Manx Cat

Manx Cat – the breed of cat from the Isle of Man

Tailless Breed Of Cat

Manx cat breeds were originally from the Isle of Man, off the coast of Great Britain, in the Irish Sea. The distinctive feature about this cat is that it does not have a tail, making it a unique breed of cat.

Manx – The Rounded Cat

These cats have round qualities, as they tend to have round faces, round bodies, round eyes, and can sometimes even be round pawed. The maturing of this cat takes place only very slowly, and they come in many patterns and colors.

Coat Of The Manx

A Manx cat has a thick coat which is actually a double coating, and thus it looks padded. The hair is very soft on the bottom coat, while the top coat is glossy. Their coat has to be brushed two or more times a week so that is stays shiny and glossy.

Body Structure Of Manx Cat Breed

Manx Cat

The Manx has a solid compact body structure and is short backed with short and powerful legs to complement their rounded shape. Large headed and round, their nose is short and the widely spaced ears are set slightly outwards. They can weigh around eight to twelve pounds.


Different Types Of Manx Cat Breeds


These are the different types of Manx cat breeds…

  1. Rumpies – have no tails but just a dimple at the base of their spines.  These are the show cats of the Manx cat breeds.
  2. Stumpies – these are short tailed Manx cats and their friendly demeanor makes them ideal pets
  3. Tailies –  have naturally slightly kinked tails

Manx Cat Breed

Manx cats have a long lifespan as they can live up to fifteen years of age. The age factor in this breed of cat is known to be extended to twenty years with the best care and nutrition.

Manx cats don’t enjoy being left alone and prefer the company and attention of their owners. They get along well with other cats and children for this reason.


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