Ragdoll Cat

All About The Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll breed of cat is also known as Cherubim and Ragamuffins. These cats are very quiet, relaxed and have an easy going disposition. The reason they are called the Ragdoll cat breed is because when you pick them up, they tend to stay floppy and limp, similar to a ragdoll.

Three Types Of Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll breed of cat is of three different types, which are mitted, bicolour and colour pointed. Most ragdoll cat breeds are colour pointed, which means the fur of their body is of a lighter shade than the fur at the points of the body, which are their face, ears, legs and tail. Ragdoll cats mature very slowly, and they grow their full coat of fur and establish its permanent colour at about two years of age. At four years, it reaches its full size and weight.

Ragdoll Cat

Attributes Of The Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats tend to be large, and have somewhat long hair. Their heads are usually broad and they have wide eyes. Their paws are large and round, and they have long, bushy tails. They have a thick, silky coat. Many of them have striking blue eyes.

Ragdolls are very quite animals and often prefer a calm environment. They have soft voices but you will find that they purr surprisingly loudly. Those with semi long hair need little maintenance, but you do need to brush their hair at least once a week to prevent hairballs.

Ragdolls are good pets

Ragdoll cats are a very popular breed of cats as they have a very beautiful appearance, and tend to be very loyal, trusting and affectionate. They are very friendly and docile so they get along with not only their owners and their favorite people, but can also be quite friendly to house guests. Ragdolls enjoy being held and carried and are at their best when spending time with their owners.Ragdoll Cat on the grass


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