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History of Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat is a relatively new hybrid variety of cats creating by cross breeding a domestic cat with and Asian Leopard Cat. Their name is derived from the Latin name of its wild ancestor- Felis Bangalensis, and is not related to the Bengal Tiger. It was created to combine the appearance of the wild feline animals with the temperament of the domestic cat.

Types of Bengal Cat Breed

There are four different types of Bengal Cats. They can have one of the two separate patterns – spotted or marbled on one of the two different types of coats – brown or white. Bengal Cats can be both short haired or long haired.


Physical Attributes of Bengal Cat Breed

bengal cat

Bengals cats typically have ‘wild markings’, namely spots and rosettes as well as stripes. The spots and rosettes appear on the back and stripes elsewhere, including the forelegs. The Bengal cat also has ‘mascara’, i.e. dark/black horizontal stripes alongside the eyes. The Bengal Cat comes in several colors like brown, mink, sepia, silver and seal lynx point. The Bengal Cat is large and sleek, has a muscular body and a thick tail. Its hind quarters are slightly higher than its shoulders. It is the only cat that has gold or pearl dusting on it pelt which is satiny or silky smooth.

Personality of Bengal Cats

The Bengal Cat is considered to be a self-assured cat, both affectionate and playful. They love to play in water. They can also coo and chirp and love to jump and somersault.

Caring of Bengal Cats

No specific caring is required for the Bengal cat. However, if you are considering getting a Bengal Cat as a pet, ensure that it is at least four generations removed from the Leopard Cat. This will ensure its domestic temperament.

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