Bengal Cat – Domestic Leopard

History of Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat is a relatively new hybrid variety of cats creating by cross breeding a domestic cat with and Asian Leopard Cat. Their name is derived from the Latin name of its wild ancestor- Felis Bangalensis, and is not related to the Bengal Tiger. It was created to combine the appearance of the wild feline animals with the temperament of the domestic cat.

Types of Bengal Cat Breed

There are four different types of Bengal Cats. They can have one of the two separate patterns – spotted or marbled on one of the two different types of coats – brown or white. Bengal Cats can be both short haired or long haired.


Physical Attributes of Bengal Cat Breed

bengal cat

Bengals cats typically have ‘wild markings’, namely spots and rosettes as well as stripes. The spots and rosettes appear on the back and stripes elsewhere, including the forelegs. The Bengal cat also has ‘mascara’, i.e. dark/black horizontal stripes alongside the eyes. The Bengal Cat comes in several colors like brown, mink, sepia, silver and seal lynx point. The Bengal Cat is large and sleek, has a muscular body and a thick tail. Its hind quarters are slightly higher than its shoulders. It is the only cat that has gold or pearl dusting on it pelt which is satiny or silky smooth.

Personality of Bengal Cats

The Bengal Cat is considered to be a self-assured cat, both affectionate and playful. They love to play in water. They can also coo and chirp and love to jump and somersault.

Caring of Bengal Cats

No specific caring is required for the Bengal cat. However, if you are considering getting a Bengal Cat as a pet, ensure that it is at least four generations removed from the Leopard Cat. This will ensure its domestic temperament.

45 Responses to Bengal Cat – Domestic Leopard

  • I read on another site that it is illegal to sell bengal cats, but you can purchase them. What does this mean? And how could I find a legitimate bengal cat breeder if I wanted one?

  • “However, if you are considering getting a Bengal Cat as a pet, ensure that it is at least four generations removed from the Leopard Cat.” That sounds a bit scary…

  • My wife may be able to get you one for free. We have one of two sisters and the other one needed a home a short time ago because the owners were looking to move and couldn’t take her and I haven’t heard if she ever found a new home yet. My Bengal (her name is Cassius)and her sister will be going on three years old this year. They are both RUNTS. They are very small and will not grow any bigger. They are very rare to find as runts. About 3-4 pounds or like a large squirrel as I like to say. Very vocal and very playful. When people see my little girl they think she’s a kitten until I tell them that’s as big is she’ll ever be. It’s great. My Cassy loves to fetch, lick you like crazy if you let her, and very smart with a very unique personality. Very clean cat with the smoothest coat I’ve ever felt (like silk). I’m assuming her sister is the same way. I can find out if you like. I don’t know where you live, but I’m in Western Pennsylvania.

    • I would like to know if you have had anymore contact with this owner??? I have been looking for years and watched a kitten program today about the Bengal. Awsome Feline. Could you let me know.

  • i am in 5th grade and my parents will not let me get a cat but i had a tabby
    until my uncle stole her and took her to the pound and i was mad for yeares
    i miss kalie i loved her very much

  • I received my bengal from a charity shelter. (Not knowing at the time what she was). Not all kittens in a litter have all the desired traits. Good breaders who want to keep only the desireable traits often donate the pet quality kittens to such an organization to be sure that they are fixed and get a good home. At first i said I had ‘rescued’ a cat. Now I know she rescued me. She gets on well with the dog and rabbit. I am sure the hair on the end of the dog’s tail will grow back eventually. (Her fav toy)

  • bengal cats are so cute! they are domestic leopards when i have a house i will buy one because it looks like a nice gentle cat and that its playful and it looks like a super cute leopard!:)

  • i am very interested are Bengal cats friendly? They are the cutest things out there..I would love to know more about these.

  • I am very flattered that my baby boy Sir Master King Zuess is your background picture. :) he is a Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengal. Just shy of 10 months old. Incase anyone was wondering yes they are slow growers. He will not be true size unt…il he is 18 – 24 months of age. He has a dog personality, loves water, walks on a leash, does trick/ stay/ roll over/ highfive. He is trully my best lil friend. It is an honor for his charming good looks can be shared with other cat lovers.

  • A year ago in Nov. we decided it was time to replace our dear departed cat, Shelly. We went to the Animal Shelter and let a couple of older kittens pick us out. The shelter let us play with them for awhile and suddenly we were being kissed by the sweetest, prettiest kitten. She has all the trates of a Bengal. She doesn’t meow, but will chirrup once in a while. She has stripes, spots, squares and all kinds of markings. She has the Cleopatra eye makeup and is very playful and sweet.
    Our vet says she’s just a tabby, but I think he’s wrong. Lily isn’t very big so I’m guessing we lucked out and got the runt of a litter from some dealer.
    If you get a Bengal, they will be the best company you ever had. She loves to play with her mice, she follows us everywhere and is always giving us hugs (rubbing against our legs as she wanders past)

  • I have another cat and I would love to get a bengal kitten. are bengal cats friendly with other cats? and if so i live in texas would someone know where i can get a bengal kitten? 210.639.2044

  • My father had a Bengal cat which he ended up giving away. They are fierce hunters and will easily munch up small animalls like rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, possums etc. They need pretty constant attention otherwise they become antisocial and aggressive and will attack humans.

  • I had a bengal for almost 17 years. She was a runt but could chase down a dog when she wanted to. She was a one person cat, She would greet visitors with kisses and talk, but only I could carry her or hold her. She loved her bathes and boxes to hide in. They are very courious cats. Bengals made wonderful pets, but I never left her alone with small children as her claws were hooked and could scratch even in play. My beautiful baby died peacfully in her sleep. I sure miss her.

  • We have had a Bengal for almost 10 years now from the SPCA. Her records show the couple who bought her originally for $300 kept her for one day before bringing her to the SPCA. Like many cats you must socializer the Bengal. She is an indoor-outdoor cat and will go after many small animal – once she dragged in a huge squirrel.

    She loves to be petted and sleeps at the end of our bed. She comes when called but is a picky eater… we feed her a combination of wet and dry food (separately). She is truly a dear cat.

    We have 3 other cats – a dominant Tabby or at least he thinks he is top cat; a deaf white long-hair Angora who is an over-weight love. And last but not least – a Capuchin Siamese – or at least we think that is what he is.

    They all get along pretty well – the main fights are between the Bengal and the Tabby… but they are mainly turf wars and don’t draw blood or remove fur.

    We have had dozens of cats over the years and I have never met a cat I didn’t like!

  • we have just acquaired one of these cats and we have a very small dog and it is neat the cat is boss she bullies the dog they do not play well together hopping they will stop this fussing the cat will hide behind a door are a table leg and jump out at the dog and here we go fussing they are entertaining

  • I live in Port Arthur, TX and have been looking for a Bengal kitten forever. Does anyone know any breeders in Texas? Houston is only 80 miles from me.

  • The Bengal may look like a wild cat, but some say this breed is as lovably friendly as any domestic cat. Full of life and very people-oriented, Bengals are playful, gregarious, energetic cats with a generous dose of feline curiosity. Fans of the Bengal rave about their personality and playful antics. Bengals form strong bonds of love and loyalty with their families, and become faithful, affectionate, fun-loving friends, provided you meet them halfway and give them the love they need in return.

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