The Gentle Persian Cat

Persian cats are among the most popular of cat breeds and they are also the longest known pedigree cats. Many of them tend to be white but they actually exist in a variety of colors and patterns. The breed has around sixty different color variations.

Persian cats typically grow from 10 to 15 inches tall and weigh between 7 to 12 pounds at maturity. Their unique characteristics include a rounded head, large eyes, and small rounded ears. This beautiful breed is very sociable even with strangers. A Persian cat makes a wonderful companion for every cat lover.


Characteristics Of The Persian Cat Breed

Persian cats are famous as a result of the long hair and body type. These cats have flat faces, small ears, short noses and wide chests. Their legs are sturdy with large paws.

The most unique trait of these cats is their thick, soft coat of fur with a ruff around the neck, and a tail that hangs quite low. These cats are a very expensive breed of cat and come in different types.

Persians are Good Show Cats

These cats are often seen participating in cat competitions, where they are separated into seven different categories based on colour. These colours of Persian Cats are solid, bicolour, shaded, tabby, silver, gold, smoke and Himalayan. Persians get noticed for their long, flowing coat as well as their colour.

Persian Cats are Good CompanionsPersian Cat

persian kittens

Persian cats are popular as they have very gentle personalities. They are wonderful companions to have and can be ideal as pets for children because they are very low maintenance and can therefore easily be looked after. They don’t require a lot of attention but they do enjoy being playful and affectionate. Persian cats are extremely vocal and can communicate well using their soft, pleasing voice as well as their eyes. They are not too active and do not jump or climb as much as other cats to. They tend to like spending lots of time lounging around and being admired.

Persians are Indoor Cats

Persian cats are best kept inside the house so you can protect their lovely coats. Going outside can easily damage their coats, and can also make the cats susceptible to diseases and common parasites. Grooming Persian cats is the only maintenance they need as they cannot maintain their own coats like most other breeds of cat. This can be timely work, because their fur is dense and very long. It needs to be brushed every day using a metal comb, otherwise their coat stands to get tangled up in hairballs, and it ends up looking oily and losing its shine.

Persian Cats Need Regular Baths

Unlike most other cats, you will be surprised to know that you also need to bathe Persian breed of cat regularly in order to keep its coat clean, healthy and looking its best. They also need to be dried fully after their baths. Trying to bathe a fully grown Persian cat will be a troublesome and very difficult activity, so start bathing it as a kitten to get them used to enjoying their regular baths.persian cat

24 Responses to The Gentle Persian Cat

  • wow i just befor i clicked the botton what it would look like and i said it would be cute and fluffy and it was fluffy alright!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow i thought before i clicked the botton what it would look like and i said it would be cute and fluffy and it was fluffy alright!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Persian cats – very cute cats ever!!! Persians are the most beautiful cats, not ugly! My cat is Persian and I love him.

  • I have a Doll Faced Persian, he is the cute version of a “normal Persian”, for anyone that thinks all persian cats are ugly, check out a picture of a Doll Faced!!!!

  • i am not sure if my cat is half persian. she fits the description. she has a very mean looking face lol. and she has huge almost fully round eyes. she has a flat face. and her head seems kinda wide. and she has a lot of muscle and she has huge paws and muscular legs. would my cat be half persian?

    • Yes. It is a very very pure breed 100% PURE BRED. I don’t know if mines a pure one becus its plays alot and speedy. It also spends most of its time sleeping. But we do have certificates of it being a Persian.

  • wow! I always wanted one and ignore those who say they are ugly cause they are jealous of themselves being ugly!

  • For an indoor only cat the persian is the purfect choice.I have six they never go outside.I sometimes think life outside is to dangerous for any cat but you don't want your persian outside at all and persians spend most of their day asleep they don't climb up high or knock down blinds.They will however jump up on a dining table and lay there if allowed.Mine are allowed.

  • Actually, I have a female doll-faced persian and a male flat-faced, THEY ARE SUFFERING FROM EXCESSIVE CUTENESSS!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    Female one's a brown tabby, while the male's white. Weird. The Female's fur is 2 cm shorter.

  • Persians aren’t ugly, if you go to a shop full of persian cats, you won’t be able to go home without buying one!

  • I have a Persian a friend gave to me, because she wasn’t being loved enough. She is very lovable, cute,has long long fur I have to brush every day, She is a calico color and did I mention she is very cute, cute as a button!

  • I love Persian cats they are gentle and kind I have Three of them and they are very kind. they would sit in my lap they love me witch means they love u

  • Persians should be healthy and vigorous, able to breathe normally and produce only normal amounts of tears.?? Even if Persians do not have any overt breathing problems, flat-faced breeds are sensitive to heat. They need to live in air-conditioned comfort, protected from hot weather. Keep in mind that many airlines will not transport them in the cargo bay (which isn’t recommended for other reasons, as well) because of their potential for respiratory distress or even death in stressful conditions.

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