The Javanese Cat – Silky, Beautiful, and Rambunctious

Origins and History of the Javanese Breed

The Javanese, which is also sometimes known as the Colorpoint Longhair (or Colourpoint Longhair), is a domestic, Oriental cat breed that originated in North America. The Javanese cat breed was created by crossing Balinese cats with Siamese and colorpoint shorthair cats. Because of this, the Javanese cat is sometimes considered to be a variety of the Balinese cat instead of its own distinct breed.

The Javanese cat gets its name from the tradition of naming Oriental cat breeds after places in Asia. The term “Javanese cat” was first used in 1950 by a breeder named Helen Smith, but Javanese cats as we know them today weren’t called by that name until 1978 when the cat was accepted for registration by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. The Javanese gained full status in that organization in 1986, but in 2008, the breed was once again merged with the Balinese and is now considered to be a sub-breed.

A Striking, Elegant Appearance

The Javanese cat breed often looks very similar to Siamese cats, with a white coat and darker colourpoint markings at the ears, face, paws, and tail, but unlike Siamese cats, Javanese have long, silky fur. The Javanese can also often display colors or patterns that the Siamese breed does not. These cats are sometimes not white but tan, sandy, red, dark brown, or even tortoiseshell. They may display cream point, tortoiseshell point, or even lynx or tabby point markings, which are stripes. Unlike most cats, Javanese do not have an undercoat but only a single coat, which lies close to their slender bodies and gives the cats a very sleek appearance.

These cats generally weigh between five and ten pounds when they are fully grown.

Playful and Curious Personalities

Javanese cats are very similar to Siamese and Balinese cats in personality. They are vocal and will often call out or talk to their owners. These cats are also very intelligent and energetic and enjoy a great deal of space to roam and play. This also means that, when they are bored, Javanese cats can often get into trouble and may even be destructive.

Javanese are considered to be very friendly and are often a good choice for families with children. These cats enjoy a lot of attention and will enjoy having multiple people fawn over them. The Javanese cat also tends to get along well with dogs and may even learn to play fetch with them.

A Long Lifespan

How long the Javanese cat lives depends largely on any pre-existing genetic issues and the care the cat is given. Generally, owners of Javanese cats can expect to have them for between 10 and 15 years. However, when the cat is cared for properly, many of them live to be about 20 years old.

Close Cat Cousins

Javanese cats are closely related to Siamese cats and, because of that, have inherited some of their more interesting traits. Like Siamese cats, these cats are smart enough to be trained and will often perform tricks for treats. These cats have also inherited some of the Siamese and Balinese cats’ genetic traits. For example, like Siamese cats, all Javanese cats have blue eyes. In addition, some Javanese may have kinked or crooked tails. This kink is a small, painless bend or bump at the end of the tail.

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