The Lovable American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair CatAmerican Shorthair. Origins

The American Shorthair cat originated in the United States, and is one of the oldest cat breeds in North America. This breed of cat comes in up to eighty different colors, and has several varying color patterns as well. The most common type of American Shorthair cat is the Silver Tabby, and it is also the most popular color of this type of cat. American Shorthair cats tend to be self sufficient and easy going and are therefore wonderful to have as pets.

Body Structure of the American Shorthair Cat

These are Cats built on large strong muscular lines with thick hard fur.  Their faces are full cheeked with round eyes that are sometimes tilted. Another characteristic that the American Shorthair cats have are large heads that are longer than they are wide. They have slightly concave noses and their ears are round-tipped. These cats have legs that are muscular and of medium length. They tend to weigh between eight and fifteen pounds.

Great Friendly Lovable Pets

These cats make great pets. They are very affection and have a very calm disposition. They are low maintenance cats and do not need a lot of special care or frequent visits to the cat groomers. Their call is usually quite soft and low.

American Shorthair cats enjoy company and prefer not to be left alone. You will find that most owners have one or more other cats as company for their American Shorthair cat.

They are very friendly and playful, and get along well with other pets and children. Homes with lots of people or many kids are an ideal environment for these cats. They remain playful all their lives. They can be trained because they are very intelligent and clever. These great qualities make them the most popular pets in North America.

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32 Responses to The Lovable American Shorthair Cat

  • I just wanted to say how I liked this! I was cruising on Bing when I found your blog. After looking around on this site I’ve come up with some ideas for my site. I just thought I’d let you in on it

  • Today me and my friend just found a american shorthair cat that didnt have any food. When we touched its stomach we could feel that it was barly breathing and we could feel its rib cage. What should we do?????

        • I think a vet would be very nice because these cats are fragile.For instance,my American Shorthair had his tail shaved down to the bone by my other cats and dogs it’s on the brig to falling off so ALWAYS have a few vet names in case one isn’t in town and the cat is injured.

    • if the cat was barely breathing and you could feel its rib cage then you should take it with you and give it the proper care it deserves. You must feed it well and make sure you give it water too. Also what you should do is take it to a vet if it is very ill it may have to be put down i dont like to say it but it might be the only way if you cant take well enough care of it.

  • I do not know if I have a American Wirehair or a have a american Shorthair car, but my question is do both of these types of breeds meow a lot.

  • This is a great website. I love animals in general, although I tend to favor cats over dogs. These American Shorthair’s are my favorite type of small cats. I love tigers and the other big wild cats.

  • i’m not allowed to have a pet. but for sure this type will be mine soon. so cute ever ! certainly i would like to call him jedediah.

  • My cat had babie’s and she’s a american short tail. she had 2 and they both died when i found them they were cold, she seem’s sad now :( but anyway she had her babies both in different spots is that normal and how many babies do they have

  • My cats are very picky at times and their sisters so they FIGHT A LOT!!! They’re names are Bigou (frence for GEM!) and Brenna. Bigou (gem!!!) is Calico and Brenna is white with black spots (she’s a cat, NOT A DOG!!! Note that in your MIND!!!). Bigou is the hot spot. Brenna is the Chicken cat. They are kind(NOT!!!) and generous (HARDLY!!!). They LOVE to play more than anything!!! They LOVE food ( Well, Brenna, that is). Give them anything but chocolate!!!

  • Wow … the American Shorthair cat comes in eighty different colors.

    The one in the pic is a beauty. Love the muscular tail.

  • We have an american shorthair cat we call pebbles.. she is an exceptional lap cat but never really has been interested in playing with anything.. We like to call her our lazy lap lander. :)

  • I have a large light grey American Shorthair named Leo. He is gorgeous and very funny!
    I picked him up at the Shelter for $10. Great kitties don’t always need to be kittens! Large cats need homes too!
    Do yourself a favor and give a full grown shelter kitty a home…it will be a kind and wonderful thing!

  • I found a med hair American cat on a hwy. She was about 3 to 4 weeks old. She is grown now and will not show herself to strangers who come into the house. Very picky eater. No fish, or seafood. Loves dry food but not can. Very loving towards me. But she has extra skin from her hind legs towards the front of her body. Two people said she had a breed in her that certain cats have this extra skin so they can jump further than any other cat. HAS ANYONE HEARD or know of such?

  • my american short haired tabby died this year he was about 9 years of age he was indeed the best cat ever my cat had the a flat mussel and the craziest personality, when we got the cat he was afraid of every body cause the people that had him before me abused him but when he came to are house he learned that he could still trust some people after he learned how to trust he loved every body that he met ny cat was spoiled rotten i miss him so much no cat can measure up to merlin (my cat)

  • We adopted Biscuit for $80, from a humain society at the Pet Smart. The previous owner classified Biscuit as a domestic short hair cat, adding its mom is known but, not dad. Biscuit has face like american short hair cat but its tai is sharpened, or edged away in the end, not sturdy ooking like the picture shown on this website. Biscuit has a long body, athletic, very playful, very picky with food and litter. It’s been four months since he was adopted, we haven’t been successful to introduce different brand food(Pro Plan, chicken and rice ony) or pine litter. Anyone has been successful to change its food or the type of litter?

  • Physical Characteristics: Medium-sized with long, tapered legs, the Siamese cat can be described as graceful; coat can come in seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate with points around the face, ears, paws, and tail

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