Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat = Persian+Siamese

History of Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan Cat can trace its ancestry to the beloved Persian Cat. It is, in fact, almost identical to the Persian cat with the exception of blue eyes and point coloration. The Persian cat was cross bred with the Siamese cat and the resulting offspring were the founding line of Himalayan cats.

Types of Himalaya Cats

There are three different types of Himalayan cats based on their facial features. Show cats usually have very large eyes with the nose right in between. Breeder or pet Himalayan cats may have longer muzzles. The third type may have longer muzzles as well as smaller eyes than show cats.

Physical Attributes of Himalayan Cats

Not unlike Persian cats, the Himalayan cats have a round body with short legs. The Himalayan cats have very long fur which is usually white or cream in color. Their point coloration may be of a variety of colors like seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, red and cream.

Himalayan Cat

Personality of Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats are considered to be intelligent, playful and sweet tempered. They are also very social. They love to play fetch or amuse themselves with kitty toys. They love human company and like to be petted and groomed frequently.

Caring For Himalayan Cats

Since the Himalayan cat is a long haired breed, it needs to be brushed daily and bathed weekly. If you want to enter your Himalayan cat into a show, you may even have to bathe it daily, depending on its coat. They may be prone to Polycystic Kidney Disease due to their Persian ancestry.


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