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Story #6

  • From: Judy
  • Cat Breed: Maine Coon
  • Story: Our lovely Maine Coon came to us from the animal shelter about 3 years ago. She was 5 yrs then. She is amazing! She will ‘give us a paw’ when she wants a treat! When they say Maine Coons are the ‘dog’ of the cat species, I think they are right on. She rarely leaves my side except at meal times (or when I go to work) and she says YOW! when she finishes eating, is she saying thanks?!! Love our Elizabeth to bits.

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Story #7

  • From: Nicholas Broome
  • Cat Breed: domestic short haired
  • Story: I got a cat and her 3 kittens from a rescue centre we do not know who owned the mother before but we know she had to live in the Ewell Epsom area if anyone knows a black and white cat who lived around Epsom and Ewell that also had another litter please let me know.
    thank you bye

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Story #8

  • From: jill avidon
  • Cat Breed: himalayan
  • Story: I love my Himalayan..! He’s so cute and his favorite thing to do is box.. he’s a super champ when it comes to boxing and boy does he love to show off!!!

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