Cat’s Stories (Part 1)

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Story #1

  • Cat Breed: TABBY

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Story #2

  • From: Stephanie Nash
  • Cat Breed:
  • Story: We work with a cat recovery group and had received to siamese. the first we worked with and adopted out, unfortunately the adopters never put the final work in and although it slept with me before it left the new people cannot pick it up. the second was adopted to another couple that claimed they would work withe the other one. Four months later they thought it was gone but found it in there house and brought it to us. in a cage. He was not about 5 months old and still ferrel. He only left the cage to go the kitty litter in his room and back in the cage, we brought him out in the cage every night to watch tv with us a talked to him, gave him treats. My husband bought a chinese back scratcher to try and pet him and he began to purr, he was now five months old and had been pet, with a scratcher for the first time. Then one day in his room he didn’t get back in the cage so we spend time with the back scratcher, toys, treats and a scratching post to work toward touching him. Now he is out and about the house, loves to be picked up, a little developmentally delayed from being in the cage but the best friendliest cat ever. He can not go outside, he escaped once and it took a week to trap him. He never was able to form proper cat skills in the first home and then the cage. he is the friendlies bestcat ever now. never give up, love, and perseviourense are key. If you need advise in gaining trust call me anytime.

8 Responses to Cat’s Stories (Part 1)

  • Such a great story we need more compassionate people in the world! Such cruelty out there towards helpless animals.

    • i love you! you are such a nice person!!! i love animals and i love people who care for them and are so kind!

  • We have been told by the vet that the cat we have adopted is a Turkish Angora and he is identical to the picture on the net but it seems that something is not right with this cat as he is not at all friendly very skittish runs away from everyone including us seems to be always hiding and quite fussy about food he loves chicken and we give him that often but we are not sure how good that is for him.
    He is an extremely naughty cat seems to love getting into cupboards if open and tries to escape if he gets a chance we don’t know how to get him to be friendly we really love this cat any help greatly appreciated

    • Chicken is allright, all it is is proteins. However, the important thing is not to salt it at all- not with chicken or any other type of foods!!!

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