Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold cat breed is truly of royalty. This sweet-tempered, short haired breed has an unusual trait for which it gets its name: their adorable, folded ears. This breed’s small ears fold forward or downward, sometimes giving the appearance of not having any ears at all. This trait is traced back to a barn cat in Scotland that carried the mutated gene, thus becoming the basis for the breed. Unfortunately, while the trait is adorable, the gene is also associated with a rather painful skeletal disorder. This breed is a favorite for many, as they are sociable yet not demanding.

History Of Scottish Fold Cats

All Scottish Fold cats can trace their ancestry back to the original Scottish Fold called Susie, who was found on a farm in 1961. She gave birth to two kittens that also had the characteristic folded ears. One of them was bred to then found the line of the existing breed. The characteristic folded ears are a result of a dominant gene. The Scottish Fold cat is also known as the Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair and Coupari.

Types Of Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Scottish Fold cats can give birth to both kittens with folded ears and with straight ears, forming two separate type, although the ones with straight ears cannot be considered Folds.

Physical Attributes of Scottish Fold Cats

scottish fold cat

scottish fold kitten

The most obvious characteristic of the Scottish Fold Cat is the folded ears. All cats are born with straight ears, but those with fold in their dominant gene will start showing the fold in 21 days. The Scottish Fold cats are medium sized cats. Their bodies, heads, face as well as eyes are rounded. They have medium to short legs. They can be longhaired or shorthaired and can have many different colors and combination of colors.

They typically weigh up to 11 pounds and grow up to 30 inches long. They have a soft, short coat, with a long-haired variant being much less common. Their coat colors typically come in brown, gray, black, red, cream, and white. These adorable love-bugs also have stunning eyes, usually of green, blue-green, and gold. Though they may have skeletal issues, it doesn’t necessarily affect their lifespan, which is up to 14 years!

Personality of Scottish Fold Cats

The Scottish Fold cats are sweet natured and placid and can easily adapt to people as well as other domestic animals. They are very affectionate, intelligent and playful as well as loyal.

They are known for sleeping on their back, in what is dubbed as the ‘Buddha position’.

Caring of Scottish Folds

The Scottish Fold cats do not need any specific grooming apart from regular brushing. However, it should be noted that they are prone to Polycystic Kidney Disease, Cardiomyopathy and Osteochondrodysplasia.

Sadly, they aren’t hypoallergenic, so those with allergies may wish to consider another cat breed, such as the Lykoi breed. Overall, the Scottish Fold breed is a great choice for those searching for a loving, affordable, and intelligent new family member, just don’t expect them to listen, but then again, what cat does? This breed can be found through trusted breeders, though it’s recommended you check your local shelter first.

12 Responses to Scottish Fold Cat

  • my kitty just passed i wondr if they have these at pound????????……….!!!!! ;) please reply. keep in mind im 11!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Most cat breeds are prone to those same diseases… especially kidney disfunction. Don’t let that deter you from this breed.

  • I had a beautiful Scottish Fold for 18 1/2 years. He was the most loyal, trusting and wonderful cat I have ever known. He was an angel kitty and I miss him terribly. Nutmeg 04/93 – 10/10/11

  • We have a 6 month old scottish fold kitten. He is so cute, and yes he follows us all over the house and likes to lean on our feet when we’re in the kitchen. He is so snoopy and wants to get into everything, including the garbage. He is an absolute doll to have. He also gets along very well our other 3 cats. We love him and his habbits. This is my first scottish fold and we love having a lap kitty again. Our other 3 dont sit on us much. My only concern is , he loves to bite, and I am having a problem getting him to stop. HELP!!!!!!

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