Facts about the Maine Coon Cat

Characteristics Of The Maine Coon Cat

  • They have bunched paws and bushy tails.
  • They can be as friendly as dogs are.
  • They are very relaxed cats.
  • They are fond of people and like being in their company.
  • They are big-boned and have a barrel chest.

Where Did The Maine Coon Cat Come From?

There are several legends about how this cat breed came into being. The most popular one is that a British captain was sailing along the coast of New England and finally came into port. This was in the early 1800s, and the cats on board the ship mated with those on land, thereby resulting in the Maine Coon Cats being born.

Maine Coon Cat

It is also said that these cats originally belonged to Marie Antoinette. There is also a strong theory that they came with the Vikings and mated in the wilds with raccoons from which the name is derived.

However these cats came into being, what is obvious is that they are rising in popularity. They became included in professional cat shows and are now the second most popular cat breed. The breed is also recognized officially by the International Cat Association.


Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Pets?

maine coon, big cat

Maine coon cats are clever, energetic and playful.

They love being in families that have lots of other pets as well as children. They possess much more dexterity than regular cats, and are capable of scooping up objects, toys and food using their paws, almost like raccoons. This breed of cat can stretch themselves up and use their flexible paws to open doors using door knobs.

Physical Appearance Of The Maine Coon Cat

This breed of cat has a shaggy coat of fur that is weatherproof along with a full, puffy tail and ear tufts. All these traits help protect it during harsh winters. They have three different coats. – guard coats, fawn coats or down coats. Their heads are mostly square in shape, with large ears and expressive eyes that are wide set.

Main Coons are one of the most interesting breeds in the cat family. Considered the largest cat breed besides the hybrid Savannah Cat (which is the largest breed) the heaviest Maine Coon Cat was an astounding 34 pounds.

When compared to the typical housecat, which may weigh around 10 pounds, these surprisingly gentle cats are gentle giants in the land of felines.

maine coon with a dog

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  • MEOW !!! Me WOW !!! ME Menu, Me WOW, WOW…MEOW !! ME HON, ME YEW, MENU, MEOW!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! me think me see a dog…..gotta run…..

    • I have a Maine Coon male named manny and he is the most loveable cat I have ever known. He is very smart and I swear he should have been a dog. He is the best cat well mannered and loves us all very much.

        • If Stuwie is biting he may have something that is bothering him.. Biting is defiantly not a characteristic of a main coon. All mine give kisses. OOOOOO I love them.

          • I so agree. Ours is name, Bootz & I too think he’s part dog…lol! He definitely loves the love. Oh did I say He’s beautiful!!

      • is your maincoon a true one? like dog sized? and if so where do i go to buy one? im from new york and am looking for a maincoon kitten.

  • Hi there
    I’m just about to collect my very first Maine Coon kitten, after a long time waiting for the right one. Budletts Bella Cloud is a blue/white kitten sired by Budletts Tsar and Guinevere. She’s absolutely gorgeous and in her honour I’ve created a blog diary for her which I hope other Maine Coon lovers will enjoy.
    Can’t wait!!

  • I rescued a Maine Coon Cat from the animal shelter three weeks ago. He was very lovey at first and not now. Will he ever be a lap cat?

    • To answer Bruces question about the Maine Coon being a lap cat. Cats are individuals just like humans so he may not be a lap cat because HE is not a lap cat. My Maine, “Rocky” is DEFINATELY not a lap cat, he doesn’t like to be held at all either but he loves it when I brush him, on the ground. He will bring me the brush sometimes and just roll on the ground.


      • It is very sad that you would lock up a cat. Let me ask, I also had a very aggressive maine coon male, until he was fixed, it totally changed him. If he was already fixed then you may consider placing him with a family that has no other pets, rather then him being alone..

      • I have a Maine Coon that was given to me at about age 5, and she had belonged to many people previously (I don’t know for sure how many). When I got her she was very aggressive to me – bit me or scratched me on the average of once a month. Seriously I lost a lot of blood to this cat. Most of the time she was very lovable, not a lap cat, but wanted to be petted and talked to. One day I was petting her and for some reason I brought her face up close to mine and I started rubbing her with my face. Sorta like cats do with each other – and remarkably, she has not bitten me or scratched me since. This has been over a year ago. However, I have since rescued a large dog, mixed pit bull, and she growls at him frequently and has bitten and scratched him. He just goes and hides under the furniture. So glad I didn’t give up on Rudi, the cat – I really enjoy her now. Right now she is on the computer desk watching me type.

    • Maine Coons are generally NOT LAP CATS, they will not be your baby. They will hang out with you, love to be petted, “help”. Keep in mind they are somewhat wild cats, they were never bred to be domestic cats though they have interbred with numerous other cats throughout many years. The Coon trait seems to be dominant, that is to say either the Norwegen Forest Cat or Main Coon Cat (very similar) can be any color BUT have many of the same other traits, such as bushy tail and other hair on the body to endure the harsh environment. I just found a feral Maine Coon Cat, she had a clipped ear so someone found her and had her fixed (perhaps shots), I am sure the experience of being trapped and going to the vet wasn’t a good one for her. She is about a year old, a good 10-12lbs but won’t be picked up or sit on laps, she will lye against my feet or hand and be petted, over and over. At first she didn’t want to come near us but I could tell she was starving for attention. Well, now she comes in the house (when lock-up the other 2 cats which hate her!) and is eventually going to the vet for shots, check-up, de-parasited (almost all wild animals have parasites/worms) – which I will likely just do, not even get her tested for – the test (an O and P – Ovum and Parasite) does not always show eggs or parasites even if they have them. Some Maine Coons will indeed sit on your lap, most will not. Do some reading, then more reading and read some more… I have gotten entire books on various animals when I first got them, the breed or species (be it bird, dog, cat), Maine Coons are very different creatures than other cats I have met or had (which is very many). Good luck!

      • I have a Maine coon cat named Budweiser they like a lot of attention and love most of them ARE lap cats its only if the cat likes u to be a lap cat

  • hello,
    I have a handsome Maine Coon сat too. very big “flying cat”. I agree, that he is clever energetic and playful. our cat is not only be trained.

  • well i have a maine coon cat by the name of tommy. He’s a doll, however standoffish at times. No, he will never be a lap cat.He flourishes in his own independence. Which is fine with me, cuz i’m a busy bitch.

  • we had a huge maine coon for a long time, he was a great pet, wonderful around lots of people. he loved to cuddle and played great with our retriever> he was as high as my knee at his shoulders very handsome cat, loveable .

  • I rescued a Maine Coon Cat from the animal shelter three weeks ago. He was very lovely at first and not now. Will he ever be a lap cat?

    • What kind of question is that?? Animals are priceless!! How much are you worth or priced at?? They are lives too!! I cannot believe I just read this type of question!! It’s sickening and despicable!!

      • You have got to be kidding, right? You do know there are cat breeders and pet stores that people buy cats from, don’t you?

      • No I think Lisa’s cat fell fromthe sky and landed into her arms, theefore making it priceless and impossible to purchase, LOL. Silly people!

      • Lisa, I think what kristi meant was where she can find this breed of animal and how much it may cost her to bring one into her home. It was not any type of insult to animals. Please keep this blog about the wonderfulness of having or wanting to have maine coons. Thanx.

        P.S. I had no idea these cats existed until 5 minutes ago. I want one! I love cats and I love big pets. This is awesome!

  • I just rescued a Maine Coon Male “Ziggy” yesterday from an animal shelter. He is 4 yrs old and he already weighs 18 pounds!! What did i get myself into! OMG!! He loves my lap/chest. That is where he fell asleep for his first night in his new home, on my chest. Than moved down to my feet and stayed there ALL night. Oh what a long night for me but a great one for him. =) He is scared of water. I heard Maine Coons love water. Huh. Guess all cats are different…

  • hey guys i have a maine coon cat that is 11 weeks old and he is a total lap cat. he loves to be near someone at all times and he even falls asleep on people completely stretched out on his back. he has to sleep with me evey night and he hates when i have to leave in the morning so who ever said that there cat isnt a lap cat dont give up hope cause he might end up being your lap cat!

  • to answer bruces question your cat will probably be a lap cat because maine coon cats are very loveable and they love being near people. my kitten is 11 weeks old and loves to be held. so i hope your cat ends up being a lap cat because cats are so much fun to cuddle with.

  • I have 2 femail Maine Coons. One is 6 years old and the other is 2. They are so different it is unbelievable! The older one is very prissy and loves to walk around the house as though she owns it. The younger one loves to play and is constantly getting into everything. She also sleeps with her dad in bed every night. The older one, however, is not a cuddly cat. They are both so unique yet so sweet! Great cats to own!

  • Our MaineCoon was recused at 3 wks old in the middle of the road. He is a lap cat on “his” terms. Loves to snuggle and interact. He’s a very long and big cat with a coat so soft its almost silk. Jolie has a absolute love of water and can’t keep him out of the sink! He also loves coffee, we literally cannot leave a cup out w/o a lid b/c Jolie will use his paw to scoop up the coffee to drink, very funny to watch but try not to let him drink any. He is also very verbal. he will interact with us. he’ll meow and wait for us to talk to him. Makes him very happy.

    • omg Ronnie my Main Coon was the same way except he loved stealing my waffles but only if they had syrup. I miss him very much.

    • Not necessarily, if a cat has an M on their forehead they could be maine coon but if they are small and short haired and they have the m then they could be egyptian mau

  • I love my maine coon cat tinker bell and everything they say on this site about their personality is so true she is such a character and is an amazing addition to our family.

  • Got my Maine coon boy on weekend….. Omg I’m in love,,,, he’s so beautiful,,,ok I did pay alot for him but I think he’s worth every penny….his name is Teddy bear blue ( blue ) he’s blue n white….. He loves my 7 yr old twins n they love him…he’s a lap cat deffo,he loves a head massage..even tho he has own bed,, he chooses to sleep on my boys bed by his feet….very playful kitten,,he seems to understand softly n no…..he’ll give u his paw and kisses on the nose…he’s won everyone over,n he’s spoilt rotten…deffo the best breed I’ve ever met,,n would have a house full if I could afford it……

  • i have 2 maine coons,brothers,brown tabby & silver tabby,they are 2 years 8 months old.they are the best pets,great companions,loads of fun,both have completely different personalities,neither are lap cats but both sleep on the bed with me at night,i have a superking bed & i need it,they are both very large,& still have over 2 years of growing left to do.i have leash trained them both,which was surprisingly easy,one will even walk to heel,the other kind of does his own thing,which means i have to walk them separately for now,but i hope to get them out together in the summer,when ive got more time.
    they love water,always in the sink or bath,wanting me to run the taps.
    as a breed they are very vocal,& mine are no exception,always chirping & trilling,a running commentary of what they’re doing,not so much fun at 5 in the morning.

    hope this info has been a help.

  • I think the kittens I got have Maine Coon in them because they have tufted ears, fluffy tails and the M on the foreheads. They were rescued from a feral cat colony and they are so soft and loving. The tufted ears fasinated me because I’ve not seen them before. They are only 5 months old but they are already big.

  • I have an 8 year old main coon named tabby. He’s not a lap cat and doesn’t like to be picked up. Very affectionate. Loves to sleep on my daughters bed and visit me while i’m on the computer and sits in front of the keyboard.
    Love him to bits.

  • Hey, I have two cats that I recieved from my boyfriend’s grandmother and we think they have Maine Coon in their lineage. The boy, Jack, looks like a mini Maine Coon except for the ear tufts but the girl, Jill, looks quite unlike any cat I’ve ever seen. Her face is a lot smaller and her eyes are kind of almond shaped. I’m trying to figure out what the breeds in their lineages are, but am having some trouble.

  • I have a seven year old Maine Coon cat. There are a few observations i’ve made about him (dont know if they are all maine coon breed specific)

    -He didnt stop growing until he was about 5
    -He likes to ‘hang out’ with you, rather than fuss about
    -His weight is 7 kilos (so bend with your knees!)
    -He pukes up his food unless i feed him Royal Canin Maine Coon. This is something to do with their jaw shape. The kibble on the Royal Canin is large, so they have to chew it, otherwise he inhales the other food, hence the puking. Also, if you keep their bowl a few inches off the ground it helps them, as its also the way they scoop the food into their mouth.
    -He loves drinking from the tap, running his paw under it, then licking his paw
    -He gets on really well with the other cats (all moggies) although he is much much larger than them, he doesnt throw his weight around. A real gentle giant. One of them had kittens and he was very patient with them hanging off his tail whilst he was eating. In fact, he had to stay on his own for a while and he didnt like being away from the others.
    -He always sleeps on the bed (in the exact same place)
    -He’s a real blokes cat, if a guy comes into the house, he always wants to hang out with them

    Overall, his temperament is very calm, relaxed but still playfull. He is so big you can give him big hugs, he will tolerate smotherings from kittens and babies in a very calm way. He isnt a ‘numbers’ hunter, but has been known to try and drag pigeons through the catflap. Half alive of course for that extra touch. My Maine Coon cat also brought in little things for the kittens (so sweet) oh and when he thought no-one was looking, he jumped in their box and gave them huge licks.

    I stumbled accross the breed, but now i know them, i would recommend them to anyone. I would recommend any moggy though as well, half breeds, anything really. As we all know, its not like dogs where you get pure breed characterists, but more some traits of the breed.

    Mine doesnt chew on paper Carmen, but he cant resist a ball of it thrown accross the room :)

    Happy stroking

    • Cass, that is awesome.
      We own, what the rescue center thought was a tabby maine coon. He is adorable, yet quite overweight and on a diet.
      He meows like a little kitten :D

  • We got our cat about a year and a half ago from a shelter. He’s at least half coon. At three years old, he weighs 20 lbs. His name is Moses and he has the best personality. He loves food. Is obsessed with the water in our humidifier and spends time playing with his toy mice (which he hides every day in the same spot). He wakes us up every morning by talking to us, licking our faces and eventually walking on top of us (you can’t ignore that kind of weight landing on your body). Every day when my husband or I come home from work Moses is there to greet us at the door. And he loves meeting new people. He’s very curious and needs to look in/smell everything I bring home (especially bags). So love-able, I recommend this type of cat highly!

  • Hi to all the cat people. I have not had a cat for many years. I knew someone who had a Maine Coon cat some time ago and I absolutely loved the cat. Her cat was a bit stand offish to people tho. Recently, I rescued a half Maine Coon. I think he might be half because he has the length and weight, and the tufts of fur on his feet as well as very big feet and a long bushy tail. He does not have tufts on his ears tho and he is 1.5 years old (vet- teeth estimate). He is the most loving and talkative cat I have ever seen. He talks all the time. He follows me around and everyone in the house can tell that he is definitely my cat. I recommend getting this type of cat to anyone who is lonely or considering getting a cat. You most likely will not be disappointed. This animal has made such a big difference in our lives. My daughter is 5 and she plays with him as much as he will let her and he does so many funny things she is very excited and happy with this cat. :) thanks for your time

  • My daughter rescued a cat 7 years ago. He had and unusual look to him. The tufted feet, long silky hair, M on the forehead and he made all sorts of sounds and chirps. I looked up the Maine Coon and was convinced he was this breed. But now I have also found information on the Norweigen Forest Cat. Not sure now. This cat is loveable, but not a lap cat. He wants to be a part of everything she does. He weighs 24 lbs and is on a diet, although I think he’s just perfect. He gets along very well with dogs, fetches, plays catch, sleeps under the covers at the foot of the bed, doesn’t mind baths or water and a great hunter, only plays with his catches, does not kill them, a chipmunk and a vole. He is white and gray with bright green eyes, with the long hair in his ears, whiskers that are approx 5 inches long, he appears to have a lions mane down to the chest. It is beautiful. We love this cat more than words can express.

  • I got my maine coon cat Rufus three weeks ago. She was living under my truck so i took her in and she is the best cat ever. We just got her a toy and she freaked out on it.

  • I fell in love with my Maine Coon “Lea”the first time I saw her. She is supercuddly and is always just one step behind me or pressed up on me on the couch, chair or in the bed…she is the best thing that ever happened to me actually. Whenever I am sad she seems to feel it and gives me extra attention and love. I don’t think theres any other breed this lovely and intelligent!!!!!

  • I found my Main Coon in a shelter. They had her labeled as a longhaired Tabby. The vet I took her to, told me different andwas shocked to see a picture of her on their wall of types of cats. She was the best of the best. Loving, cuddly, attentive to my needs and health. I miss her intensely. She was my booboo kitty when my husband passed away. I looked for a cat that would keep me company.For fourteen years, she was the best ever. My allergies were not bad with her, either. Her coat was magnificant.I miss her….

  • I am hoping for some advice from some experienced Maine Coon cat people…

    I have a 5 year old Maine Coon named Lucy. She is a typical Maine Coon cat: very verbal, very loyal, extremely friendly – she loves everyone and everything – and very playful. I brought her home as an 8 week old and she had an older “sister” who made it clear she was the boss, but allowed Lucy to cuddle and they would tussle playfully. Lucy’s “sister” passed away 2 years ago. :-(

    Soon after that, my now husband and I moved in together, and we introduced Lucy to his 10 year old mix, Cali. Cali had never had a roommate and had a tough adjustment to Lucy – who immediately loved on Cali and wanted to play and cuddle. Cali (nearly two years later) will not cuddle with Lucy, and her version of playing is to chase Lucy into a corner and trap her there. Although Lucy is much larger than Cali, she doesn’t seem to recognize that size difference and won’t use it at all. Lucy seems terrified of Cali at times.

    My husband and I are thinking of introducing a baby Maine Coon to Lucy and Cali, in the hope that Lucy and the baby would recognize the similarities in one another and become friends; perhaps Lucy could take the baby under her wing and teach him/her to be a Maine Coon Cat – they could play together, talk to each other, groom each other, and snuggle together. I’m hoping that if Lucy has a friend, she will gain some confidence and stand up to Cali a little.

    I’m a little worried Lucy will think we’re trying to replace her and will act out towards the baby, or the baby will identify more with Cali than with Lucy. I’m also worried that if Lucy and the baby do become friendly, Cali will act out more.

    Does anyone have any advice? Would introducing a baby Maine Coon to an older Maine Coon influence the baby to act more like Lucy (which we would love – she’s rarely a troublemaker and more of a lover)? Has this situation ever happened to anyone else? Does anyone have suggestions for helping with Lucy’s confidence?


  • We got a Maine Coon Cat at the Humane society about 4 months ago. She is 3 years old & one of the sweetest cats ever. I’ve never had a cat that gives little love bites & then licks you also. I’m working on making her a lap sitter. When we first got her she wouldn’t even put her front feet on my lap, now she will sit the front half of her body on my lap for quite a while & let me scratch & pet her. As long as I let her get up when she wants to she will sit there & purr. When she’s done getting petted she moves right next to me on the arm of the chair & stays right there . My Maine Coon is the most wonderful cat. We call her Mighty Myrtle Mae.

  • I to found a maine coon kitten 4 years ago and he is lovable to me. His name is spike. Not sure about everyone else’s cats but at every morning at 8a, regardless what time I need to get up, he will wake me up by grooming me or licking me like dog would. My cat hates water. Drinking ok. It anything else he runs away. Let’s say he’s my best friend for a pet.

  • We adopted our first Maine Coon cat Grigori from local shelter about 15 years ago. Out of all the kittens in the shelter he grabbed my attention literally by reaching out of the cage to me. He looked like a little bob cat at first and later became more like a Maine Coon. I agree with previous comments about our cat growing for few years. He also likes water and does not mind taking a bath. He loves to sit by the tub when I am in the shower and absolutely adores drinking from water fountains. I trained him to fetch toys and give me his paw (we are currently working on the “left” and “right” paw shake :) He is extremely intelligent cat and loves to be with us most of the time. He follows us around the house and gets upset if he gets locked out. Several years ago I found a little kitten and while I was trying to locate the owners of the kitten Grigori became extremely attached to the little guy. He was so attentive, tender and gentle with him, groomed and slept with him. It was really sad to separate them when we found the kitten’s owner. Few years later we “invited” to stay a black stray cat that has been roaming our street. Surely, I thought they would be best buddies and have fun together. Especially after watching Grigori being so fond of that kitten. Well, we kept the stray and named him Vasily but they never became best friends. Grigori was very territorial and jealous of any attention given to Vasily. On the rear occasions they play but fur flies. Lets just say now they tolerate each other. Needless to say Vasily is not super affectionate to us and prefers to sleep and mind his own busyness. I hate to judge my cats but between the two of them Grigori defiantly has quite strong personality, has much stronger ties with us and prefers to be in our company, very present, social and “in tune”. He is also playful still, at his tender age 15, likes to explore, open doors and other tight spots like boxes. He is big cat, with large paws and long fluffy tail and boxy face. Very calm except when strangers come to our house. Truly a Gentle Giant!

  • I have a maine coon/american shorthair mix. She has abnormally large eyes, and is about the size of our dogs. Haha. I love her(:

  • I have a maine coon cat, we adopted her 2 years ago. She’s a playful and energetic cat. we want another playmate for her but were not sure how she’ll react. We use to have a dog but he died 6 months after we got him. In those 6 months my maine coon cat was turning into a cat that loves everything and everyone. But after he past she just wasn’t the same. she wouldn’t go outside she wouldn’t run around. i’m worried, how will she react if we get another cat?

  • I have a grey Maine coon. He is the coolest cat ever. He is like a dog he is hilarious and loyal and loving. I love Maine coons

  • My 4 year old 13 pound indoor maine coon boy named Tinker is like a living work of art – a masterpiece in my opinion. Absolutely beautiful to look at, graceful as can be, and wonderful to hear his occassional soft, sweet meow or his little chirps when he’s looking at birds from his windows – nothing cuter! Big, fluffy, soft, silky, squishy, adorable and cuddleable. My fiancee found him outside on as a small adorable but malnourished kitten on his own without a home or a mom, so I’m his mom now and couldn’t be more blessed. He’s a such a doll. He likes to be talked to and even sung to, he is extremely graceful (he prances!). He loves eye contact while talking, singing, petting, cuddling (sweetest big babydoll eyes too – no kidding he makes me smile every single day). He’s a smart boy too. He comes immediately running right to me from anywhere in the house like a dog when I call him (on those rare occassions when he’s not already right by my side). He likes me to hold his giant front paws and squeeze them. He likes to purr. He likes to be petted. When I come home he always greets me at the door and when I start to reach down to pet his big head he raises himself up on his hinds and pushes his head up into my hand. He loves me back and is as happy to see me as I am to see him. He gives me occassional very gentle love bites and soft licks. He likes to be kissed (yes, even on his lips). He is super mellow and easy to live with yet also playful and still quite “kittenish”. Not at all demanding for attention (of course he does get plenty). He gets along wonderfully with my 7 year old orange tabby boy, “Buster” (who I could also rave about for entirely different reasons, but since this is a maine coon site I’ll control myself). When Tinker first came here as a scrawny little fluffball, he was playing with big full-grown Buster who he tackled and took right down to the floor with a thud on day one! Good thing they were playing and good thing maine coons are such good natured kitties because believe me these strong smart cats are no wimpy pussies. Even though Tinker quickly grew bigger than Buster- Buster always eats first while Tinker hangs back until Buster leaves the bowl. Tinker does acknowledge Buster’s seniority and lets Buster be the boss. In turn Buster always leaves Tinker his fair share of food, he taught Tinker how to jump onto the very top of the high kitchen cabinets amongst many other neat cat tricks, and has always groomed Tinker, naps with him, and takes care of him. No jealousy between them – great pals. Tinker hides at first when strangers come in the house, but eventually comes out and warms up to new people and flirts with them a little. In the summer his fur can get some knots which are quickly and easily “zipped” right off with an electric hair trimmer which he was afraid of at first but tolerates better and better each time. If you or anyone you know is looking for a truly wonderful cat , I wholeheartedly recommend adding an abundance of joy to the home by adopting and loving a maine coon or two or three:) … Happy petting!!!

  • P.S. Re some of the other posts: my maine coon cat Tinker does like to be picked up and held/hugged while I’m standing up but while I’m sitting down he will lay the front half of his body on my lap to get his cuddlies and petties, but only very rarely will he curl up his entire body on my lap in a typical “lap cat” position. He also likes to lay himself right up against my side for cuddles and also likes to sleep at the end of my bed against my legs or feet at night, but also quickly takes the hint and is very polite about staying off of me on nights when it gets too hot for me to have him up against me. He just moves over to his “alone time” corner of my bed and gets his zzz’s there. (FYI…you’re adopting maine coons and are ok with sharing your bed with your cats, I don’t recommend having a tiny bed). Also, Tinker never ever tries to wake me up when I’m sleeping. Wonderful, awesome cat! Love him :) — Seriously, stop thinking about it and go adopt.

  • We have 7 rescue kitties ranging from 7 years old to 4 months old. One is a main coon and he is my heart. He gets along fine with his brothers and sister but tended to stay apart from them. Then my husband brought home a kitten that was almost a week old and Snuggy decided that she was his. He would grab her out of my hands and run with her, he would curl up around her, groom her and play with her. Now our youngest is 4 months old and they are best buddies. Snuggie is the greatest kitty, we are so lucky he is in our lives…..I do love all my other ‘kids’ too…lol

  • I have a 9 week old Maine Coon kitten. He will walk around the house or follow me “screaming” very loudly at me. I have no clue what he wants. I pick him up. He wants down. He has food, water, etc. Is this just a trait of the kitten?

  • I have 3 maine coons. Just found one in the street on a main highway. Holy cow. He is a classic brown tabby with white and just beautiful. Just had him neutered and hope the others will accept him once his hormones are gone.

  • It’s amazing to see all these comments from people who love their Maine Coons. I big, fluffy gray cat started hanging around our house last year when the temperature was dropping down into the teens. We named him “Harry” and my daughter let him in, but when he saw another male cat outside, he went crazy wanting to get out and chase that cat off. My daughter was heartbroken and when I told her I didn’t think we would see him again. She made a bed for him out on the deck just in case he came back. The next morning, there was Harry, grooming himself as he lounged in his new bed! I took him to the vet to be neutered and cleaned up. The vet looked at him and said “Oh, he’s a Maine Coon Cat!” We found out he is FIV positive, but he is so tough it doesn’t slow him down much. He had terrible ear infections, scratches and cuts from fighting, runny eyes, and fleas that took weeks of treatment to cure. He’s probably been hit by a car (at some point he broke his pelvis bone and broke off a canine tooth) and he’s been SHOT! He has 3 pieces of buckshot in him. Regardless of his sorted past, now he’s a fat, happy, house cat. He DEMANDS attention from everyone in the house. If one of the kids sits on the couch, Harry is right on their lap, climbing up onto their chest to get his head as close as possible to their face. If you don’t pet him, he’s poking at you with one of his huge paws or head-butting you. If there are no laps around, he lies on the floor, usually on his back. We joke that he normally sees the world upside down. He’s an amazing personality and we are so lucky that he adopted us. I guess Harry’s pretty lucky too.

  • my mom saved a maine coon last year and she was so soft it was like a cloud and she was just because we brushed her all the time and you cant hide treats from her at all………….. Lol it was funny and she would have ran for 2 miles for a treat and she would knead you for hours in the stomck so hard the your stomch would hreat for days and so you can get a free rub on the back .

  • I’ve loved reading all the comments!

    I rescued a very thin, white, scraggy, ill kitten on a crossroads 8 months ago.

    Today I believe he is a Maine Coon because:

    he has a fluffy “huge” tail – like a squirrel!
    he “chirps”
    is clownlike and playful – races everywhere!
    is fiercely independent
    snuggles when he is ready
    is lean
    long tufts from ears and feet
    swirly long fur underneath
    has an angular face
    is very clever
    gets on brilliantly with other cats
    is still growing!!

    I researched the characteristics and he seems to have them!

  • i have a 6 month old cat and i wanted to know what breed he was. and as i read through the descriptions of the maine coon cat i kept saying “that’s simba”. he has the bushy tail and the tuffs of hair in his ears and is very playful.i took him in to the vet to get his front paws declawed and to get him nutared and since then it’s like his energy levels have jumped ten times. he found out he couldn’t claw us when we played with him so now he bites. he doesn’t bite hard,kinda chews on your finger.i don’t really find him aggressive just playful. and i noticed that most maine coons have a ‘M’ on their head between their eyes and he has the same marking.

    • Thats ashame you had him declawed. Thats like having your fingers clipped at the first knuckle, for you. Thats how they do the declawing. I admit, i had declawed in the past, too, but I learned better ways to take care of my cats. Now I clip the nails every 4 to 6 weeks, just takes the cat a little bit to get used to you playing with their feet and giving them toe rubs before you can start clipping them. And on my, now, 6 month old maine coon, she had red soft claws which you super glue on. A pack of 20 on ebay with glue runs you $1.50 . Not too expensive at all. Cat claws shed every 4 to 6 weeks anyhow, so when one falls off, slightly trim the end of the claw with cat claw scissors and then glue on a replacement soft claw. You should only need soft claws on the front feet and never the back, just make sure your cat has a well sized scratching post and teach them to use it. Both our cats never claw anything but the cat post.

  • Oh, one thing about the Maine Coon, As being a larger breed they have larger then average bowel movements. If you have multiple cats with a Maine Coon, keep multiple litter boxes and clean them out daily. At 6 months old our Maine Coon, Kellie, broke 10 pounds and deficates twice as much as our other 10 year old, 7-8 pound Manx cat!!! Many cats will pee in the house in multiple places when they have a nasty Dirty Litter box that hasn’t been cleaned in a week. First thing I do before I shower is clean the box and both cats use it while I shower then I clean the box quickly again and take the clumping Litter and feces out to the trash. This actually can get me 2 days between cleanings.

  • I have a Maine coon named Sammi. We got him as a kitten. He is now almost three years old. He likes to be as high as he can get. He is part of the family. He only wants to play when HE is ready. He likes to sleep wrapped around my daughters head. (I think its a protection thing). He is sooo loving but can also be a dick! If you tell him”kisses” he will head bunt you so hard and love you as hard as he can! Sometimes he ventures out sometimes for five minutes, sometimes a few hours sometimes all night. When my four year old and i snuggle up to watch a movie, Sammi is right there, sharing the popcorn. He will stick his paw in the bag and actually curl his paw n get some popcorn out of the bag. He does the same with reeces pieces(after he bats them around the house for awhile) and cheese its. He loves them. When i make a sandwich, he will meow like he is starving and hasn’t eaten for days. I think he WAS suppose to be a dog. When his cat box needs cleaned, he will only go to the bathroom outside and sit at the back door waiting to go out. I don’t know what i would do if he was gone one day. When he decides to stay out all night, i can’t sleep til he gets home. He isn’t afriad of dogs or any other cats, he thinks he is tough. So i always anticipate to see him again . He is awesome!

  • I have a giant Maine Coon. He is unfixed, very muscular, hype-violent and close to 40 lbs. NOT one to be toyed with….not even by Pitbulls.

  • Hey if anyone interested I have 2 female maine coon sister have been together their whole lives im selling both for $200 for both, must go together, can’t be separated

  • I have always had dogs. Now I have a huge 28 pound cat named Alfie. He is adorable, adoring, sweet, lovable, smoochy, precious…..just perfect. He is charcoal and white. I was told that he is Maine Coon or part Maine Coon. His paws are pink and very expressive. He stretchess way up high on the kitchen cabinets trying to get my attention! He is doing all the things that others have told about above, so I do believe that he is either all Maine Coon or strongly Maine Coon. I am 85 years old so he is the perfect “best friend” for me to have. Alfie is very well behaved, never bites, only purrs constantly and is always wanting to smooch with you. He never meets a stranger. I have had him for a year now and I adore him. He is bringing MUCH happiness to this old lady, and I love him!!

  • i’ve just gotten myself a 3 mths old crossbreed of maine coon and shorthair, but his physical appearance and tempemental display are more maine coon inclined, based on whatever readings and info i could get over the cat websites. Dino is the most adorable scruffy cat and he is so ‘feisty’ and energetic, even the vet exclaimed that this guy is going to be a handful to handle and a very active one, which scares me a little because this is my first time ever owning a pet. He’s just gotten his 1st vaccination jab and seemed to have some minor skin problem on his chin. rather worried about that eventhough the vet assured me that it is norm.
    So far, Dino has been staying with me for almost 2 weeks and he’s never run out of energy and yes, he is quite a clown when it comes to playing.. he could be running after some imaginary object and bang! he fell, and pretended nothing happened or be trying to be funny by settling himself on my plant pot pretending to be a tree.
    He follows me everywhere and i am glad that i found him.

    i would like to seek on fellow cats owner opinion about overweight and eating habits of maine coon. According to my vet when i brought Dino to him about 11weeks, he was a bit underweight, however, after 10days, i brought him for follow up check, the vet was surprised to see that he’s put on 0.5kg in less than 2 weeks. i’m rather worried. i fed him a mixture of dry and wet food and he eats twice a day.

    would appreciate if you could share your experience on this. many thanks :)

    • Don’t worry. I have an 8-month-old part Maine Coon that I adopted at 9-10 weeks. He went through a period from 3 to 6 or 7 months when he was growing and putting on weight at an amazing rate, but he’s perfectly healthy. I haven’t taken him back to be weighed in a couple of months, but he is still growing and I’d estimate his weight at around 11 pounds now.

  • My wife suffers from depression and anxiety, so she was prescribed a therapeutic animal. We then found an ad on craigslist.com seeking a good home for a “female” kitten. My wife inquired and was immediately asked “you’re not going to feed her to a snake are you”? The lady who had placed the ad was assured that we would not, and we recieved a black-and-white longhaired kitten.
    The first time the kitten, initially named “Lola”, was taken to a vet, we found ou that we had a tom, not a queen. Lola wqas renamed Milo.
    Milo had a growth spurt.
    It dawned on us that we had a Maine coon kitten on our hands as he practically exploded in size. So far he has gotten up to at least twelve pounds (lean) at a year old and still growing. From what I’ve read they reach full size in three to five years. It doesn’t seem to occur to him just how big he is, and he can be a bit clumsy, but he’s a lovable oaf.

  • Rocky is part Maine Coon. He lacks the bushy tail but is laid back and loving. He was mistreated before he ended up in the pound. So he walks like a duck. We would not part with him for the world…

    • Oh my goodness. A Maine Coon is what I have been looking for. One that looks just like Chesty. I have been on all sorts of websites today looking but no luck.

    • I got Rocky at the pound. Also check rescues. Pet finder is a place to look. They have gotten really popular. Then there are people who mistreat them like Rocky.. He is so cool..

  • I just adopted a cat that I am almost positive he is a main coon. He has the long hair, the tufts in his ears, square-shaped head, wonderful dark tabby markings, and very very vocal. I’m very happy I have him because I have always wanted a main coon cat. My concern is that I brought him into a home that already has 3 cats living in it. He seems to be aggresive to my other cats. He charges at them, swats at them, and leans to bite them. Is this normal behaivior? I have read that this breed of cat is known for their loving nature and that’s why I wanted one. I know that where I adopted him from he was kept closed up in a bedroom and was not given alot of attention, and his fur was all matted. Could this behavior be because of his former un-fair living situation and he will calm down? Or has too much damage been done for him to come around? Any advice would be wonderful. I would hate to see him have to go to a shelter and perhaps be put down.

    • How did you get rid of the mats? Mine was at a foster home for awhile and came back to me all matted. I would love to get his fur back to the way it was. Thanks for your help.

    • My big beautiful maine coon boy gets those knots/mats too and very close to the skin (mostly in the summer – do cats perspire or something?). I use an electic hair trimmer on them when when they’re matted right up against the skin (the kind of trimmer men use to trim up the back of the neck… usually avaiable in men’s grooming sections at drug stores/Walmart type places). To be clear, I don’t shave the cat or anyting like that, I just take the knot in my hand and “zip” it off with the trimmer. You may want to have a second person there to hold your cat still the first times you do it. The noise of the trimmer made my cat quite nervous the first 10 or 12 times, but now he is used to it and I can handle it without anyone else to hold him. I just talk to him with a very calm soothing voice the whole time and he lets me do it (those knots might pull and hurt cats, who knows, maybe he’s realized tolerating the trimmer noise results in feeling better and easier grooming for him!)

  • Due to our household situation, we had a friend foster our Maine Coon, Blue Grand, who is 13 years old. Before he left, he had bowel issues, which I got in check. The other day, we went to see him and our other cat. I was shocked to see he was all matted, had a bowel issue again, had lost a huge amount of weight and is lethargic. As soon as he heard my voice, he came out of hiding. This is something else he never did. I discovered he was being fed a low grade cat food that has corn as it’s first ingredient. That stuff is totally unhealthy. Cats cannot digest corn unless it is in their prey.

    I told the foster parent, if he needed food, he should have told us. My husband bought Blue Spa for him to feed them, but to my dismay, I found out he still was feeding them the low grade food. I, strictly, told him to discontinue this and start feeding our other cat the Blue Spa, which, I hope, he honored. We brought Blue Grand back with us, and I cannot get these mats out. He just lays around, which is not like him. I know that the foster parent used something on his fur, but I don’t know what. It is kind of sticky. I feel like I may lose him soon. I’ve been working on the mats, but they are so huge and close to his skin, I’m concerned about cutting him. A brush won’t even go through them. Another thing is, he doesn’t hardly want me to touch or move him, but he did let me work on brushing and cutting the mats, I could, last night. He offered his belly, which tells me he is still in there, but he, definitely, is not his old self.

    Something you need to know, Maine Coons, sometimes, suffer from a problem called Megabowel. Look it up so you will know what to do if your cat starts having bowel problems. It is very common for their breed. I, personally, mixed epsom salts and apple juice with some water and gave it to him with a syringe. Use half the amount for children ONLY. This is better than having to put suppositories in their anuses or have some of their intestines removed. It, simply, is not necessary.

    I cannot afford to take him to a vet. He seems to be suffering so much. I’m wondering if I should just have him put to sleep. . We’ve had him since he was found as a kitten with his mother and siblings. The foster parent also cut his claws, which I never did. He didn’t need it. He didn’t claw furniture or anything else.

    Any ideas on what I can do for Blue? I would love to see him healthy and with his weight on again. I miss him laying next to me and his chirps and twitters. Thanks for any help you can give me. Some good news is, he did have a movement today. So that is something positive.

    Now this guy is talking about taking our two kittens. I, seriously, don’t trust this anymore. Our other cat has put on a lot of weight. I’m thinking of taking the kittens into a shelter. At least, especially, after reading these stories, I believe they would be adopted by loving folks and be in forever homes.

  • we just got a female kitten and today she jumped three feet straight up on to get gate blocking the stairway..im thinking she is going to be a handful!

  • Our maine coon came with the house we bought a year ago. We were not cat people until now what a sweet cat our old dog is blind and the cat (George) love him and watch over him.

  • We have a 7 month old Maine Coon cat and he is horrible! He is mean and aggressive towards us and our visitors. He bites and scratches, we have tried everything that we can possible think of…spray bottles, news paper, flicking his nose, putting him in a pen for time out, nothing is working!!! If we don’t fix this problem soon we might have to get rid of him and that is something we DON’T want to do! Any kind of help would be great! Many thanks!!

  • my cats paws loves my other cats and my dogs (which i have a lot i take in recuse) but one of my other cats attack him and it makes me sad to see that the kitten of the family is attacking the only other male there is in the family of cats.

  • A Maine Coon kitten found us, waiting three months on our porch in the coldest months of winter. I fed him and he had a warm bed outdoors. He would put his paws on the window to make eye contact with me, yet I ignored his love because we had three cats already. Then, one passed away just at the time the Maine Coon kitten greeted me late coming home by rolling near me in a pile of snow. That was enough, i picked him up and it has been pure love since. He got neutered and joined us in the house. He is the only cat who gazes into my eyes, who comes when I call him and loves to be always near me. What a Sweetheart and I nearly let him pass me by.

  • I think my cat is part Maine Coon – "Simon Pink Toe" – he sure has a lot of the characteristics I read about. He has all black toes except one and its pink, thus the funny name. He loves to fetch a mouse that rattles and bring it back to me. Always wants to be everywhere in the house that I am. He squeaks more than meows – he sounds so funny. He is extremely smart- when I ask him if there are any birds, or cats outside he runs to the window to look! Love him, love him!

  • my maine coon goes 1 stone and is as gentle as she is aggressive. she recently lost both her fangs but still has claws like hooks.. she is healthy and very fussy. but loves being groomed.. next doors alsation is terrified of her.. she sleeps on the sideboard and loves cheese.

  • I got my maincoon George, from a rescued centre (Battersea cat Home). He's got this lovely furry coat and a very proud fluffy tail. He is one of the friendliest cat I ever had, and family friendly. He would use his paw to hold my hand to ask me to open the window for him. He is not bothered with the rain. Not the usual cat that does not like water. He is rather talkative and would try his best range of sounds to express what he wants. Yes , I have conversation with him.
    He is an extremely good hunter and I have to let him out to hunt to keep him happy.
    We found out that he has a cardiac arrythmia (irregular heart beat). No much that can be done. Nonetheless, he looks like a very happy cat and we adore him, he is part of our family.

  • They won't stop meowing! Horrible pets! If you don't sleep at night an you don't mind a cat meowing Constantly all hours of the night and sometimes day, they are not worth the hassle, no matter what you do naturally they won't stop meowing, I have concidered a shock collar for the cat (I've never put one on an animal) or having the vet remove a part of his voice box because he meows loud an doesn't care, it doesn't matter what you do, you could put the fear of God into your maine coon an that won't stop them from MEOWING!!! I almost left my fiancé because of how much he meows an doesn't stop! Look at all your options an read everything you can on this cat breed before you make an educated decision an potentially ruin your life or relationship for that matter!

  • i asked for something furrrrrrry for Christmas I thought gloves hat or jacket …..I got this beautiful cat…….i love him and we are great friends..he"s a resuce cat…..less than a yr. old….this was a gift from my husband………..helen

  • We have a Maine Coon from a shelter as a kitten. Not knowing what he was his size starting giving him away at only one year hit 13lbs and 38”. Amazing lovably but not a lap cat. Love being held and hugs. Follows us anywhere does head bumps and loves sleeping on our feet at night. Coat is almost water proof obviously discovered when he plays in the water not usual for a cat. Fantastic disposition, loves to play fetch.


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