Why the Aegean Cat Breed is a Greek Treasure

There are cat-lovers, and then there are Aegean cat-lovers. What’s the difference, might you ask? The Aegean cat is considered a gem in Europe, more specifically, Greece, and is welcomed and fed everywhere they go. There are many breeds of feline, but the Aegean cat breed is multifaceted and has become a staple both in Greece and Turkey. Even though this cat has been around for centuries, and is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds in the world, it’s only about three decades ago that people began investigating them.

Their origination

Aegean cats are a locally adapted breed found in the Cycladic Islands area of Greece. This cat is unique because it is not genetically modified or has any physical interference from humans. Rookie breeders started the advancement of the Aegean cat as an accepted species in the Greek feline organization. However, the cat is still not recognized by any primary fancier or other large breeder groups despite its popularity and adaptability. The Aegean is said to be the only cat originating in Greece.

Natives named the well-loved felines after the Aegean Sea, which lies between Greece and Turkey. It is quite befitting as both countries cherish the cat, which is found naturally in both territories. It may have taken long to breed the domesticated cats, but now, the Aegean cat breed is to Greece what pigeons are to Paris. Fortunately, though, you can feed the cats, and they revel in it.

Aegean Attributes

Compared to most cats, enthusiasts could describe the Aegean breed as being a moderate size. They are quite robust and have tri-shade, partially long hair, which wide-ranging. The primary color, though, is always white. A unique feature is also varying patterns. No two Aegean cats ever seem the same. As for their paws, they have a round shape and are a standard size. A main identifying feature is their long hook-shaped tail while their ears are curved at the top but broad at the bottom. The cat’s ear is also concealed by hair. As for their eyes, The eyes come in three shades, yellow, green, and blue, and are wedge-shaped.

Passion for Water and Other Interesting Facts

The Aegean cat breed is known for their passion for water and enjoy fishing. This is contrary to what is usually known about cats despising water. Their love for water could be attributed to their natural development, instead of human intervention. Aegean cats are known not to be susceptible to diseases that most feline breeds are, making people want to warm up to them even more.

In The Wild

History has it that the Aegean cat breed is among the oldest tamed feline breeds in the world. They are popular as outdoor cats in Turkey and Greece, where they roam freely, especially near waterways. Visit any harbor, and they are guaranteed to be seen in abundance. They are usually waiting for food, and the fishermen, residents, and tourists alike; enjoy feeding the Aegean cat. It’s truly a beauty to behold, especially with all the colors and patterns on display.

How Are They As Pets?

It would have been shocking to hear that the Aegean cat breed is not a common household pet. People are so drawn to them on the outdoors. Therefore many would imagine that the Aegean cat would make excellent pets. The domesticated cat has adapted to human interaction both indoors and outdoors. They are great entertainers and will be comfortable in a single-family home setting or an apartment. It’s essential to create a high place for them or have a tree nearby because when it comes to sleep time, these climbers still like their independence. Overall, the Aegean cat breed is vibrant, intelligent, and makes the perfect pet.


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