The Donskoy Cat (Don Sphynx) One Of The Most Unique

History of the Donskoy Cat

don-sphynxThe first Donskoy cat or more popularly known as the Don Sphynx was found in Russia in the late 1980’s for the first time. It was discovered being abused by children using it as a soccer ball by Elena Kovaleva. She was a professor at the time and ended up adopting the kitten out of the precarious situation. The cat lost all of her hair and later gave birth to kittens. The kittens born were both haired and hairless. After more people abandoned the hairless kittens a cat breeder named Irina Nemikina got involved.

This courageous woman decided to work to start a new breed of Russian Donskoy cat which was completely hairless. She gave this breed the name Don Sphynx. It was named after a waterway where the original kitten was found in Russia. The hairless trait is caused by a dominant gene which occurs regularly in a litter. They also all become hairless by around three years old.

Appearance and characteristics of the Donskoy cat

The Donskoy cats look like you would imagine a naked cat to look. Their skin is wrinkled and their eyes pierce through to your soul with love. They have an old world appearance and might even remind you of little elderly creatures, but don’t let that fool you because they are not. Many people equate their tails to the look of rats and their plump little bellies to that of baby pigs. They also have uniquely duck like webbed paws that they can use to manipulate things. These adorable fellows really do have a look that is all their own, except the Sphynx who they are not actually related to at all. The Don Sphynx is one beloved breed.

Different types of the Don Sphynx

Many assume that there is only one kind of this breed, but there are actually three types of different hair patterns. They all will become bald at one time or another, but the suede is considered completely nude from birth on. Next, is the brush texture which is similar to a wire hair brush. Lastly, there are kittens that are born with what many consider to be Velour texture a very soft texture. Their, skin in general, is very soft to touch. They come in every color pattern imaginable.

Personalities aplenty for the Donskoy cat

While the nakedness of this cat may make them seem cold and boring they are anything but that. They are warm and friendly; energetic and people loving; intelligent and content with their lives. Don Sphynx cats are actually considered to be the dog of all cats because they are very helpful to humans. They love to stand out. These cats get along with everyone that they know as long as they come first. Don Sphynx Cats can’t be manhandled too much by those that do not know how to do it appropriately because they have no fur to protect them. This means children must be observed at all times around the Don Sphynx.

Special tips for future Don Sphynx owners

The Don Sphynx Cat is a rare breed and can often be difficult to find, but a good search will locate one. Because they have skin and not fur it is very important to make sure that they are bathed on a regular basis. If they are not their skin can become susceptible from too much oil. Don Sphynx Cats are considered to require regular maintenance. They often start out with a curl of hair on top of their head and they will eventually lose it. These cats are known to be extremely devilish and you need to get on them right away for bad habits. Overall Don Sphynx cats are fantastic, fun and friendly companion cats well worth checking out. Just make sure you are ready to put effort into your new Don Sphynx Cat as with any new pet. They are becoming unique members of your family to be cherished.

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