Cat’s Stories (Part 9)

Your cat's story

Meow! ;)

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Story #24

  • From: robert
  • Cat Breed: unknown
  • Story: I found my female cat outside, I felt bad n took her in shes declawed n fixed so he basicly waz dropped off..i know nothing about cats but shes a good cat trained n all…lucky me.
    I waz wondering what breed she may be.
    shes slender and pretty tall. orange with barely any surry for the lack of info like I said I never owend a cat…lol just thought she waz pretty n my son loves her. soo if sumone would email me and help me out. I can send pix if it would help.

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Story #25

  • From: pat derrick
  • Cat Breed: unknown breed, calico color
  • Story: I rescued and raised an abandoned kitten.  She NEVER MEOWED…NOT ONCE.  She matured, and raised a litter of kittens.  They are now almost fully grown, and they, also,  have NEVER MEOWED…NOT EVEN ONCE.  Is this a characteristic of a certain breed of domestic cats?

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Story #26

  • From: jeanne ratelle
  • Cat Breed: domestic long hair
  • Story: I think my domestic longhair siamese has sight impairment. Is this typical of his breed?

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Story #27

  • From: courtney
  • Cat Breed: siamese cat
  • Story: i just got a 9week old kitten and it sleep 24/7 at night and day is anything wrong with him


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