British Shorthair Cat – Popular Breed In Cat Shows

History of the British Shorthair Cat Breed

The history of the British Shorthair cat can be traced to the time when Romans had brought over cats to Britain. These Roman cats were cross bred with British wild cats. The offspring of these cats were later cross bred with Persian cats to increase the thickness of the coat. Cats with this lineage are the British Shorthair cats.

Types and Colours of British Shorthair Cats

There are no specific types of British Shorthair cats, but they come in many colours: white, red, blue, black, lilac, cream, chocolate, fawn and cinnamon. British Shorthair cats can be bred in “self” or “solid”, which are all one colour, as well as the colourpoint, tabby, shaded and bicolour patterns. All colours and patterns also come in the tortoiseshell pattern, which is a combination of red and cream with other colours.

Physical Attributes of British Shorthair Cats

british shorthair kittens

The British Shorthair cat is one of the largest breeds of cat around the world, the male being much larger than the female. They are very strong cats and have large, sturdy, muscular bodies. They have broad chest, shoulders and hips. They have a dense, plush coat that is usually described as crisp, given the way it breaks over the body’s contours. They have a round face, with full cheeks and a short and broad nose. Their eyes are large, round and widely set and they can be of many different colors, although copper or gold are most common. They live 14-20 years.

Personality of the British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair cats are called the “Bulldog” of the cat world. They are very laid back and even if they do get mad, they don’t stay mad for too long. They can be very inquisitive and interested in what is going on, but they prefer to curl up instead most of the time.

Caring for British Shorthair Cats

british shorthair

Being such large cats, the British Shorthairs require a lot of food and nourishment- approximately 70 Kcal per kg of bodyweight per day. However, it must be noted that these cats, especially the ones that are neutered, are prone to become obese. In such cases, they will have to be out on a restricted diet.

17 Responses to British Shorthair Cat – Popular Breed In Cat Shows

  • “However, it must be noted that these cats, especially the ones that are neutered, are prone to become obese.”

    I kinda wish I knew that before I started filling my cat’s bowl when I was 6. XD

  • We love our British shorthair kittens. Right now we have 5 adorable kittens that are getting to be very playful! They’re almost 6 weeks old and ready for their first set of shots.

  • My name is Winston. I’m British Shorthair. I live with an eclectus parrot of whom i tolerate. My owner loves me and thinks i am the most beautiful pussycat!!!

  • Recently had a cat (turned out to be British Short Hair) show up at my door whining because it was cold. Absolutely gorgeous cat (no one has claimed)! Believe it is male. Currently have a female calico(not spayed yet) both are about the same age. They are playing and getting along well, but unsure since Calico is not spayed yet what I would end up with? Intend to get both fixed, but Calico still to small, was a runt. Can anyone tell me what they would look like if they were bred?

  • I have a pedigree rare british blue shorthair she is lilac, cream the lot. She is epileptic and has a loose stomach muscle causing her belly to sag. I have done a lot of cat research and know a lot about cats. Your info is new to me :D and you describe saffy very well

  • Minies a pedigree british blue shorthair and we don't know if she is fat or not becasue she has a loose stomach muscle (and she is epeleptic).

  • I have had two amazing British Blues – got the first, Dumpy, when I was a child and he lived to be an astonishing 22 years old He had great presence and personality – rather a gruff English Colonel. The second, Tessa, was a loving, serene, smart and very maternal cat.They are the absolute best family cats, because they are affectionate but never demanding.

  • We have had Oscar our Blue BSH for just over a year, he is getting a big boy now, we have just bought another BSH, he is a Blue Colourpoint. Tempermant is very d.ifferent, he is much more friendly. we love them both very much.

    Check out Oscar’s diary on youtube, in search type “oscarthewildcat”.

  • I have a Grey and White one with Green Eyes, her name is Sophia, was fortunate enough to adopt her from the animal shelter, she is such a blessing for myself and my family, she will be 10 yrs in Aug, she comes in at 14 lbs. She is so calm, has all the traits of a British shorthair, so adorable.

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