Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat

History of Turkish Angora Cats

The Turkish Angora Cats have descended from the African wildcats. Traders from Egypt brought cats into Eastern Anatolia, where through natural selection and inbreeding, the Turkish Angora was developed along with the Turkish Van. The Turkish Angora was brought into Europe where it was brought almost to extinction in trying to improve the coat of the Persian cat. Today, the Turkish government runs a breeding program to preserve their national treasure.

Types of Turkish Angora Cats

There are no specific types of Turkish Angora Cats.

Physical Attributes of Turkish Angora Cats

turkish angora cat

turkish angora

The Turkish Angora have a silky longhaired coat, originally white. Today, there is a large variety of colors in Turkish Angora cats including black, red, blue, lavender, smoke, etc. The eyes of the Turkish Angora cats are blue, green or amber. Some Turkish Angora cats, however, may be odd-eyed- i.e they have one blue eye and the other green or amber. Their eyes are almond shaped and their ears are long and pointed. Their tail is plumed and they usually carry it upright, perpendicular to their backs.

Personality of the Turkish Angora Cats

The Turkish Angora cats are considered dog like in many aspects. They are outgoing, friendly and people-friendly. They are also playful and like the attention of people.

Caring for Turkish Angora Cats

Turkish Angora Cats need minimal grooming, except regular brushing since they are longhaired. It is important to ensure regular brushing especially during summer months when they are shedding. Also, Turkish Angora cats are prone to deafness and genetic diseases like Ataxia and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.


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