The Complete Origins and History of the American Longhair Cat

The American longhair is often confused with its cousin the domestic long-haired, but they are different. An American longhair is a purebred while a domestic long-haired is a breed-less cat as they can be found in any breed as long as their fur is long. The American longhair was created by mixing some of the American shorthair ancestor cats and a Persian Cat Breed.

Their bloodline has to be traced back to American shorthairs and Persians to be a true American longhair, otherwise, it will be a domestic long-haired. They were trying to get the wide selection of colors that can be found in a Persian but with the hair and build of an American shorthair. Instead, they ended up with the American longhair that can be found in a wide range of colors that has as the name implies longhair.

What is the Appearance of an American Longhair Cat?

An American longhair cat has an average lifespan of between 12 and 16 years if they are healthy and kept taken care of properly. The average weight of an American longhair is around 12 pounds, and they tend to be about 11 inches in height. The head of an American longhair cat should be rather large in size, round, and broad.

The face should have a dished or concave look to it, and the muzzle should be more square in shape. The ears are not overly large and perfectly proportioned to the rest of the body. They are shaped with a broad base and has a rounded tip. The ears have a slight feathered look on the end that helps make them more desirable.

The eyes are large in size and rounded in shape. They should be bright and clear in color, and they can come in any color. It is rare to find them with odd colored eyes, but it is acceptable as long as the cat is not also deaf. This breed is a medium to large-sized breed that tends to be longer then it is tall. The body should have a well-formed chest and a broad shape overall.

It is common for there to be a pad of fat on the chest of an American longhair. The neck of the American longhair cat should be short, and the legs are medium to large in length. There should be 5 round toes in the front with 4 round roses in the back. The tail will be plume-like and medium in length.

This breed of cat can be found in a wide range of coloring, but the gray tabby coloring is the most found coloring. They can be white, blue, black, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, cream, red, different shades of tabby, different shades of torbie, different shades of tortoiseshell, different shades of chinchilla, different shades of smoke, and so many other coloring options.
The Independent Personality of the American Longhair

The personality of an American longhair is very mellow, and they tend to be very independent breed. They are the perfect pick for both a busy household and a quiet one. They do not require someone who can give them a lot of attention, but they do often require their fur to be brushed at least once to twice a week.

Interesting Facts on the American Longhair Cat

Great friend for dogs and horses

They are a great breed for someone who has other animals to contend with. An example of this is that they love to be around horses, cows, and goats, but they also perfectly find being around dogs. It is even common to find an American longhair cuddling with your dog if it is a smaller breed.

The Cat with Extra Toes

It will sound very odd, but an American longhair might be born with extra toes.

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