Maine Coon Cat

Facts about the Maine Coon Cat

Characteristics Of The Maine Coon Cat

  • They have bunched paws and bushy tails.
  • They can be as friendly as dogs are.
  • They are very relaxed cats.
  • They are fond of people and like being in their company.
  • They are big-boned and have a barrel chest.

Where Did The Maine Coon Cat Come From?

There are several legends about how this cat breed came into being. The most popular one is that a British captain was sailing along the coast of New England and finally came into port. This was in the early 1800s, and the cats on board the ship mated with those on land, thereby resulting in the Maine Coon Cats being born.

Maine Coon Cat

It is also said that these cats originally belonged to Marie Antoinette. There is also a strong theory that they came with the Vikings and mated in the wilds with raccoons from which the name is derived.

However these cats came into being, what is obvious is that they are rising in popularity. They became included in professional cat shows and are now the second most popular cat breed. The breed is also recognized officially by the International Cat Association.


Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Pets?

maine coon, big cat

Maine coon cats are clever, energetic and playful.

They love being in families that have lots of other pets as well as children. They possess much more dexterity than regular cats, and are capable of scooping up objects, toys and food using their paws, almost like raccoons. This breed of cat can stretch themselves up and use their flexible paws to open doors using door knobs.

Physical Appearance Of The Maine Coon Cat

This breed of cat has a shaggy coat of fur that is weatherproof along with a full, puffy tail and ear tufts. All these traits help protect it during harsh winters. They have three different coats. – guard coats, fawn coats or down coats. Their heads are mostly square in shape, with large ears and expressive eyes that are wide set.

Main Coons are one of the most interesting breeds in the cat family. Considered the largest cat breed besides the hybrid Savannah Cat (which is the largest breed) the heaviest Maine Coon Cat was an astounding 34 pounds.

When compared to the typical housecat, which may weigh around 10 pounds, these surprisingly gentle cats are gentle giants in the land of felines.

maine coon with a dog


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