Cat’s Stories (Part 8)

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Story #21

  • From: Karen Sands
  • Cat Breed: Siamese
  • Story: Caura was bought from a breeder, however we realised a couple of weeks after buying her that she was blind. We couldn’t part with her and she is now a big part of our family. She has 2 habits which I find quite diturbing. The first one is – she carries one particular toy about in her mouth and cries. It is sooo disturbing! I am not sure if she thinks that her toy is a kill or a baby. I try to soothe her when she does this but it makes no difference. Her other “bad habit” is that she constantly tries to bite our doberman bitch on the back legs. She also does a flying squirrel act when she leaps out, flies through the air and tries to hook the dog with her claws. Again we have tried giving her into bother for this but she seems to enjoy being told off. Any tips? Is this normal behaviour?

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Story #22

  • From: mjing
  • Cat Breed: siamese
  • Story: i love so much this cat…it was a gift from a friend that i never knew who will be my boyfriend. my boyfriend gave me this cute feline last nov 2006 by then she was just 2 1/2 months. so white and cute. as she grows with, we made a lot of memories…every time i am happy i talk to her and even my sad stories,i wonder if she could understand me yet she listen..the best thing she made fun for us is when every time she hears repeated word or line she can copy it in her meow…she could make sounds of “mama”-eow…will u pls help me what breed is best for her now that she is turning 5 years old. i want her to be come a mommy fanzien.

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Story #23

  • From: Amanda
  • Cat Breed: siamese
  • Story: We didnt really want a cat but when Pearl our now siamese adopted our backyard we just couldnt resist she was timid at first but when she got used to us she was so friendly and loving. She was a stray as a baby because when she found us she was still pretty young but she seemed to like being outside so shes mostly an outside cat still. At night though se comes and cuddles with us and she has become the perfect fit for our family :-)

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