Cat’s Stories (Part 13)

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Story #37

  • From: Lauren
  • Cat Breed: British blue short-hair
  • Story:We were begging and begging but my mum just said no each me until one day when we sat down together and my mum showed me a picture of a tiny itsy bitsy grey-blue cat on a black sofa. I fell in love. My mum said she would get her if we looked after her. Of course we said yes! The following night the owner of the kitten called and asked if we still wanted her because her bellie sagged due to weak stomach muscles. We still said yes. We want a friend not a show pet! 2 weeks later while my sisters were at dancing i came home and my mum said ‘shhh shes behind the sofa’ we sat down on the rug opposite. 1 minute later a small head popped out from behind the sofa. It was small with piercing blue eyes. “shes called Saffy. For her blue eyes”. she padded out slowly. Her tiny grey and fragile body followed. Her cuteness beat anything i had seen before! She walked over. She brushed her body against me. Her fur was as soft as a fluffy cloud. I didn’t know it yet but it meant hello in cat language. She was also rubbing off her scent onto me. I therefore belonged to her. I wiggled my toes. She started biting them.

    Next month the christmas tree was up. The next morning I came downstairs and saffy followed. i put on the tv and left saffy to her own devices. At the end of the program i went to get breakfast when i saw the most peculiar thing. Saffy was at the top of the christmas tree! The angel off and saffy on top! I told mum she said sh would come down and get her down. I must admit it was very funny! That christmas was very funny all the at did was play with the wrapping paper! next night saffy fell in the bath for the 3rd time! It was getting ridiculous now!

    Next year new year. Saffy had her first fit a big one with side effects like: drooling, bad balance and jelly legs. As cute and funny as it is it was scary and sad. we took her to the vet where we were informed that she was epileptic. It meant she would have fits every now and then. We were recommended to get a smelly perfume to give off her mothers sent to keep her calm.

    Now we skip a few years to last year (2011) where my mum had ladies day had her friends slept over the night before. the next morning they wre in a rush because they had left the tickets down in sheffield so they left the door out and saffy got out!!!!!!!!! We were on holiday and didn’t find out until the Tuesday before we left. I popped my saffy balloon i had made. There were tears everywhere! Then the day we came back we went to the pet store to look at fish. They were a simple cheap pet which saffy could play with if she ever came back. just before we made a purchase the vets called. Someone has returned saffy! We ran home and got her back asap! On the way home mum pointed out that she left the day after us and came back the same day as us! What a coincidence. And now here i stand telling another tale of the cat. Her blue eyes to brilliant brown and her ear slightly torn. I still remember the week after we returned very funny! She coughed up feathers and peed on the sofa! Where are her manners?! she lies here now about 4 years of age urled up on my feet. She means the world to me. I have a real friend who will never tell my secrets were happy together forever.

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