About the Russian Blue Cat

Why Is The Russian Blue Cat Associated With Royalty?

The Russian Blue cat has, for a long time, been associated with royalty because of its regal and elegant stance. These cats have a very demure personality and are reserved, portraying themselves on a pedestal.

The Russian Blue cat breed originated in the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia (translated from Russian, the port of the Archangel). As a result it is also known as an Archangel cat, along with Foreign Blue, Spanish Blue, Russian Shorthair and Maltese cat breed.

What Is Special About Russian Blue Cats?

The most special trademark of these breed of cats is emerald green eyes. This is a fairly new color for Russian Blue cat eyes, which are usually yellow. These cats have very dense fur coats that are very soft and double layered. The undercoat is extremely thick and comes in solid colors of black, white and blue.

The Russian Blue is an iconic breed due to the coloration and density of its coat. The distinct coloration of this breed’s fur comes from dilution of the black-fur gene. Since diluted genes are recessive and each parent will have two sets, non-CPC Russian Blues will always produce blue kittens.

russian blue

Physical Attributes Of The Russian Blue Cat

Although Russian Blue breed of cats have a muscular body, they are not heavy. Russian blue cats have almond-shaped eyes that are widely spaced, and their ears are pointed. Their silhouette is slender and graceful. They tend to weigh anywhere between seven and twelve pounds, and have a lifespan of around thirteen to fifteen years.

Russian Blue Cats As Pets

Russian Blue cats make great indoor pets because they are the least destructive of all cats. They tend to be very cautious when it comes to new things, so be wary of changing its environment and introducing it to strangers. Regular brushing of their coats is needed for them to remain lustrous and healthy. Apart from that, they are easy to care for.

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