Cat’s Stories (Part 14)

Meow! ;)

Story #38

  • From: yasmeen
    Cat Breed: tuxedo
  • Story:
    Right now my cat is 20 years in our timezone.In cat years 144. His name is socks because he has white paws.he has a white dot by his nose. He was born on my roof and was a runt we took him because nobody did and because we loved him.

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Story #39

  • From: Mary smalley
  • Cat Breed: siamese
  • Story:IMAG0123
    I have 2 Siamese cats Oscar a male and Tuska female. Last year I had Blue Tits nesting in my garden near my kitchen window for the first time even through the cats are in the garden,When I came home from work one day Oscar was going mad would not stop meowing very loudly and stood at the door would not go out the cat flap it was as if he wanted me go into the garden I opened the door and he rushed down and behind the green house I followed him only to find to my horror the baby Blue tits had fledged but one had landed in a bucket of water he just stood there looking at the bird then at me it was so strange.



Story #40

  • From: Justina Marina
    Cat Breed: Siamese
  • Story:
    This is a sad story: About two weeks ago I saw my Siamese give birth to five cats. Three were white and two were black, but one of the black ones remained inside the sack and I couldn’t get it off the kitten’s head. Sugar Baby is the Siamese cat’s name and she didn’t care for any of them. The next day I cut the umb cord off of one that was still breathing and placed the kitten with her but she didn’t nurse it. I need to know what went wrong? I’m very distressed by it since I’ve never seen a cat give birth before. Please reply to my email. Much Thanks, Justina

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