to the United States. In cities where the Siberian cat is found, it’s possible to mix with other feral cats. The Siberian has been accepted by the Feline registries.

Siberian Cats Profile

The Siberian cat is an agile jumper, and is very strongly built, big and powerful. It has rounded paws which are large and strong hindquarters. The Siberian cat has ears of medium size, barrel chest, broad foreheads and are built stockier which differentiates them from the Maine Coon and the Forrest cart breeds. It weighs between eleven to fifteen pounds in males and in female cats the weight is 9 to 12 pounds. Its main characteristics are being barrel chested and heavy boned cats. The Siberian cat takes as much as five years to become a full grown mature cat.

Attributes Of Siberian Cat Breed

Siberian Cat

Siberian cats possesses dog like devotion attributes such as being loyal, affectionate, playful and intelligent. It is called a gentle giant and enjoys the company of other pets and people. Siberians love to purr, they are quiet and mellow and extremely personable in nature. They are energetic and athletic creatures and very gentle around children.

Three Types Of Fur Of Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat has three types of fur known as guard hairs, awe hairs and down. Since it was initially a Russian cat these hairs provided protection during cold times while having a coat easy to care for. The fur is glossy and textured and matting of fur is rare. The Siberian too is of many colors such as Tabby, colorpoint and tortoiseshell. Their fur coat is not made up of unusual colorations and patters. Siberians of color point are known as Neva-Masquerade. Neva means the river which they originated from, and masquerade is for the mask.

Is The Siberian Cat Hypoallergenic?

The Siberian is reputed to be hypoallergenic, but unproven and it has been commented on for at least ten years. Scientific evidence is little in this regard, and female felines tend to affect allergy sufferers. Siberian cats tend to reproduce in as young as five months. Feral cats tend to die young. A Siberian cat litter includes between 5 and 6 kittens in comparison to a litter of three kittens on average. The Siberian cat father assists with kitten care as it is commonly known and makes excellent parents.Siberian Cat

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